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An informative insight into Google plus, a social networking venture by Google Inc.

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  1. 1. What is Google +  Launched as social networking and identity service  Owned and operated by Google Inc.  Direct competitor of Face Book, is the second-largest social networking site in the world after FB  It surpassed Twitter in January 2013  It has approximately 359 million active users
  2. 2. Two main strengths of Google + Proudly tagged as SOCIAL LAWYER of Google that allows micro-blogging and document sharing  Photography  “Hangout” feature
  3. 3. “Photography” on Google +  Unlimited storage for free  Support files: JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF  Charges extra to support RAW files  Allows users to download all pictures, users have stored in G+ through its „Takeout‟ feature  Easy to share with other G+ users
  4. 4. “Hangouts” on Google +  Used right from casual conversations to business meetings  Provides ability to share slides in a traditional webinar format with added fun of showing one‟s face  Conduct a more interpersonal event that gives a better all-around experience for the attendees
  5. 5. Features of Google +
  6. 6. Features of Google +  Profile: Make a good first impression  Circles: Control who sees what you share  Communities: Get together with just the right people  Photos: Share your beautiful moments  Hangouts: Bring your conversation to life
  7. 7. Features of Google +  Mobile: Take G+ with you on the go  Events: Celebrate what matters with the people who matter the most  Local: See reviews of places you‟ll from people you trust  +1: Appreciate people‟s shares
  8. 8. Getting started on Google +  Introduce yourself  Connect with friends and family  Share something  Engage with your interests
  9. 9. BiG BRaNdS on Google +  Entertainment company T-Series  Tobacco giant ITC: ITC's personal care brand Fiama Di Wills recently launched a website using the Hangout feature of G+. The Hangout was hosted by a motley mix of actors, designers, admen and VJs.  Film stars: such as Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan promoted their brands Being Human and HRX resp.
  10. 10. Small Business on Google +  Particularly beneficial for small businesses that need constant quest to: - elevate their brand - search ranking in a competitive market  Creates reputation  Helps in building a strong personal brand
  11. 11. Wrap-up G+  An Enterprise social networking  Cloud computing office service including 10 way desktop video-conferencing and real time editing  Security tools to protect sensitive data  Strong competition for Microsoft‟s OFFICE 365
  12. 12. Thank You !!