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the real meaning of king is learnt from this short story...

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slide show ppt

  3. 3. WHO IS KING??• There was an election to appoint the king of the jungle• Animals like barasinghas, smaller spotted deer, tawny tigers with black stripes, one horned rhinos, chattering monkeys and gorillas etc…• They sat around a huge table made of stone blocks and discussed the issue..
  4. 4. • First Elephant spoke about his candidature• He said he is big and strong and will look after everyone.• He is also a friend of man and can protect them from him.
  5. 5. • Bear said “ no friend of man can be a friend of animals.• Then he proposed his candidature..• Then crow opposed the bear and called himself the right one to be the king.• Listening to all this conversation, LION roared and put himself forward by showing his anger.
  6. 6. • He said am I dead?? No one can be king but I• He asked others to show the support by raising the paws or tails• Listening to all these, few said we want to be heard.• Cow, dog , cat pig and goat and hen appeared
  7. 7. • Dog said you don’t realize that your biggest enemy is man.• There was a combined deafening roar from the jungle animals , and the poor cow and goat retreated several steps. But the dog stood straight• I want a competition ; the dog said….
  8. 8. They both had a competition lion dog
  9. 9. The judge of the competition, the owl
  10. 10. • All the competitions were won by the lion.• Now final competition ,” hooted the owl. “ you must both hunt the same quarry and let the best animal win.”• They chased a deer.• Lion was already tired and dog ran fast and true.• Dog did not know to kill the deer.
  11. 11. • The lion devoured the deer. The dog preferred cooked meat to raw meat.• The lion king reigned supreme and spent his time terrorizing the animals.• All animals were very upset with the lion.• Time passed and the lion grew old.• One day he was chased by a shikari.
  12. 12. • He was caught by the shikari . And was tired and thirsty. He called his bearers . He was in great pain.• No one appeared. None helped him.• His pain grew .he felt that he would die and lay in stupor.• Suddenly he saw hyenas and jackals were looking at him and waiting to see the death of lion.
  13. 13. • He was getting more and more thirsty and asked for water but none helped him out.• He was weak as kitten now..• Suddenly a farmer passed near by with his pet dog.• The dog listened to lion and rushed towards him
  14. 14. • The dog carried a bag of water and his thirst gulps..• Lion finished the water and revived like a flower.• He thanked the dog..
  15. 15. Lines by the dog• You were strong in every competition, and the jungle animals supported you.. But today when you are old and wounded and dying , no one came to help you.• Being king requires not only strength and a loud voice; you need compassion and love too. You must be friend to weak and lonely. You never know when they can help..