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Presentation fed ex 1

  1. 1. FedEx Express
  2. 2. FedEx Express* I worked at FedEx head office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2003 to 2007* I was a staff member in the Department of Personnel under the name of a personnel assistant * In 2007 I was Director of Personnel on behalf of the companys branch in the Western Region
  3. 3. Frederick W. Smith August 11, 1944 (1944-08-11) Born (age 65) Marks, Mississippi Nationality American Occupation Founder of FedEx Employer FedEx Salary $8.64 million Chairman, President and Title Chief executive officer
  4. 4. Estimated capital of the company and income yearly And the average daily volume1-estimated capital of the company at around $ 37.954 billion .2-income yearly is $ 98 million.3-The average daily volume approximately 3.4 million packages and 10 million pounds of freight.
  5. 5. The FedEx employeesthe employees in FedEx company more than 242.000 worldwide Service Area More than 220 countries and territories, including every address in the United States
  6. 6. FedEx is the largest cargo airline in the world Air Operations More than 375 airports served worldwide Air Fleet 654 aircraft, including: 54 Airbus A410-200/300s 71 Airbus A300-600s 56 Airbus A310-200/300s 13 ATR 72s 26 ATR 42s 79-77 Boeing 727-200s 1 Boeing DC10-10s 6-5 Boeing DC10-30s 57 -58Boeing MD10-10s 12-13 Boeing MD10-30s 57-59 Boeing MD11s 10 Cessna 208As 242 Cessna 208Bs 24-30 Boeing 757-200s
  7. 7. Delivery fleet Delivery Fleet More than 43,000 motorized vehicles Operating Facilities 1,083 stations (692 U.S.; 391 outside U.S.) and 10 air express hubs: Asia Pacific: Guangzhou, China Canada: Toronto, Ontario Europe/Middle East/Africa: Paris, France Latin America-Caribbean: Miami, Fla. United States: Anchorage, Alaska Fort Worth, Texas Indianapolis, Ind., ) Memphis, Tenn. (SuperHub) Newark, New Jersey Oakland, Calif. Dropoff Locations 724 FedEx World Service Centers 1,806 FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Centers 6,455 FedEx Authorized ShipCenters® 44,204 FedEx Drop Boxes (including 4,985 US Postal Service locations)
  8. 8. FedEx has achieved many international awards.Recent Awards1-University of Michigan America Customer Satisfaction Index: Number One in CustomerSatisfaction, Express Delivery Industry (1998-2009).2-Black Enterprise Magazine: Top 40 Best Companies for Diversity (2007) .3-FORTUNE Magazine: 100 Best Places to Work For list (2006) .
  9. 9. FedEx Express
  10. 10. FedEx Express
  11. 11. Thank-youT. Fulvia Bublies DiCola By: Sultan dhaifallah AL-Otiabi