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December Ombudsmen Newsletter

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Sullivans times Dec 11

  1. 1. THE SULLIVANS TIMESDecember 2011 Ombudsman Family Newsletter By Meagan Snyder and Sarah Wester INSIDE THIS ISSUE COMMAND REMARKS……….PAGES 1 & 2 OMBUDSMAN NOTES………. PAGE 3 “HOW I MET MY SAILOR”……….PAGES 4 & 5 CRAFT of the Month……….PAGE 6 CEILI SCHEDULE AND USEFUL LINKS……….PAGE 7 CAN YOU SPOT YOUR SAILOR?………..PAGES 8 & 9 OMBUDSMEN AND BASE CONTACT INFORMATION……….PAGE 10 HOLIDAY VOLUNTEER OPPOURTINITIES…………PAGES 11 TO 14 COMMAND REMARKS THE SULLIVANS’ Friends and Families, This is my first newsletter as Commanding Officer. I am very excited, honored, and privileged to beleading such a professional team as we have in THE SULLIVANS. I have had the unique opportunity asserving as Executive Officer for the previous year and witnessed the challenges and triumphs of this crewand you, our families and friends. I want to thank each of you for your continued support of our Sailors.They depend on a strong support system at home to continue to answer the call of the nation. Since assuming command in November the schedule has been action-packed. We have enjoyedseveral port visits to Spain, Crete, Portugal, and Croatia. We honored our ship’s namesake on November13, 2011 in remembrance to the 69th anniversary of the loss of USS JUNEAU (CL 52) during WWII in thebattle of Guadalcanal where the five Sullivan brothers, George, Joseph, Madison, Albert, and Francisperished. Next we participated in a multi-national undersea warfare exercise with the French and BritishNavies. We held a Sixth Fleet reception onboard hosting over 130 distinguished guests n Lisbon, Portugal,which included the United States’ ambassador to Portugal, the Commander of Sixth Fleet, severalEuropean ambassadors, and numerous foreign military admirals and generals. They were all extremelyimpressed with the ship and pride of the crew. Following Our Lisbon port visit we transitedto Split, Croatia where the crew enjoyed a beautiful port visit in the Adriatic Sea. Our Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) team trained with the Croatian Navy’s team, whichwas a great opportunity for our Sailors to share boarding and search techniques with another nation. Whileinport the crew also participated in a Community Relations event where we volunteered at two of the localorphanages. Our Sailors played basketball and soccer with the children of the orphanage, which boostedtheir holiday spirit and morale as they beat us in soccer. We delivered them candy and several soccerballs and basketballs. I’m proud to announce the following Sailors were advanced to the next higher paygrade in aceremony conducted on the flight deck on November 28th: CS1(SW) Carter, GM2 Barber, GSM2(SW)Bennett, LS2(SW) Gavitt, FC2 Hanks, LS2(SW) Hathorn, STG2(SW) Javner, EM2(SW) Ramos, BM2Sams, PS2 Smiley, STG2 Wilson, OS3(SW) Berkley, GM3 Bush, QM3 Dewitt, GSE3 Doby, GM3 Escoto,GM3 Rosariogarcia, EM3 Smith, and OS3 Spann. Additionally, I had the authority to meritoriously advancetwo well-deserving Sailors to the next paygrade. STG2(SW) Grier and SH3 Jackson were selected from atop-notch group of Sailors and were also advanced to the next rank. Well done! 1
  2. 2. Command Remarks (continued) During the same ceremony we “pinned” our newest Enlisted Surface Warrior Specialists (ESWS),FC3(SW) Laster, OS3(SW) Berkley, ET3(SW) Luttrull, and STG3(SW) Howe. This designation is theculmination of months of hard work. Wearing the ESWS pin signifies the Sailor is competent in their job, and has acquired additionalgeneral knowledge that enhances their understanding of warfighting, mission effectiveness, and commandsurvivability by learning the entire ship’s systems and capabilities. We also reenlisted BM3 Brown onThanksgiving Day and IC1(SW) Snyder atop the ship’s mast, which was an exciting time for those inattendance! I’m happy to welcome aboard our newest Shipmates, LT Smith, IT1 Baumgartner, ITSN Rosetty,GMSA Rosariogarcia, ICFN McKeel, GSMFR Fox, GSMFA Charles, ENFR Richardson, STGSN Fitzgerald,and STGSN Dunn. We also bid farewell to a few of our Shipmates as they depart for follow-on tours ofduty. Fair winds and following seas to LT Griffith, STG2 Maldonado, and QM2(SW) Standback. Commanding Officer, CDR Derick Armstrong, sends. 2
