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Quirindi High School Staff Development Day


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PowerPoint for Quirindi High School Staff Development Day

Published in: Education
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Quirindi High School Staff Development Day

  1. 1. Quirindi High School Staff Development Day
  2. 2. Acknowledgement of Country .
  3. 3. SRN Monday Test orNO Content Quiz
  4. 4. My Dad
  5. 5. Job?
  6. 6. John HattieDeveloping Potentials for Learning: Evidence, assessment, and progress John Hattie Visible Learning Lab University of Auckland New Zealand EARLI 2007
  7. 7. Bloom’s Taxomony Creating Evaluating Analyzing Applying Understanding Remembering
  8. 8. Broke Magazine
  9. 9. Angry Birds
  10. 10. Question Formulation TechniqueProduce Your QuestionsFour essential rules for producing your own questions:• Ask as many questions as you can.• Do not stop to discuss, judge, or answer the questions.• Write down every question exactly as it is stated.• Change any statement into a question.
  11. 11. Improve Your Questions• Categorize the questions as closed- or open-ended.• Name the advantages and disadvantages ofeach type of question.• Change questions from one type to another.
  12. 12. Prioritize the Questions• Choose your three most importantquestions.• Why did you choose these three as themost important?
  13. 13. Next Steps• How are you going to use your questions?
  14. 14. Teaching and Learning Cycle What do I Where are my want my students students to now? learn? How do I How will my know when students get my student there? get there?Curriculum support: consistent Teacher Judgement
  15. 15. One Ronnie