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Cmo Axis Profile 2011

  1. 1. CMO Axis Sales & Marketing Outsourcing An introduction
  2. 2. About CMO Axis The first Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) Company Founded in April 2008, CMO Axis‟ endeavor is to provide organizations with measurable, high impact and cost efficient outsourcing solutions Name-brand category leaders as customers A vision to make marketing more predictable, scalable and process driven Delivery model led by processes, frameworks and templates ensuring first time right delivery Demonstrated expertise in B2B and B2C marketing An expert team with rich and diverse experience in marketing across varied domains Innovative engagement and delivery models Offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi with 90+ people
  3. 3. VisionOur vision is to offer marketing as an outsourced function, much like finance andaccounting or legal.We are doing this by componentizing all key marketing functions and sub-functions andbuilding processes for each of these in a way that they can be delivered in a fullyintegrated manner by leveraging the best functional and domain knowledge banks, usingglobal best practices and in the most efficient and cost effective manner.This ensures that unlike traditional agencies that focus on delivering outsourced tasks likedesign, content, telecalling or online marketing, CMO Axis has complete ownership of theprocess/ sub-function ensuring that it is delivered with strong SLAs and business metrics.The services extend from managing specific functions or processes for large marketingorganizations to running the complete marketing function for SMBs.
  4. 4. CMO Axis – 4 key business units • Turnkey management of strategic marketing programs • Dedicated or on-demand process desksMarketing • Extended teams on-hire (onsite or offsite) SharedServices • New markets entry/ creation • Go-to-market for new products/ servicesIntegrated • New/ alternate channels creation and management Sales & • Idea commercialization – Turnkey strategic and operations support from ideas to market creationMarketing • Virtual full-service marketing team • Marketing strategy and planningOutsourced • Marketing infrastructure and operations supportCMO Office • Fully virtual delivery platform • Marketing communications support on pay-per-use or subscription basis Virtual • Benefit from best practices, world-class templates, real-time visibility and quick turn around times Marcom • Managed and delivered by marketing experts Engine
  5. 5. Marketing shared services Activity Desks Program desks Marketing strategy and support • Content/ Design/ PPT makeover • Demand generation/ campaign • Product/ service portfolio desks management creation/ optimization • Website creation and • Customer advocacy • Market research, landscaping management and customer profiling • Sales support • Research desk • New market entry strategies • Key accounts marketing/ • Social media/ online marketing engagement • Corporate and product/ service desks positioning/ branding • Internal communications/ • SEO/ PPC advertising Recruitment branding programs • Executive branding management • Influencer engagement (targeted • Strategic marketing planning, • Response management desk outreach to media, analysts, budgeting and measurement (telecalling/ email/ chat) deal advisors) • Thought leadership programs • CSR programs
  6. 6. Integrated sales and marketing Go-to-market strategy and Marketing and promotions Demand generation and sales support • Sales promotions • Field sales, corporate sales • Product management/ portfolio and institutional sales management • Direct marketing campaigns programs • Pricing strategies • Events and road shows • Demand generation/ campaign management (email, telesales, • Market research, landscaping online, FOS) and customer profiling • Response management ((toll free/ telecalling, email, chat) • CRM programs (customer • New market entry strategies retention/ advocacy, loyalty • Market research, surveys and programs, referral programs) polls • Corporate and product/ service positioning/ branding • Channel management programs (franchisee/ dealer/ distributor/ DSA) • Strategic planning, budgeting and measurement for ATL and BTL campaigns • Ecommerce and alternative channel management
  7. 7. Execution to full function outsourcing Outsourced execution Content + Design Optimized Cost savings skills processes SLA driven, first time right execution Outsourced program management On-demand Practitioner‟s Right-fit bandwidth view Alliances Metrics and ROI driven program management Full function outsourcing Strategy Marketing plans Go-to-Market Overall ownership of your marketing objectives
  8. 8. Special focus on the under-servicedSMB spaceOutsourced CMO office: An on-demand marketing team available to SMBs on a sharedservices model with experts in marketing strategy, online marketing, content, design, PR,and more!Marketing in a box solutions: A set of highly affordable process-led offerings in areas likeonline marketing, tele marketing, email marketing, direct to customer initiatives etc startingat Rs.35,000 per month + revenue linked upsidesVirtual Marketing Engine: A completely online delivery of marketing services on a „payper use‟ basis for SMBs who require high quality marketing interventions on an „one off‟basis.