  3. 3. OMBUDSMAN REMARKS By Sarah Wester I don’t know if I am the only one that is having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year or what.Probably not, right!? As I look around my little area of base housing this 2 nd day after Thanksgiving at themany houses who have already decorated, I can’t help but miss my Sailor. It’s not that I’m not capable ofbreaking out a ladder and stringing lights on the house but who wants to do that by themselves. Asdepressing as it may seem to spend this holiday season without Joe, I am determined to keep up theappearance of cheerfulness for my son and the rest of the family. I did catch myself today humming thetune of Sleigh Ride so perhaps the holiday spirit is slowly warming up my Grinch heart. This time of year can be downright gloomy for some and especially for those of us who are dealingwith a deployed spouse. Some of the best ways to get past those bah hum bugs are to get out and enjoytime with the kids or go to a holiday event (hint, hint, Spouses’ Night Out). The cities of Jacksonville andthe beaches as well as NS Mayport have many events during the season for both children and adults. Alllocal events have been posted to our Facebook page @ If youfeel like driving a little north or south, St. Augustine and Nassau County both have some wonderful eventsas well. There is also a list of volunteer opportunities in the local area at the end of this newsletter (pages 11to 14) . This is another awesome way to brighten your holiday spirit while bringing joy and comfort toothers. If you seriously cannot seem to beat the holiday blues or feel like there may be something more seriousgoing on, there are many resources both military and civilian for you. Please see below for a list ofavailable resources.  Military One Source: Confidential Counseling options available by calling 1.800.342.9647. You can also visit their website @ for further information.  TRICARE Value Options: TRICARE’s behavior health and counseling services. You do NOT need an initial referral from your PCM. You can contact TRICARE directly for a referral. Their number is 1-800-700-8646 and representatives are available Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM, excluding federal holidays. You can visit their website for further information: Health/ProviderMilitaryandfamilylifetopics.asp  The Fleet and Family Support Centers in the TriBase area are also readily available to offer clinical counseling for your individual needs. Services offered by FFSC include: o Short-term clinical counseling for individuals, groups, and families o Crisis intervention and/or response to disasters and other catastrophes o Group counseling and/or educational groups o Referral to other military and community resources NAVSTA Mayport NAS Jacksonville SUBASE Kings Bay Phone: 904-270-6600 Phone: 904-542-2766 Phone: 912-573-4512 l/mayport/index.htm jacksonville/FleetAndFa milyReadiness/SupportS s_ffsc_home.htm ervices/Families/ m 3
  4. 4. Due to the Holiday Season and the awesome influx of stories that have been pouring in; the “How I Met My Sailor segment will be two pages in this newsletter edition. Remember if you submit a story, you will receive a first kiss ticket!!! HOW I MET MY SAILOR: FCC Juan Sanchez By: Dina M. Sanchez It was 1995; I was a single mother, and working at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. I had just gone through a divorce. Some friends of mine kept telling me about this guy that they wanted to introduce me to. I wasn’t ready at thetime to meet someone new, and I told them so. I did not want to step out of the frying pan into the fire per say. So I kept refusing to go out with them. A couple weeks later, a friend of mine asked me if I would like to go out for drinks after work so I agreed to go. Page and I chose Baha’s Beach Club as the place to go that evening. We were dancing and having fun, when I noticed a handsome man standing at the bar. This handsome man took my breath away. I told Page that I wanted to dance with him and that I would before the night was over. She said no he can’t dance and I said yes he can and I will dance with him before the night is over. I was so sure that I would dance with him, I bet her a drink.I kept looking over his way because I thought he was so handsome and couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He was like the handsome prince in a fairy tale that just sweeps the princess off of her feet in the end. After a while our eyes met and he smiled and then he was gone. My heart fell out of my body right there on the dance floor. It seemed like forever that he was gone, but forever was only about thirty minutes.When he returned to the same spot he was standing before, I made my move. I kept my eyes on him this time Iwasn’t going to let him get away. So I walked off of the dance floor and walked very close to him and he tappedme on my shoulder and asked me if I wanted to dance. I didn’t give it a second thought and off to the dance floorwe went. He