Chapter 3 fitness 4 life middle


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Chapter 3 fitness 4 life middle

  1. 1. + Chapter 3 Lifestyle Physical Activity
  2. 2. + Vocabulary  CDC  FITT  NASPE  PCPFS  Pedometer
  3. 3. + Lifestyle Physical Activity?  Level 1 of Physical Activity Pyramid  Most common form of physical activity for adults  Can be done by anyone including walking to school, working in the yard.  Moderate – meaning equal in intensity to brisk walking – rather than light or vigorous. Sports such as bowling and golf and fishing.
  4. 4. + What is the FITT Formula?  F stands for frequency, which is how often you should be active, or the number of days you should take part in physical activity each week.  I stands for intensity, which is how hard you should exercise.  T stands for time, which is how long you should do your daily activities, or how many minutes you should be active each day.  T stands for type, what type of exercise will you be doing?
  5. 5. + NASPE  National Association for Sport and Physical Activity  Indicates that youth need at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of physical activity each day.
  6. 6. + CDC  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  A U.S. government agency charged with protecting the health of citizens.  Also recommends 60 minutes of activity for youth.
  7. 7. + Physical Activity Guidelines for Teens  Recommends that teens get both moderate and vigorous activity on a regular basis.  Should make up half of your total physical activity each day.
  8. 8. + FITT formula for Lifestyle Physical Activity  Frequency = Perform lifestyle P.A on all, or most days of the week. (Teens – minimum of 5 days per week.)  Intensity = Moderate; equal to brisk walking. Heart Rate goes up a bit.  Time = At least 30 minutes per day.  Type = Lifestyle and other moderate physical activities.
  9. 9. + Pedometer  A computerized device that counts every step you take.  An average person should take 10,000 steps per day, equivalent to 5 miles.  PCPFS = President’s Council of Physical Fitness & Sports.  A program meant to encourage people to be active every day by providing a way to record their activity and by offering awards for those who are active over a six-week period.
  10. 10. + Lifestyle Activity Improves Health & Wellness  Helps keep fat levels in the blood low, helps blood pressure stay at healthy levels, and helps maintain healthy body weight.  Resist common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Improve wellness, allowing you to function effectively in daily living and that you feel and look your best.  Easy to perform as part of your normal daily life.
  11. 11. + Vocabulary  Friction
  12. 12. + Biomechanical Principles: Friction  To produce movement, some friction often is necessary.  A force caused by one surface rubbing against another.  Slipping/Gripping