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Attendance management system


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Go paperless with sumHR’s attendance management system which will help smoothen your HR functions, leaving month-end woes of attendance and payroll processing. Click here to know more or try out these awesome features with a FREE trial, signup on

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Attendance management system

  1. 1. Attendance Management System By sumHR
  2. 2. With new age companies coming in, scaled-up magnitude of business, concepts like work from home, old methods do not suffice to manage attendance of employees. Thankfully, technology brought some really cool, helpful innovative ideas with it. Like the automated attendance management system
  3. 3. There are many but top 4 benefits of automated Attendance Monitoring System
  4. 4. No more manual errors of any kind in Attendance Management Automated system will bring an end to any manual error which may creep in at the end of the month when the HR manager is undoubtedly the most busy person in the company!!!
  5. 5. No room for ‘time theft’ for employees Automated Attendance Management System will put a check to each and every time theft employee. Surely it’s a mammoth task to prevent each and employee not to “steal” time. But not anymore as this system is here!
  6. 6. Move to a paperless and spreadsheet less HR function Surely it’s a scary thing to run around with a huge chuck of paper, and same is the from thing to decipher a complicated spreadsheet specially at the very end moment, however with this new system, all these can be put to an halt.
  7. 7. Bring everyone on the same page Not sure how many sick leaves are there for a particular employee? Or how many times he have been market late in a given month? All these can be put to rest by the New Attendance System!!!
  8. 8.  Want to make the Attendance System smart and free from any errors?  Want to avoid the 4 different problems given above?  Want to make your employees satisfied and happy with the attendance system?  Then don’t wait till you use this system.
  9. 9. Just head over to or call us at +91 922 221 3195 for a FREE online demo Do you want to streamline your HR processes and have an incredible HR & Payroll experience? Then Sign up for Free Demo of sumHR FREE DEMO