was such a gentleman and moved with such ease on the dance floor. I finally had met my true love. I didn’t know a thing about him yet, but felt that he was the one and I must not let him go. Some people don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do and I learned so that evening.We danced as if we had taken dance classes together our whole lives. Every song that came on we had to danceto. It seems like we were there for only a short while, but actually it had been hours. My friend said that she knew we had fallen in love. She could tell by the way we looked at each other.A little while later my friends came in from work. I went over to say hello, and the handsome man excused himself to go somewhere before I walked over their way. I said hello and the first thing out of their mouths was, that guyis here we want to introduce you to. I said no way, I have met my true love here tonight, and I don’t want to meet anyone else. They just laughed dismissing my words as humor and said it it’s too late. The man they wanted to introduce me to was right behind me. I waved my hands profusely saying no, I am not kidding, I have met the man of my dreams. So right about then they turned me around and there he was the man I had heard so muchabout at work. For weeks the girls were telling me about him, and him about me. They were definitely trying to be match makers. So I took a deep breath and turned around. There he was, that handsome man from the bar, the prince, the one and only true love that I had met just hours before. It was FCC Juan C. Sanchez, the man I had planned to spend the rest of my life with after just meeting him. I know it sounds crazy, but we both knew that it wasn’t. We dated for two years, and married. Two years later we had our second child Selena. We celebrated our fourteenth anniversary this year as husband and wife. We have had many good memorable times, as well as bad, but we are still together and very much in love.We attend any and all of the Navy Balls, Christmas parties, and take part in a lot of activities that the Navy has tooffer. We love God, our family, Navy family, our Country, and friends dearly, and are thankful for every aspect of our lives.I must say in closing of this story of How I Met My Sailor,” each and every time I dance with my husband, it takes me back to that day we met at Baha’s Beach club in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and I fall in love all over again on the dance floor. “ 4
  5. 5. How I met my Sailor-FC3 Josh Laster By Michelle TruettI met my sailor when I was in the 8th grade he was in the 11th grade. When Iwas in middle school I wasnt very good in math so the high school would let the people in advanced math classes tutor the people who weren’t good in math,Josh was my tutor! I used to wear cute stuff to try to get him to notice me but he wouldnt. When I came to high school I would see Josh in the halls and my heart would start to beat faster but all he would do would say hey or smile.Sometimes he would take my hair down if I was wearing it in a pony tail, justflirting! After he graduated we lost touch until Christmas 2010. I was working at Wal-Mart and he was walking out of the restroom with his little brother,who I was friends with in high school also. We started talking on Facebook andafter a few days I knew he was the one I was going to spend the rest of my lifewith! January 1, 2012 will be our 1 year anniversary, and he won’t be here! I miss my sailor so much! Every night I dream of the day I will see him walk of that ship and into each other’s arms where we belong. 5
  6. 6. DECEMBER CRAFT Compiled by Meagan Snyder Oh no! One of Santas elves forgot to take his shoes with him after his visit! Hang them up on your Christmas tree in case he comes back to look for them.What youll need:  ½ sheet green felt  3" square piece of red glitter felt  6 medium silver pom poms  8" piece of green yarn  Felt glue  Scissors  PatternHow to make it: 1. Cut two shoes from the green felt and two cuffs from the red glitter felt using the pattern (see image). 2. Glue the red cuffs to the tops of the green shoes (see image). 3. Glue two silver pom-poms to the points on the cuff, repeat for other shoe. Glue the remaining two pom poms to the points of the shoes. Let dry. 4. Glue yarn to the back of each shoe, creating a hanger (see image). 5. Lay the shoes on the work surface and position on shoe layered over the other. When you have them how you want them, glue them together. (Courtesy of 6
  7. 7. UPCOMING CEILIS & EVENTSWhat is a Ceili (kay-lee)? A Ceili is simply a social gathering. During deployment and throughout the year, the Ombudsmen host Ceilis to foster friendship and camaraderie throughout the families and Sailors of USS The Sullivans. 18 December 14 January-Ceili 18 February-Ceili -Spouses’ Night Out 2-4pm 2-4pm 7pm Location: TBD Location: TBD Location: Ted’s Montana Valentines for the ship Grill, St. Johns Town Center USEFUL LINKS AND INFO Military HOME FRONT: MilitaryHOMEFRONT is the Department of Defense website for official Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) program information, policy and guidance designed to help troops and their families, leaders, and service providers. Whether you live the military lifestyle or support those who do, youll find what you need. Their website is: FREE PACKING SUPPLIES FROM THE US POSTAL SERVICE: The United States Postal Service (USPS) will supply for free, to anyone who asks, specially packaged Priority Mail supplies for shipping "care kits" to members of the U.S. military stationed overseas. Each supply kit includes the following: 4 Priority Mail Flat-Rate "shoe box" 10 Priority Mail labels 6 Priority Mail Flat-Rate "garment box" 1 roll of Priority Mail tape 10 customs forms with envelopes To obtain a free kit of shipping supplies, simply call the USPS packing supplies order line at 1-800-610-8734, select option #1 ("Express Mail, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed products"), and ask a customer service agent for CAREKIT04 (or a "military kit"). You need supply only your name, address, and phone number, and theyll get a kit off to you that should arrive within 7-10 days. Weve tried this service ourselves: it was easy to use, the USPS customer service agent we dealt with was courteous and efficient, and we were supplied with a customer ID number to expedite the process of ordering additional supplies. (This offer includes only packing materials — senders who use these materials still have to pay postage for the actual mailing of care packages.) 7
  8. 8. Sullivans Sailors providing some musical stress relief during swim call. Band members: HMC Larson, GM2 Naff, FC2 Grate and EM3 Porter [Photo provided by USS The Sullivans FB page]9 November 2011: CO Steele and COArmstrong enjoying some humor during theChange of Command Ceremony.[Photo provided by USS The Sullivans FB page] 13 November 2011: Five USS The Sullivans Sailors carry wreaths to represent the five Sullivan brothers in a remembrance ceremony of the 69th anniversary of the sinking of USS JUNEAU (CL 52) [Photo provided by USS The Sullivans FB page] 8
  9. 9. 10 November 2011: Memorial Wreath laid by DD 537/DDG 68 Association at The Sullivans Brothers memorial in Waterloo, IA. [Photo provided by John Mataka- DD 537 Association]November 2011: The CA (Combat Acoustics)division hard at work during an exercise. [Photo provided by USS The Sullivans FB page] 9
  10. 10. OMBUDSMEN CONTACT INFORMATION MEAGAN SNYDER: EMAIL: PROUDSULLIVANSWIFE@GMAIL.COM PHONE: (904) 403-0048 SARAH WESTER: EMAIL: SULLIVANSOMBUDSMAN@GMAIL.COM PHONE: (904) 955-7864 WEBSITE: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SULLIVANS.OMBUDSMAN CARELINE (RECORDED MESSAGE): Toll Free: 1-888-799-8081 THE SHIP’S ADDRESS IS: USS THE SULLIVANS (DDG 68) FPO AA 34093-1287 HELPFUL SHIP, BASE AND LOCAL COMMUNITY CONTACTSUSS THE SULLIVANS QUARTERDECK:(904) 270-7981 AMERICAN RED CROSS: (877) 272-7337 (toll-free)CENTRAL MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: When calling the Red Cross, please provide as(904) 542-4677 much of the following information about the service member as is known:NS Mayport Medical Clinic:(904) 270-4303  Full name  Rank/ratingFleet and Family Support Center:  Branch of service (Army, Navy, Air(904) 270-6600 Force, Marines, Coast Guard)  Social Security Account number or dateBase Chapel: of birth(904) 270-5212  Military address  Information about the deployed unit andITT Office: home base unit (for deployed service(904) 270-5145 members only)Outdoor Recreation: USO (United Services Organization):(904) 270-5221 http://www.uso.orgYouth Center: Mayport USO(904) 270-5680 2560 Mayport Road Atlantic Beach, FL 32233Child Development Center: Phone: 904-246-3481Off-base-(904) 270-7740 NAS Jacksonville USONavy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS): Building 1050 (on NAS Jax)(904) 270-5418 Jacksonville, FL 32212-0108Pass and ID (Main Gate/decals): Phone: 904-778-2821(904) 270-5585Base Security: (904) 270-5583 10
