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CCNA Industrial Training Presentation
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CCNA ppt

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CCNA ppt designed on project remote connectivity using frame relay, and many more... best for project purpose. anyone want project will also contact me..

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CCNA ppt

  2. 2. It requires good understanding of topics like Internetworking Basics, Internet Protocol, IP This certification is earned upon Routing, Switching, Virtual passing the ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816 exams. LAN, Security, NAT, Cisco Examinees may take the exams Wireless Technologies,The Cisco Certified Network separately or the single 640-802 IPV6 and WAN Protocols.Associate certification is popular CCNA composite exam.certification course that coversskills necessary to administerCisco devices on small ormedium-sized networks.
  3. 3. NAT(Network Project Router and Concept ofDevices Used IP Addressing Access Lists Address Switching overview Routing Cloud Translation)
  4. 4. 4
  6. 6. Class-full addressing• Class A(1-127)• Class B(128-191) Class-less addressing• Class C(192-223) • CIDR(Classless Inter-Domain• Class D(224-239) Routing)• Class E(240-255) • FLSM(Fixed Length Subnet Masking) • VLSM(Variable Length Subnet Masking)
  7. 7.  Data is sent in form of packets between 2 end devices Routers are used to direct packet to its destination
  8. 8. Rip sends routingIt is the most easily update messages at confused protocol Router updates its regular interval of because rip like routing table to reflect time and also whenprotocols are many the new changes. the network topology on the internet. changes. It uses distance vector algorithm The maximum hop which mathematically count for rip is 15 compares routes to and the identify the best path Administrative to be chosen for a Distance (AD) is 120. particular destination address.
  9. 9. Command Command’s purposeRtr(config)#router rip Enables RIP routing processRtr(config-router)#network Associates a network with a RIP routing processRtr#debug ip rip used to view real time RIP routing updatesRtr(config-router)#passive-interface fa0/0 Prevent RIP updates from going out an interfaceRtr#show ip protocols Used to display timers used by RIP
  10. 10.  Frame Relay is packet-switched technology. Frame Relay follows principle of packet-switched technology. Packet- switched networks allow dynamically share the network medium and the available bandwidth to the end to end stations
  11. 11.  ACLs are lists of conditions that are applied to traffic traveling across a routers interface. These lists tell the router what types of packets to accept or deny. Acceptance and denial can be based on specified conditions. ACLs can be configured at the router to control access to a network or subnet. ACLs must be defined on a per-protocol, per direction, or per port basis. There are three types of ACLs 1. Standard 2. Extended 3. Named
  12. 12. 1. Limit network traffic and increase network performance.2. Provide traffic flow control.3. Provide a basic level of security for network access.4. Decide which types of traffic are forwarded or blocked at therouter interfaces. For example: Permit e-mail traffic to be routed, butblock all telnet traffic.5. Allow an administrator to control what areas a client can access ona network.6. If ACLs are not configured on the router, all packets passing throughthe router will be allowed onto all parts of the network.
  13. 13. NAT: Network Address Translator NAT Translates between local addresses and public ones Many private hosts share few global addresses Private Network Public Network Uses private address range Uses public addresses (local addresses) Local addresses may not Public addresses are be used externally globally unique
  14. 14. A network switch is a small hardware device that joinsmultiple computers together within one Local AreaNetwork(LAN). Technically switches operate at Data-linkLayer. These are almost like HUBS. But unlike HUBSnetwork switches are capable of inspecting data as it isrecieved, determining the source and destination deviceof each packet, and forwarding them appropriately.
  15. 15.  VLAN provides Virtual Segmentation of Broadcast Domain in the network. The devices, which are member of same Vlan, are able to communicate with each other. The devices of different Vlan may communicate with each other with routing called Inter Vlan Communication.
  16. 16.  With the help of VTP, we can simplify the process of creating Vlan. In multiple switches, we can configure one switch as VTP server and all other switches will be configured as VTP client. We will create Vlans on VTP server switch.
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CCNA ppt designed on project remote connectivity using frame relay, and many more... best for project purpose. anyone want project will also contact me..


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