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Epacc Co[1].


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Epacc Co[1].

  2. 2. Education, Placement And Career Consulting
  3. 3. Executive Summary  Company description  Our Deliverables  Process Description  Mission  Associate  Terms & Conditions  Contact Us 
  4. 4. 37000 employers across 27 countries have  found that 41% of employees have difficulty in fitting into specific roles for lack of talent. More than 50% of candidates are unaware of  the online tests held for recruitment.
  5. 5. Base: Kolkata  Specialty   Location  Quality Assurance
  6. 6. We offer  Selection of manpower: we select talented,  professional, mentally and physically sound and well trusted candidates.  regular sessions and repeated follow-ups to ensure exact you are looking for round the year  Specific training programs: We enhance the candidates with required soft skills to make them fit for your job  We also make multi talented professionals and make you available as per your time limit and exact requirements
  7. 7. Access to huge database: A huge database of all categories  of job seekers is present with us. Just give your requirements and we will provide you with the best fit candidate means flexibility of choosing the candidates from a huge talent pool. Save your valuable time: We constantly update our  database by scouting university campuses, training institutes, offices, internet-based discussion groups, research centers and websites to make sure we provide you the best personnel at a very short notice It is effective in terms of saving money and time 
  8. 8. Selection Advertisements are floated with detailed information of companies requirements Resume shortlisted Interview (handled by domain specific persons) Selected students go for industry designed training module
  9. 9. Placement Send the resume of candidates to the corresponding companies Shortlisted candidates again go through domain specific training After interviewed by the companies the shortlisted candidates are charged an amount of 8.33% of total p.a. package
  10. 10. To create corporate experts  Five pillars of our organization  Responsibility   Skill  Creativity  Leadership  Innovation
  11. 11. Innovation Skill Leadership Responsibility Responsibility Skill Creativity Creativity Leadership Responsibility Responsibility
  12. 12. We are dealing with the sectors like:  Pharmaceuticals  B.P.O  IT & ITES  Life insurance sectors  Banking  Manufactures
  13. 13. Industry associates for course design and  providing training module HDFC   K.L.I  HSBC  Philips  ICICI Prudential  Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd.
  14. 14. Type Of Vacancy Maximum placement charges payable Junior Management Cadre 8.33*% of the annual cost of the Viz.: Officers, Executives & Assistant company Managers Middle Management Cadre 8.33*% of the annual cost to the Viz.: Deputy Managers & Managers company Senior Management Cadre 8.33*% of the annual cost to the Viz.: Senior Managers, Deputy company General Managers, General Managers & above *Exclusive of service tax
  15. 15. Responsible for the provision of candidates based on the  requirements of the client company and the qualifications of the candidates based in the resume of the candidate If the candidate leaves the organization within the first three  months of his employment then we will provide you with a candidate with comparable background and experience Responsible for the physical and mental capabilities of the  candidates and the most suited candidates to the requirements
  16. 16. Background check and verification of resume to be  done by the client company Employment decision lies solely to the client  company’s decision We will not be responsible for any activity by the  candidate post-recruitment 17
  17. 17. Please contact us for further details at: Location: Mob: 09836355955/09836351155/ Email: