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P 6 Blinging Your Text


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Published in: Education, Technology
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P 6 Blinging Your Text

  1. 1. “ Blinging” your Text
  2. 2. Start a new document and typ a text with a thick font (our example file is 500x500 pixels). Don't use a small font like Arial Narrow. It won't work on a small font.
  3. 3. Add an Inner Glow with these values:
  4. 4. Add a Bevel and Emboss with these values:
  5. 5. Add a Gradient Overlay with these values:
  6. 6. Add a Pattern Overlay with these values: Use this pattern for the "pattern overlay":
  7. 7. And finally, add a Border with these values:
  8. 8. The copy yhe layer and "rasterize" it (right-click on the layer and choose the rasterize option):
  9. 9. Then reduce the height of the rasterized layer (CTRL+T)
  10. 10. Delete the layerstyles from this rasterized layers, so the black text remains. If the text is not black, you have to mae it black first (CTRL+U -> Saturization 0):
  11. 11. Then move the layer with the back text underneat the layer you created first (drag it in the layers panel) and apply a gaussian blur van 3,2. Move the blurred text behind the layer with the layerstyle. Align it like this:
  12. 12. Choose a white, star-shaped brush (comes with photoshop).
  13. 13. Make a new layer above all others and apply the star-shaped brush on the edges (don't use it to much!). This applies a bling effect and your finished!!