  9. 9. CMO Axis‟ SMB offering • Identify key services to invest in and evolve a distinct go-to-market plan • Creation / review of collateral for each service consistent with new • Identify target segments for positioning (website, case each service – Wishlist studies, brochures, PPTs) based on Ideal customer • Identify events calendar, profiling Discovery Market influencer eco-system • Articulation of differentiators, competitive readiness advantage and value proposition Phase phase Evolution Outreach • Thought leadership initiatives (white papers, Phase phase • Structured 4-level speaking opps, etc) campaign to TA • Constant contact • Social media marketing • Customer forums/ councils • Influencer/ PR outreach • Account based-marketing • Partner programs • New segment identification • Webinars/ trade shows
  10. 10. Tools & IPs - „Maxis‟ : MarketingPriorities Matrix for enterprise cos High Priority Strategic Account  Helps you evaluate where Analyst based relations your marketing efforts and Demand generation marketing investments currently are Case studies Solutions and where they should be New media marketing Web content  CMO Axis will deliver a Resource intensity Internal communica half-day workshop to help tion you best leverage your Tactical Innovative existing marketing Sales Account based bandwidth support marketing Events New media trade  Decide what to Sales and Marketing shows o in-source collateral CSR o co-source o outsource Low High Business ***Size of bubble represents proportion of marketing spend on impact that activity
  11. 11. Tools & IPs - „Praxis‟ - TheEcosystem Approach  Identifying your unique Expert Channels ecosystem helps you Financial and industry Analysts, Advocates maximize touch points, Media & Deal advisors Alliance Marketing, Awards and Rankings, Industry associations improve effectiveness and reduce cost of outreach  CMO Axis will help you identify and optimally Marketing Channels leverage your ecosystem Social Channels Demand generation, industry events Advisory Boards, Customer council and forums, Promotions, Brand programs Leverage existing Employee branding, Blogs, Facebook Direct marketing  partnerships, relationships and best practices Thought Leadership White papers, Points of view, Speaking opps, research, academic partnerships
  12. 12. Building a marketing ecosystem (indicative) • Identify the markets, size of companies/ domains we want to •> Web sites, brochures, go after Positioning/ case studies, PPTs, • Create differentiated Targeting Thought papers, etc positioning and messaging for Infrastructure each market creation • Identifying stakeholders, creating a database and running Solution / Email scheduled email marketing • Competition and services web 2.0/ programs industry landscaping definition Tele • Follow up tele calling to • Identification of point marketing prospects solutions/ services and XYZ Inc • Reaching out to buyers on pricing models Blogs/ Social Networks/ PR/ Partner/ Commnities/ Web 2.0 Below the Thought line promos Leadership • Industry Association/• PR events, story marketingplacements/ paper influencer programsdistribution, article Targeted • Demo through freeplacements CRM/ ABM events membership to influential• Smart, low cost programs clubs/ communitiesto increase visibility with user • Demand generationgroups Webinars • Identification and • Speaking opportunity participation in Industry programs • Cross-sell/ up-sell events campaigns with existing • Custom meetings and clients briefings in select cities • Account based marketing to increase share of mind and wallet in key accounts
  13. 13. Engagements Snapshot
  14. 14. Market entry and go-to-market for aglobal financial services player Proposition – India operations for a Leading Forex player globally Who we are engaged with: CEO Business case: Forex is a relatively new concept in India and online trading with a global player is virtually non-existent. The challenge involved creating awareness about forex, building credibility for the company, engaging customers, account management and realizing stretch targets. The whole process need to be accomplished through telesales lead approach Deliverables o Setting up operations including technology and infrastructure required o Structuring and hiring two distinct teams – one that focuses and lead generation and the other focusing on customer education and closures o Creating awareness and acquiring leads through multi-channel promotions o Providing account management and focus on repeat revenues from customers o Using social media and online marketing as a key lever for demand generation o Identifying partners including online affiliates and investment brokers
  15. 15. C-level customer advocacy program forIndia‟s top 3 IT services company Proposition – Reaching out to and engaging with 100+ named C-level prospects in North America using blogs, social networks and online communities Who we are engaged with: CMO office, India Business case: The client was looking to build a sharply targeted outreach program to identify and engage with these key prospects using new media tools Deliverables o Creating and maintaining blogs o Identifying prospects on social networks and online communities o Inviting them to client‟s communities, events and blogs o Contributing to third party/ industry blogs and communities
  16. 16. Online marketing desk for Top 3 ITcompany Proposition – Setting up and running an online marketing desk that helps independent BUs run targeted online marketing activities Who we are engaged with: CMO team Business case: The CMO team‟s online marketing team was focused on the corporate brand and did not have the bandwidth to run online marketing for independent business units. They also did not want the independent units to run unmonitored online programs. CMO Axis proposed to set up a dedicated online marketing desk that will cater to the specific needs of the business units as an extension of the central online marketing team, ensuring consistency of process. Deliverables o Identifying online marketing initiatives o Developing the process and content o Running online programs including SEO, forum/ community engagement, PPC ads, blogs, social media programs, etc.