  11. 11. One of the most wonderful ways to help others and yourself at the same time is to volunteer! Here is a substantial list of organizations that are eager for your help this holiday season! These are also a great way for any high school students to gain those required volunteer hours! [List courtesy of Folio Weekly Holiday edition]GINGERBREAD HOUSES CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTYThe ninth annual Gingerbread House Extravaganza This children’s event needs folks to hand out new toys,displays holiday houses from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily Nov. donated by sponsor companies and regular folks, to30-Dec. 22 at Jacksonville Historical Society, located almost 8,000 kids 12 years old and younger at the 13that the Old St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 317 annual gathering held from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Dec.Randolph Blvd., Jacksonville. The more than 30 10 at Prime Osborn Convention Center, 1000 Watergingerbread houses are created by local chefs, St., Jacksonville. 350-1616. ccpoj.orgarchitects and civic organizations. Proceeds benefit theSociety. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for kids ages 3- J.P. HALL CHARITIES CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS16 and free for kids younger than 2. The Victorian PARTYMerrill Museum House is open from 1:30-3:30 p.m. for The 30th annual children’s event is held from 8 a.m.-tours. 665-0064. noon on Dec. 17 at Clay County Fairgrounds, 2497 S.R. 16 W., Green Cove Springs. Open to any ClayHOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS County kids up to 14 years old, the party features newBereavement specialists lead discussions and group toys, food and entertainment. 284-7398.exercises on coping with grief from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.on Dec. 3 at Acosta-Rua Center for Caring, 5450 BEAM MINISTRIESRamona Blvd., Jacksonville; at McGraw Center for 850 Sixth Ave. S., Ste. 400, Jax Beach, 241-7437Caring, 4715 Worrall Way, Mayo Clinic campus, jaxbeam.orgJacksonville and Flagler Hospital’s Cancer Education Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry holds aand Support Center, 400 Health Park Blvd., St. Thanksgiving basket giveaway to registered clients onAugustine. The group also meets from 6:30-8 p.m. on Nov. 18, 21 and 22 and needs packages of food andDec. 5 at Neviaser Educational Institute of Community grocery store gift cards for a turkey, ham or other mainHospice, 4266 Sunbeam Road, Bldg. 100, course for the traditional meal, as well as volunteers toJacksonville. 268-5200. put it all together. BEAM is open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Mon.-Thur., 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Fri., or call 994-1217 toTREE OF LIFE CELEBRATION schedule a drop-off.The 31st annual Tree of Life Celebration is held from5:30-7 p.m. on Dec. 8 at Community Hospice’s Hadlow BETTY GRIFFIN HOUSECenter, 4266 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville. Each of Crisis Hotline 824-1555the more than 60,000 lights on the tree represents the info@bettygriffinhouse.orglife of a person cared for in Community Hospice’s 30 Betty Griffin House provides safe emergency shelter toyears of service. A candlelight Service of abused women and their minor children, and victims ofRemembrance is featured. Proceeds benefit rape, as well as counseling, support groups, legalCommunity Hospice Foundation. 886-3883. assistance, community education and advocacy programs. To see the group’s current wish list go toTOYS FOR TOTS ROLLER DERBY New Jax City Rollers Team Naughty skatesagainst Team Nice at 7 p.m. on Dec. 10 at Jax IceSports Complex, 3605 Philips Highway, Jacksonville.Admission is $10 and a new, unwrapped toy. Doorsopen at 6:30 p.m. 357-0102. 11
  12. 12. THE BRIDGE OF NORTHEAST FLORIDA THE INN MINISTRY1824 N. Pearl St., Jacksonville, 354-7799 The Inn Ministry’s annual Christmas Party for pregnantThe Bridge is in need of food for Thanksgiving and gifts women and mothers with young children features gift-for Christmas. The Thanksgiving drive for food and sharing and a visit from Santa from 1-4 p.m. on Dec.turkey gift certificates runs now through Nov. 21; the 18 at the German American Club, 4165 LakesideChristmas drive to sponsor a family runs now through Drive, Jacksonville. Volunteers help with food,Dec. 19. For more information, call 354-7799 ext. 137. managing games for young children and distributing toys. Donations of toys, gifts and clothes are needed.BRIGHT HOLIDAYS OF JACKSONVILLE INC. 388-7730.24532 Deer Trace Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach, 280- JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS FOOD DRIVE2163 This food-distribution program needs help offloadingBright Holidays needs volunteers in early December to trucks full of groceries and distributing the donated,shop, wrap and deliver gifts of clothing, food, school non-perishable foodstuffs to more than 3,000 familiessupplies and other essentials. Pssst, high school on Jacksonville’s Eastside. 