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Research proposal of tresemme sachet launch


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Research proposal of tresemme sachet launch

  1. 1. RESEARCH PROPOSAL FOR TRESEMME SACHET LAUNCH Group Members: Debjyoti Sarkar Luna Baroi Sinchan Bandyopadhyay Sumeet Agarwal
  2. 2. RESEARCH BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES HUL is the largest FMCG company in India and has many well known brands of shampoos available in the market Tresemme is a comparatively new and premium brand HUL is planning to launch Tresemme sachet in 53 (10,00,000+ population) markets and Tresemme bottles in mini metros(except the 9 large metros) In terms of awareness and ever tried the performance of the brand is unsatisfactory Tresemme has badly failed to meet the sales target in North and West India while it has been short by 20% in East and South India (FY13-14) Tresemme has tried to position itself as a “hair expert that gives a salon like experience at home”
  3. 3. HUL wants to launch this brand in sachet because:  Increase trial  Increase Visibility  Compete with other premium brands  Reach out to more number of customers  HUL wants to do the brand health study to understand the reasons for the low trial and post launch reactions of the users in small metros and lapsers in large metros
  4. 4. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES What is the change in awareness, trial, repeat, imagery etc. in large metros? What is the awareness, trial etc. generated in other markets due to the launch? Among those who have used or lapsed Tresemme, what is the feedback on product experience? In large metros is there any switch out or erosion of the brand Tresemme due to the sachet launch?
  5. 5. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE & ACTION STANDARDS Business Objective Change of brand imagery due to sachet launch Research Objective Conduct a brand health research in the key markets and subgroups of relevant target groups to diagnose the trial, awareness etc. Action standards: for zone wise analysis, an error of 5% with 95% CI has been taken & we got a sample size of 400 in each zone For large metros, a sample size of 285 has been taken for Delhi & Mumbai & for rest, sample size of 185 has taken for pre launch & for post launch 400 has been taken for Delhi & Mumbai, for rest 200
  6. 6. RESEARCH DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Target group: The research be conducted only among the category users -Sec A/B -Young/middle aged women/housewives -Decision maker and/or purchaser of shampoo in the household -User of high/mid priced shampoo -Uses shampoo at least once a week
  7. 7. Each market will be subdivided in Sec A and Sec B. Each section will be again subdivided in young and middle aged. Sample size for each section is 100 and for young aged and middle aged the sample size is 50 Zone Markets Sample size Cost/sample Total cost EAST PATNA 200 750 150000 GUWAHATI 200 750 150000 WEST NASIK 200 750 150000 RAJKOT 200 750 150000 SOUTH MADURAI 200 750 150000 THRISSUR 200 750 150000 NORTH KANPUR 200 750 150000 AGRA 200 750 150000 TOTAL 1600 1200000 SAMPLE SIZE
  8. 8. LARGE METROS PRE POST TOTAL Cost/sam ple Total Cost DELHI Sec A young 285 70 400 100 685 500 85000 Middle aged 70 100 500 85000 Sec B young 75 100 500 87500 Middle aged 70 100 500 85000 MUMBAI Sec A young 285 70 400 100 685 500 85000 Middle aged 70 100 500 85000 Sec B young 75 100 500 87500 Middle aged 70 100 500 85000 KOLKATA Sec A young 185 45 200 50 385 500 47500 Middle aged 45 50 500 47500 Sec B young 50 50 500 50000 Middle aged 45 50 500 47500 CHENNAI Sec A young 185 45 200 50 385 500 47500 Middle aged 45 50 500 47500
  9. 9. SAMPLE DISTRIBUTION In depth interview will be done in 4 metros i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai For pre launch study We took sample size of 940 For post launch study We took sample size of 1200 For zone wise analysis We took sample size of 1600 dividing in equal proportions
  10. 10. METHODS USED: For change in awareness , trial etc. in large metros a pre and post launch primary quantitative research with multiple cross sectional study is required To measure the awareness, trail generated due to sachet launch, a large scale primary research is required after 30days of launch in other markets For feedback among lapsers of Tresemme, from the quantitative study we will choose the lapsers and conduct a in depth interview We can check is brand erosion happening or not by the above cross sectional study, however we have to do longitudinal study to understand the switch outs
  11. 11. CONT. In Delhi and Mumbai we took sample size of 685 each for larger size of target group for pre and post launch of sachet Because pre launch is less important than post launch, we took more sample in post launch phase for large metros We will use random sampling technique to determine the change in awareness, trial etc. in large metros and new markets such as telephone directory, voter card list etc.
  12. 12. INFORMATION AREAS Recruitment: -Sec -Gender -Age -Shampoo users Main: -Top of the mind awareness -Aided Awareness -MOUB -Trial -Repeat Purchase -Intention to buy in future -Physical presence -Preferred SKU -Shine, moisturizer, cleanliness, smell, nourishment
  13. 13. COST INVOLVEMENT Total cost: 1200000 + 1070000 + 100000 = 2370000 Large metro pre and post research: 1070000 Other markets : 1200000 In depth interview: 100000
  14. 14. THANK YOU