  17. 17. Campaign management and demandgeneration for leading IT infrastructure co Proposition – Outsourced campaign and demand generation desk Who we are engaged with: Global head of sales Business case: The client was looking to run targeted campaigns every quarter to specific industry segment s in an effort to get qualified leads. They needed a single point of contact who can manage the entire campaign and demand generation process Deliverables o Identifying segments to run campaigns every quarter o Identifying services/ solutions to take to market o Collateral building (website, case studies, EDMs, PPTs etc) o Database building o Email and telecalling outreach o PPC ads and other online community interventions to target audience o Setting up meetings for the sales team (target of 10% of qualified long list)
  18. 18. Sales and marketing for specialty Pharmahouse Proposition – Management of the company‟s three „critical care‟ product lines Who we are engaged with: CEO Business case: This company, a leader in Pharma recently launched a critical care product range. They realized that their existing team of medical reps may not be best suited to sell this high-end product. CMO Axis is handling the complete GTM including identifying TG, staffing „nutritional advisors‟ and managing end sales for these products Deliverables o Research of landscape, TG identification, messaging o Fixing sales targets in line with business plans o Staffing and running a team that will sell this in key markets (initially NCR) o Setting up specialty distribution channels (exclusively for hospitals) o Providing all back-end collateral and sales aids for this team
  19. 19. Outsourced sales support for Top 10global IT company Proposition – Outsourced sales support desk Who we are engaged with: BU marketing head Business case: The client did not have a sales support function and with the growing business requirements, needed a strong sales support desk that could work on researching key accounts and supporting the sales team with content that would help them make a more qualified pitch to prospects Deliverables o Researching the accounts and making a needs assessment and competition mapping o Management of all case studies, presentations and solution documents required for prospecting o Mapping the prospect organization and setting up qualified meetings o Bid support
  20. 20. Alternative channel creation for leadingeducation services company Proposition – Creating a nationwide franchisee network Who we are engaged with: Head of sales and marketing Business case: The client was looking to build a nationwide network of franchisees who could invest in opening retail education centers across India. They needed a partner with an understanding of sales and marketing processes to be able to identify and pre-qualify potential partners and get them to apply for the position after which the partner team takes over. CMO Axis deliverables o Identifying segments who could be potential partners (HNIs, existing franchisees, investors, mid-sized independent businessmen, etc) o Database building o Email , sms and telecalling outreach to potential partners o Qualifying potential partners and moving them to fill up the franchisee application form o Included managing a response desk for incoming calls/ email and chat queries from customer‟s website
  21. 21. Product management and delivery forone of the India‟s top media houses Proposition – Management of the company‟s Multimedia CD-ROM product line targeted at education and training for young managers that is retailed across India Who we are engaged with: Business head, India Business case: This project involves new titles identification, content creation, multimedia design and delivering the finished title for onward replication and retail distribution. This activity was done using in-house product managers and used to take the company 6 weeks to deliver one title. CMO Axis now delivers 4 titles a month for them, giving them a significant competitive advantage and speed to market. Deliverables o Customer research and identification of new genres and titles o End to end publishing including content research and writing, and design integrating interactive learning tools o Managing all non-retail sales channels like cross-sell, online, institutional and „home sales agent‟ selling
  22. 22. Demand generation for leading hospitalitycompany Proposition – Outsourced demand generation desk Who we are engaged with: Sales head Business case: The client, a leading player in timeshare vacation ownership, wanted a partner who could run a strong demand generation program targeted at getting qualified leads through ground promotions, telecalling and email led activities CMO Axis Deliverables o A dedicated demand generation desk with strong campaign management capabilities o A mix of online/ offline and telecalling initiatives o Database acquisition, qualification , warming the customer and channeling leads to company‟s field sales team o Circles managed by CMO Axis are among the top 3 circles in terms of performance nationwide
