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You can create awful presentations with Apple Keynote


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We need to stop blaming Powerpoint. It's very easy to create bad presentations with any tool and Powerpoint is not responsible for that. I've created this bad presentation using Keynote. Hope that rests my case!

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  • Hi Summit, I hardly see your point.
    Of course you can create ugly presos on Keynote, as bad as the ones create with PowerPoint or any other Slideware. The point for creating a good presentation is not the slideware, in fact the most important part of the delivery doesn't have anything to do with the slides. I've seen great presentations created on a Napkin (look for Dan Roam's works). As long as you keep your audience in mind and focus on delivering a message, not an incoherent set of slides (a.k.a. Frankenpoint) everything will be alright!

    Disclosure: I'm an Apple fanboy but use both PowerPoint and Keynote to create the visuals for my presentations.
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You can create awful presentations with Apple Keynote

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