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Fish farm design & construction


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Fish Farm- Design & Construction -

Published in: Science
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Fish farm design & construction

  1. 1. Fish Farm- Design & Construction Done by: Sumaiah Alghamdi Submitted to Dr : Maie Al Obeid
  2. 2. Content • Introduction • Fish farm Planning • Extensive and Intensive Systems types • Extensive (Design of earthen ponds) • Buildings • Other major equipment • conclusion • References
  3. 3. Introduction • The success of any production system in industry , agriculture and aquaculture relies heavily on design and construction. A well designed and constructed system provides the foundation for successful operations. Aquaculture has developed some unique equipment and some unique uses for equipment. • Typical fish farm was developed by forming small ponds by hand, or an even simpler method of trapping tidal water flow in estuaries by building simple water retaining structures.
  4. 4. Fish farm Planning Planning a fish farm is an important step in the farming investment. 1- The size of a fish farm which determined by: • Amount of water available • The land available and usable for fish culture • The technology to be employed. • The target production • Capital available for investment
  5. 5. Fish farm Planning (cont..) 2-The number and the shape of ponds which determined by: • Land size • Topography of the land • The species to be produced • Frequency of harvest • Target quantity per harvest However, rectangular ponds are easier to manage.
  6. 6. Fish farm Planning (cont..) 3-Selection of region: In general, knowledge of local geography and local and geology, climate and weather • Free of pathogens , Pollution and undesirable organism • Open space for aeration • Future expansion of the project • susceptibility of the site to flooding • availability of suitable manpower to operate the farm • proximity of markets easy transportation • Electricity and Water availability and good Temperature and Soil.
  7. 7. Extensive and Intensive Systems types: IntensiveExtensivetypes Tanks, raceways, troughs, cages, small earthen ponds Earthen pondLocation Complete feeding. Generally, prepared feeds; highly managed ponds with regular water exchange/management Built to farm fish, specific and shape; water level and water quality monitored and maintained; some supplementary feeding; predator control. characteristics
  8. 8. Extensive (Design of earthen ponds) a good pond should be designed in such a way to allow total control of During the process of designing ponds decisions should be made. • Total area of the pond water surface needed • The length and the width of the pond water surface • The water depth and the total pond depth at both the deep and shallow ends • The slope of the dykes and the pond bottom • The width of dykes
  9. 9. Extensive (Design of earthen ponds) (cont..) Type and Shape :There are three basic structural types. • excavated pond • Levee ponds • Combination Watershed-Levee Ponds Ponds should be square or rectangular to make the most efficient use of available land. It is more economical to construct square ponds; however, rectangular ponds are easier to manage.
  10. 10. Extensive (Design of earthen ponds) (cont..)
  11. 11. Buliding • Office ,toilet and washroom laboratory • general workroom with tanks for holding, sorting ,and treating fish, with vehicular access • meal room and room with filters and air blowers. • store rooms for chemicals, feed, equipment • garages for vehicles, boats, pumps, traps, nets, mowers • workshop for repairing and making equipment • handling and packaging room for preparing fish for packaging and dispatch
  12. 12. Other major equipment • Aquaculture uses a wide range of devices, such as aeration equipment ,nets and seines, boats, pumps, tractors, and trucks. 1- Aeration Equipment Aerators work in A- increasing the area of contact between air and water. B-circulate water so that fish can find areas with higher oxygen concentrations.
  13. 13. Cont..))Other major equipment • Most aerators are in one of the following categories: surface spray or vertical pump, pump sprayer, paddlewheel, diffused air, and propeller aspirator pump. surface spray or vertical pump
  14. 14. Cont..))Other major equipment paddlewheel
  15. 15. Cont..))Other major equipment 2-Seines net .Seines should be made of polyethylene or nylon.. Also, seines need to be treated so they do not rot The mesh size to be used varies according to the minimum size of the fish to be captured.
  16. 16. Cont..))Other major equipment 3-Live-Cars or Socks • Holding live fish is sometimes necessary if the market cannot take all the catch in one day, or because of a delay between capture and hauling fish to market. They are made of the same material as seines.
  17. 17. Cont..))Other major equipment 4-Transporting Transporting live fish requires maximum care to avoid losses. 5-Oxygen Testing Equipment 6-Boats: Boats are used for dispensing certain chemicals directly into the water. 7-Trucks: One or more ½- to ¾-ton pickup trucks are necessary for routine work around the farm. 8-Tractors : needed for such things as pulling a feeder, providing power for a paddlewheel aeration device and pulling a seine
  18. 18. Conclusion: • Although pond culture still predominates, the use of raceways, tanks,, cages, and recirculating systems has increased. . Regardless of the culture system, planning is essential for successful aquaculture. Next, the aquaculturalist must completely understand the type of production facility being used. Each aquaculturalist needs to select carefully the best equipment for his or her facility and be knowledgeable in the use of the equipment.
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  20. 20. References • Parker Rick, Aquaculture Science, Third Edition • • • farm-planning/pond-construction-costing/