  23. 23. Content and design desk for top global networkingcompany/ India‟s Top 10 IT company Proposition – Global back office desk for graphic design and animation, PPT makeovers, case study writing, etc Who we are engaged with: CMO office, India Business case: The client was looking for a back-office service desk where global sales and delivery teams can get time critical design and content work done in a templatized and cost efficient manner. Deliverables o Case-studies o Whitepapers o Presentation make-overs o Brochures & Flyers o Sales demos and walk throughs
  24. 24. Awards management program for one ofthe Top 3 IT services companies in India Proposition – Management of the company‟s annual global innovation awards program Who we are engaged with: CMO office, India Business case: This project involves management of the company‟s annual innovation awards program that involves identification and selection of top innovations both within the company and outside the company (globally) Deliverables o Design of awards process, forms, scoring sheets etc o Identification of jury and award partners o Screening of applications and shortlisting of finalists o Engaging with the jury to select winners o Dissemination of news and updates on the awards to participants and other stakeholders
  25. 25. Alternate sales channel management, communitybuilding for white goods company Proposition – Management of alternate sales channels for the company‟s white-goods product lines Who we are engaged with: Business Head Business case: This company, a new white goods brand from a leading business house wanted us to handle alternate sales channels for them. CMO Axis is helping them with building and promoting an e-commerce portal, building a community of home sales agents for direct selling and building a customer community for referrals,, up-sell, etc Deliverables o Setting up and promoting e-commerce portal o Setting up online community of home sales agents, training and equipping them to sell o Setting up a dealer community to train and engage with dealers and regular trade channels o Building an online community for customers/ prospects to network, get buying advise, user tips, referral rewards, merchandise store, etc
  26. 26. Outsourced CMO office – Riskmanagement product of $120 Mn IT Co Proposition – Outsourced CMO office for an SBU of the company Who we are engaged with: Global head of sales Business case: The client is launching a new risk management product for the global market that competes with Oracle‟s Crystal Ball and @Risk. They wanted marketing help to create and execute a go-to-market strategy for this product. Deliverables o Competitive landscaping and positioning strategy for this product o Packaging, website and all sales and marketing collateral creation o Creation of demos, sales training material, etc o Channel partners identification and signup o Innovative channels like direct sales tie-up with CNBC o Customer segment identification and outreach o Influencer outreach (media, influencers, CPA associations, etc) o Flexible engagement model with part compensation tied to product revenues and performance
  27. 27. Outsourced CMO office – EngineeringConfiguration service of $50 Mn IT Co Proposition – Outsourced CMO office for an SBU of the company Who we are engaged with: SVP and business head Business case: The client is launching a new engineering configuration service that helps heads of engineering cut lead times for product design and helps sales teams decrease reliance on engineering teams in the sales cycle Deliverables o Competitive landscaping and positioning strategy for this product o Website and all sales and marketing collateral creation o Creation of demos, sales training material, etc o Customer segment identification and outreach o Influencer outreach o Partner marketing programs with Solidworks, Autodesk, etc
  28. 28. Outsourced CMO office - $100 Mn IT Co Proposition – Outsourced CMO office with onsite staffing Who we are engaged with: Chairman and CEO Business case: The client was predominantly delivering staffing solutions and had made strategic acquisitions in the space of infrastructure management and EAI. They wanted marketing help to reposition their company and create a go-to-market plan that will help them engage better with existing customers and also acquire new clients Deliverables o Repositioning of company as an integrated „IT and Business Optimization‟ service provider o Outreach of new positioning to existing clients and prospects o Influencer engagement program – industry analysts, media and shareholders o Initiation of account based marketing to mine existing accounts o Focused demand generation program to increase leads pipeline o Partner marketing programs with BMC, Microsoft, etc
  29. 29. Content and design desk for top global networkingcompany/ India‟s Top 10 IT company Proposition – Global back office desk for graphic design and animation, PPT makeovers, case study writing, etc Who we are engaged with: CMO office, India Business case: The client was looking for a back-office service desk where global sales and delivery teams can get time critical design and content work done in a templatized and cost efficient manner. Deliverables o Case-studies o Whitepapers o Presentation make-overs o Brochures & Flyers o Sales demos and walk throughs
