Digital marketing integration with customer events


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Digital marketing integration with customer events

  1. 1. NGRTGS
  2. 2.  Objective Rationale Strategy Campaigns Speculations Measurables
  3. 3.  Reach out to target audience through social media and influence them to buy service. Reach out to target audience through visibility campaigns across industry specific associations, websites and portals Search engine optimize content specifically for the target audience through video and power point presentation media. Distribute content through online press releases to enable search engine marketing and EDM reach. Use the internet media to create the campaign as a “property” and building a propaganda for future participation of the audience in different chapters. Create leads through landing them on enquiry page.
  4. 4.  With internet forming an integral part of our lives, majority of our target audience is present on social channels like Linkedin & Facebook and access information on industry specific verticals. The idea is to reach out to them and deliver the content collated through offline events for being a part of the experience thus, enable informed buying.
  5. 5. Target Audience Push Content Pull Content Press SearchSocial Media Emails Releases Engine
  6. 6.  Campaigns  Pre Event – Drive participation & Awareness  Post Event – Content Distribution, Advertisement & Lead generation
  7. 7.  Pre Event:  Channel: Social Media & Industry specific associations & websites  Plan: ▪ Create web banner ▪ Promote event on the banner for participation ▪ Create a web link for participation entry ▪ Create surveys & poll to engage target audience and drive them to the participation weblink ▪ Access association member base to send them participation EDM
  8. 8.  Channel: Search engine Plan: ▪ Paid: Position the aforementioned weblink for participation to searches on google, bing and yahoo. ▪ Press Release: Create content for online press distribution to appear in searches by relevant audience. ▪ Earned: Create content around the agenda on blogs, slideshare and youtube to appear in searches conducted by the relevant audience.
  9. 9.  Post Event  Channels: Social Media, Industry specific associations & websites  Plan: ▪ Create content around the event participants, interview them, record their experiences and views and broadcast it through channels mentioned above drive it to go viral and reach more target audience further. ▪ Create web banners and post integrated messaging around the event and service offered to build an experience ▪ Create a web banner explaining about the service and drive audience to service registration lead form on the web. (Lead generation) ▪ EDM blasts to member database across industry associations with service promotion and links to event experience.
  10. 10.  Channel : Search engine Plan: ▪ Create event success content and post it to blogs, slide share, video share and drive it viral to further reach out to more audience searching for relevant “keywords”. ▪ Distribute event experience to online press release to enable content appearing on relevant searches.
  11. 11.  My audience is very specific, how can I reach them though this?  Earned media: All contents are optimized for individual that will search on the internet using the specific keywords, this directly means that people searching with the specific keyword are the same people who would want to use the service or in some way relate to the service.  Paid Media: The beauty of social media is that all information of the user is available, imagine signing up for a social media account, it ask you about every thing from your job designation to where have you worked. We will position the contents and advertisements specifically to our target audience.
  12. 12.  How can social media and content sharing help?  1. Every individual attending the event must have friends / colleagues / relative in the same domain, enabling content keeping the attendee as the center of information and sharing though social network would enable optimum reach  2. Stories distributed online keeping user experience intact can majorly influence buyer sentiments.
  14. 14. Press Releases delivered through news agencies Client sends release directly to mediaClient Release Journalist Screen Reach is restricted to own contacts; emails can fail due to spam filters and journalists may be suspicious of unknown senders News AgencyClient Release Journalist Screen Client sends release directly to News Agency Unsolicited copy is highly unlikely to be carried to media due to editorial values; Client loses control of the message – releases could be negatively edited by news agencyClient Release News Agency Journalist Screen Client sends release via Synergy MarCom Guaranteed delivery to editorial systems through the news agency; Releases are issued verbatim so client stays in control of the message
  15. 15.  Channel: Social Media Posts  Page insight enables to exactly track how many individuals have seen posted content
  16. 16.  Channel: Social media, industry specific association and website – Banners  Every click is recorded. Hence a final campaign report denoting total clicks / impressions etc is recorded for analysis.
  17. 17.  Channel: Video Share, Slide share and blogs  All media listed above generates accurate reports about the view or downloads the content posted through them has been accessed.
  18. 18.  Social Media:  Linkedin & facebook Content Sharing  Youtube & Slide Share E-Press Release   Bankingfrontier  Banktek India  Money Control (India)  SME Times  Stockforgains   ADVFN India  ValueNotes
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