633-2258 or 633-6590.students: It’s an easy way to earn service JEWISH FAMILY & COMMUNITY SERVICES 6261 Dupont Station Court E., Jacksonville, 448-1933CHILDREN’S HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA The food pantry needs canned food donations andP.O. Box 5616, Jacksonville FL 32247, 493-7738 volunteers to help sort and stock the items. Its JewishProvides foster care, adoption, parenting education Healing Network program needs volunteers to visitand child-abuse prevention services to children and others who are ill.families in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau and St. Johnscounties. The Home Society needs monetary MISTER ROGERS SWEATER DRIVEdonations to provide a family with a Thanksgiving Drop off new or clean, used sweaters, coats andbasket, as well as gift certificates, new toys and blankets through Nov. 30 at WJCT Public Broadcastingvolunteers to wrap donated gifts for Christmas. For the Studios, 100 Festival Park Ave., Jacksonville, at allWish List of a child in need, go to First Coast VyStar Credit Union locations, at Two Men and a Truck, 8849 Arlington Expressway, and allEPISCOPAL CHILDREN’S SERVICES Community Hospice locations. Donations are8443 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 1, Jacksonville, 726- distributed to St. Vincent’s Mobile Outreach Ministry1500 (which serves migrant workers), Clara White Mission,The ECS’ Holiday Outreach Program helps children and other First Coast nonprofits serving the needy.and families in Northeast Florida providing early 358-6314. wjct.orgchildhood education and social services. The ECSneeds monetary donations and Winn-Dixie gift NORTH JAX WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTERcertificates for holiday meals. 12456 Sago Ave. W., Jacksonville, 696-9100 The Center provides help to pregnant women,HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE including teenagers and single mothers who need food165 Wells Road, Ste. 301, Orange Park, 215-8520 and clothing for their babies. Baby clothing, maternityThe “Be a Santa to a Senior” program collects, wraps clothes, gift cards and donations for a new facility areand delivers gifts to needy area seniors. Giving Trees needed. To see a list of specific needs, go tofor donating are available through mid-December at locations throughout Northeast P.A.C.E. CENTER FOR GIRLS 1 W. Adams St., Jacksonville, 421-8585HOPE WORLDWIDE The P.A.C.E. Center needs volunteers to tutor girls andThe Jacksonville chapter of HOPE needs volunteers to young women (ages 12-18) in math, English andhelp unload toys from noon-2 p.m. on Dec. 10 at Prime reading, and to help provide program enrichmentOsborn Convention Center, 1000 Water St., activities, Mon.-Fri. between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.Jacksonville. 292-2535. ? Donations of gift cards for food and clothing are also needed. To make a donation or for more information, visit 12
  13. 13. OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD USO GREATER JACKSONVILLE AREAVolunteers collect shoebox gifts packed by local 2560 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach, 246-3481individuals, and send them to needy children around NAS JAX, Yorktown Gate, Bldg. 1050, 778-2821the world, at collection sites throughout Northeast Welcome Center, JAX International Airport, 741-6655Florida. The USO, serving active duty members of the military and their families in Northeast Florida, needs monetarySECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK donations for food baskets, supplies and children’sPart of Lutheran Social Services, Second Harvest toys. jaxuso.orgneeds volunteers to stock, pull orders and help withgeneral upkeep. Monetary gifts are welcome. 1502 WASTE NOT WANT NOTJessie St., Jacksonville. 448-5995 or ?353-3663. P.O. Box 119, Orange Park, 215-3150 This volunteer-based group collects and provides foodTOYS FOR TOTS to organizations serving the homeless and hungry, low-Marine Toys For Tots Foundation needs new, income families and seniors, people with disabilitiesunwrapped toys, but they also need folks to gather, and at-risk youths. Monetary donations and volunteerssort and distribute them to deserving kids. 714-7472. are needed. wastenotflorida.comjax.t4t@gmail.comSOUP KITCHENS & RESCUE MISSIONSCITY RESCUE MISSIONJacksonville’s City Rescue Mission needs volunteers to help with mailouts, holiday meal serving, data entry, phonecalls and gift wrapping. Thanksgiving dinner is held from noon-3 p.m. on Nov. 23 and Christmas dinner is from noon-3p.m. on Dec. 23, at New Life Inn, 234 W. State St., downtown. The mission, located at 426 S. McDuff Ave.,Jacksonville, holds an open house from noon-1:30 p.m. on Nov. 17, featuring tours and light snacks. On Nov. 19, theMission will have a booth at Riverside Arts Market to collect socks, canned goods and white twin sheet sets. On Dec.3, students from Paul Mitchell school give holiday haircuts at the McDuff campus. On Dec. 10 from 9 a.m.