  30. 30. People Profiles
  31. 31. People profiles: Vinod HarithExperience: 17+ years in global marketingOrganizations worked: Wipro Technologies, iGATE, Hyundai, SSIEducation: PG in Management from IFMR/ OUBS, UK, PG in Journalism and Mass Comm from IGNOU, NewDelhiIndustries worked: IT/ ITES, Education & Training, Automotive, Consumer Packaged GoodsKey achievements:Wipro‟s Applied Innovation campaign selected for an INSEAD case study and for Stevie Marketing AwardsBest People Manager, WiproAvaya CRM award for Wipro‟s CRM campaignStandard and Poor‟s best corporate governance award for SSI Annual report
  32. 32. People profiles: Pramod HarithExperience: 12+ years in global sales and marketingOrganizations worked: Times of India, Usha International, Cygnus Business Consulting, MeritTracEducation: PG in Enterprise Management from C-PAMP, Diploma in Mgt, Madras UniversityIndustries worked: Media and entertainment, IT/ ITES, Education & Training, White goodsKey achievements:Helped grow the MeritTrac brand from a start-up to one of India‟s top assessment companiesHelp set up the retail channels and distribution for Times Multimedia in South India, making it the most profitableregion in IndiaLaunched Usha‟s Brita water purifiers in South India and made it one of Usha‟s fastest growing products
  33. 33. People profiles: Raji IyerExperience: 13+ years in marketing and communications working across leading FMCG and MNC brandsOrganizations worked: P&G, McCann Erickson, Indian Express and AjubaEducation: Master of Arts, Mass Communication & Journalism, MS University, BarodaIndustries worked: FMCG, Retail, IT and consumerKey achievements:Expertise in brand management, BTL activation, channel management and marketing strategyHas worked on some of the most successful brands like Pantene, Whisper, TTK, etcSet up and managed business operations for McCann and Eventus in Chennai
  34. 34. People profiles: JaideepExperience: 12+ years in E-learning, design & creative mediaOrganizations worked: Aithent Technologies, SSI, Aptech, HurixEducation: Bachelor‟s degree in Literature, Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia and Graphic design andcurrently pursuing masters in psychologyIndustries worked: E-learning, Media and entertainment, Education & TrainingKey achievements:Managed the elearning teams at SSI ,Aptech and Hurix. Handled the development of elearning programs for majors like IBM,Citibank,Johnson and Johnson, Hyundai.Set up the process and was involved in the launch activities for the FM channel for Noble Broadcasting Corporation.Was a news anchor and Producer at NBC.Creative lead with exposure to theater and media. Designed for websites and multimedia titlesLaunched the internal social media and virtual worlds initative at Aithent
  35. 35. People profiles: Suman kumarExperience: 9+ years in sales, operations and business developmentOrganizations worked: Tata Infomedia, Monster, Mafoi, GRT group of HotelsEducation: Graduate in commerce, pursuing post graduation in managementIndustries worked: Publication, Hospitality, HR, TelecomKey achievements: As project director (field force operations) at Mafoi for Nokia mobile phones, set up and managed programsacross 32 locations in south India Product centric promotion planning and roll-out across South India Recruited, trained and managed 800+ field sales personnel focusing on the mobile handset market Part of the team responsible for setting up operations in bangalore for GRT Hotels Set up and managed operations in India for a multinational HR service provider Managed events, special promotions and drives for special interest publications at Tata Infomedia
  36. 36. Some of our clients
  37. 37. What people have to say… “Looks good… Size of your ambition is laudable at the same time, realistic” - Subroto Bagchi, COO – Mindtree “Certainly looks exciting” - Mark Mayo, President – TPI “I feel your venture will fill in a much felt need-gap” - Apurva Chamaria, Group Manager – Marketing, HCL “Very impressive – I think you have a sweet spot” - V.Anand Kumar, VP – People supply chain & Employee Branding, Wipro BPO
  38. 38. CMO Axis in the news S-Files – Times of India New age outsourcing – Economic Times Is it time to outsource marketing? – ManagementNext The Latest BPO: Marketing - BusinessWeek Start me up: Setting up business in India – Outsourcing Marketing May Prove Smart for Small Cos - Economic Times It is time for MPO – Offshoring Times India set to become worlds marketing back office? – CIOL CMO Axis to beef up its outsourcing business – The Times of India
  39. 39. Why CMO Axis? Not an agency, but an extended arm of your marketing organization An outsourced partner for strategic programs and projects that traditional agencies don‟t cater to Sales and marketing experience across top global brands in diverse industries - IT, FMCG, Auto, Media, HR and Consulting Experts in services marketing and global marketing Hands-on expert advisory board Top tier alliances – K@W, ITSMA, Memorable Meetings, Summit HR First time right execution and SLA driven approach 40 - 60% savings on your existing marketing spends
  40. 40.;