-noon,Santa’s on hand for photos at the Thrift Store, 5342 Normandy Blvd. And they’re giving away full and king-sizemattress and box-spring sets; first come, first served. On Nov. 23 and Dec. 23, donate your old coats to City RescueMission at area Burlington stores. 387-4357.CLARA WHITE MISSIONCommunity volunteers serve Thanksgiving dinner to homeless and disadvantaged families at the Mission, 613 W.Ashley St., Jacksonville. The 107-year-old Jacksonville mission needs donations of food and/or money to help theprogram offer its two-meals-a-day service. Feed the City is held from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Nov. 19, Celebrate the Missiondinner is held from 2-5 p.m. on Nov. 20, and the Thanksgiving Day Breakfast is from 8:30-10:30 a.m. on Nov. 24. 354-4162. clarawhitemission.orgI.M. SULZBACHER CENTER FOR THE HOMELESSVolunteers are needed to amass toys and ToysRUs gift cards, blankets, watches, cold-weather clothing, hygienicproducts and non-perishable food items. The center is located at 611 E. Adams St., Jacksonville. 359-0457 or 359-0657. sulzbachercenter.orgCOMMUNITY CONNECTIONSThe need for Thanksgiving Baskets grows each year; the organization is getting some help this year from Intuition Ale.A “dry” basket of items families may use to cook their dinner may include a gift card for a ham or turkey ($15-$20 forWalmart or Publix), a pan, canned vegetables, chicken broth, fried onion bits, elbow macaroni, evaporated milk,marshmallows, potatoes, rice, gravy, cranberry sauce, dressing, cooking oil, flour, sugar, paper towels and tea bags.Deliver your assembled basket to Intuition Ale, 720 King St., Jacksonville, by Nov. 19 and you’ll get a $30 certificate fortheir taproom brew. Call Intuition at 683-7720; Community Connections at 350-9949. 13
  14. 14. JACKSONVILLE YOUTH SANCTUARY4570 St. Johns Ave., Ste. 3, Jacksonville, 389-5231The Sanctuary provides residential group care to foster children (13-17 years old), and provides housing, education,life skills training and mentoring to youths 18-23 years old who have aged out of foster care. Christmas gifts, holidayfood and monetary donations are needed. jaxyouth.orgMISSION HOUSE800 Shetter Ave., Jax Beach, 241-6767This day facility, serving the homeless from Mayport to St. Johns County, provides meals, showers, clothing vouchers,medical care, case management and referrals. The Mission House is in need of funding to support its programs.missionhousejax.orgST. FRANCIS HOUSE70 Washington St., St. Augustine, 829-8937This homeless resource, food pantry, soup kitchen and emergency housing shelter, serving 200 hot lunches daily,accepts donations of time, money, sponsorships or handyman skills. stfrancisshelter.orgST. FRANCIS SOUP KITCHEN134 E. Church St., downtown Jacksonville, 356-2902 or 359-0331Operated by Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, the 30-plus-year-old soup kitchen serves food at 7 and 10 a.m.every Saturday, with clothing distribution from 8-10 a.m., canned goods at 10 a.m. stfrancissoupkitchenjax.orgSALVATION ARMY328 N. Ocean St., Jacksonville, 301-4846The Salvation Army needs Red Kettle bellringers, sorters, meal servers on Christmas Day, Adopt-a-Familyparticipants, Angel Tree toy shop workers and volunteers to help with year-round local programs. A Thanksgiving mealis served on Nov. 24, a Christmas meal is served on Dec. 24. uss.salvationarmy.orgTRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH FOOD PANTRYThe pantry serves 9,000 families — approximately 27,000 individuals — every year. Food donations are needed.Nonperishable food items are accepted. 2969 Park St., Jacksonville. 389-5341. trinity4jax.orgYOUTH CRISIS CENTER3015 Parental Home Road, Jacksonville,1-877-720-0007 or 904- 720-0002The Center shelters homeless, runaway and abandoned children (ages 10-17), provides counseling and attempts toreunite families. Needed items include coats, sweaters, jeans, shoes, CD players, watches, journals, educationalgames, arts-and-crafts materials, and backpacks. youthcrisiscenter.orgCOLD WEATHER SHELTERSSalvation Army, 356-8641St. Paul’s By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, 249-4091Community Presbyterian Church, 249-8698St. Paul’s Catholic Church, 249-2600Palms Presbyterian Church, 270-1089Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ, 246-2457 14