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The Neuromarketing Toolkit - Chinwag Psych - 4 Feb 2014

A practical toolkit for getting inside customers heads, in order to design and create persuasive psychological approaches to copy, pages, buttons, designs and your entire service. Craig shows you here how to mine what you already have - to design a better bank balance and continuously improving future for your company, staff and your customers.

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The Neuromarketing Toolkit - Chinwag Psych - 4 Feb 2014

  1. 1. The Neuro Marketing Toolkit @OptimiseOrDie
  2. 2. @OptimiseOrDie • UX and Analytics • User Centred Design • Agile, Startups, Low budget • Acquisition, Churn & Conversion optimisation • Multivariate & A/B testing • Persuasive Copywriting • Lean Startup, Analytics, UX • Call Centre Optimisation • Holistic Product Optimisation • CRO and Psychology • Training in CRO and Split Testing Was : Group eBusiness Manager, Belron Now : For hire
  3. 3. Bill & Ted 4
  4. 4. The Invisible Gorilla 5
  5. 5. The Neuro Marketing Toolkit 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Get Out of the Office Interview Them Like a Pro Immerse Yourself Get Their Voice Act Like a Private Investigator Read Stuff Find Stuff Learn Stuff Get with Behavioural Numbers Hire or Train Great Copywriters Work the Churn and Cost too Execution Examples Q&A @OptimiseOrDie
  6. 6. #1 : GET OUT OF THE OFFICE @OptimiseOrDie
  7. 7. 1a : Lab Based Testing @OptimiseOrDie
  8. 8. 1b : Remote UX Testing 1 3 3 2 3 3 1 2 3 Moderator Participant Viewers @OptimiseOrDie
  9. 9. 1c : Crowdsourced Testing Som, feedback Remote UX tools (P=Panel, S=Site recruited, B=Both) Usertesting (B) Userlytics (B) Userzoom (S) Intuition HQ (S) Mechanical turk (S) Loop11 (S) Open Hallway (S) What Users Do (P) Feedback army (P) User feel (P) Ethnio (For Recruiting) Feedback on Prototypes / Mockups Pidoco Verify from Zurb Five second test Conceptshare Usabilla @OptimiseOrDie 10
  10. 10. 1e : Beer, Caffeine and Work Breaks @OptimiseOrDie
  11. 11. 1d : Guerrilla Testing DESKTOP & LAPTOP CamStudio (free) Mediacam AV (cheap) Silverback (Mac) Screenflow (Mac) MOBILE UX Recorder (iOS) Skype Hugging Reflection Reflector @OptimiseOrDie
  12. 12. 1e : The Secret Millionaire • • • • Tesco placed IT users in front line roles with product You have to to create this kind of feedback loop If it isn‟t there, you need to push/encourage Connect the team with pain points AND outcomes of their work, split tests and changes • Hugely motivational strategy • One last tip – learn how to interview like a pro • Read these: “Don‟t Make Me Think” “Rocket Surgery Made Easy” “Talking to Customers” “Talking with Participants” “Don‟t listen to Users” “Interviewing Tips” “More interviewing Tips” @OptimiseOrDie
  13. 13. #2 : IMMERSE YOURSELF • • • • • • • • • • • • Test ALL key campaigns Use Real Devices Get your own emails Order your products Call the phone numbers Send an email Send 11 shoes back Be difficult Break things Experience the end-end Do the same for competitors Team are ALL mystery shoppers • Wear the magical slippers @OptimiseOrDie
  14. 14. #3 : GET THEIR VOICE • • • • Sitewide Omnipresent Feedback Triggered (Behavioural) Feedback Use of Features, Cancellation, Abandonment 4Q Task Gap Analysis very good • Kampyle • Qualaroo • Feedback Daddy • 4Q • Usabilla
  15. 15. #3 : GET THEIR VOICE • • • • • • • • • Make contact and feedback easy & encouraged Add contact & feedback to everything (e.g. all mails) Run regular NPS surveys Get ratings on Service Metrics Fix broken stuff Ask your frequent, high spend, zealous users questions Make the team spend ½ a day a month at the Call Centre Meet with your Sales and Support teams ALL the time Tip : Take them for Beers and encourage bitching
  16. 16. #4 : ACT LIKE A PI • • • • • • • For your brand(s) and competitors Check review sites, Discussion boards, News Use Google Alerts on various brands & keywords Sign up for all competitor emails Run Cross Competitor surveys This was VITAL for LOVEFiLM Use Social & Competitor Monitoring tools :
  17. 17. #5 : READ STUFF @OptimiseOrDie
  18. 18. #6 : FIND STUFF @danbarker @fastbloke @timlb @jamesgurd @therustybear @carmenmardiros @davechaffey @priteshpatel9 @cutroni @avinash @Aschottmuller @cartmetrix @Kissmetrics @Unbounce @Morys @UXFeeds @Psyblog @Gfiorelli1 Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics, CRO Analytics, CRO CRO / UX CRO / UX CRO / Neuro UX / Neuro Neuro SEO / Analytics @PeepLaja @TheGrok @UIE @LukeW @cjforms @axbom @iatv @Chudders @JeffreyGroks @StephanieRieger @BrianSolis @DrEscotet @TheBrainLady @RogerDooley @Cugelman @Smashingmag @uxmag @Webtrends CRO CRO UX UX / Forms UX / Forms UX UX Photo UX Innovation Innovation Innovation Neuro Neuro Neuro Neuro Dev / UX UX UX / CRO @OptimiseOrDie
  19. 19. #7 : LEARN STUFF @OptimiseOrDie
  20. 20. #7 : GET WITH THE NUMBERS @OptimiseOrDie
  21. 21. #7 : GET WITH THE NUMBERS • So you’re not wading in Poo all the time -> • Get a Health Check on your Analytics setup (1-2 days) • Invest in your Analytics in 3 areas: – Instrument : Collect the *right* data – Calibrate : Make sure data is clean and aligns with KPIs – Insight : Make reports usable, useful, insightful, actionable • Measure Customer Intent Groupings: ( • Measure bad things and errors: ( • Measure interactions, not pages:
  22. 22. #7 : GET WITH THE NUMBERS Bounce Engage Outcome @OptimiseOrDie
  23. 23. #7 : GET WITH THE NUMBERS Search or Category Product Page Add to basket View basket Checkout Bounce Complete Ecommerce @OptimiseOrDie
  24. 24. #7 : GET WITH THE NUMBERS Exit Page 1 Page 3 Page 2 Page 4 Wishlist Contact Page 5 Email Like Deeper Layer @OptimiseOrDie Micro Conversions
  25. 25. #7 : GET WITH THE NUMBERS Old Skool Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Change colours Checked size Neuro Marketers Picture gallery @OptimiseOrDie Read tabbed content Out of Email stock Added to wishlist
  26. 26. #8 : HIRE OR TRAIN GREAT COPYWRITERS “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Ogilvy “In 9 years and 40M split tests with visitors, the majority of gains came from playing with the words.” @OptimiseOrDie
  27. 27. #8 : HIRE OR TRAIN GREAT COPYWRITERS Why? • Because every word, every piece of copy, each error message, all the emails, the forms, the web pages – are your BRAND and EXPERIENCE • The words set the emotional landscape and lens through which your entire product is viewed • If you aren‟t writing for simplicity, comprehension and persuasion, you‟re missing the biggest trick in all this work • Get some training from • Hire DM copywriters or people with Solid web experience • Stop people filling in (Developers & Error Messages) • We know lots of new things about the brain but the techniques in persuasive writing have been around for decades
  28. 28. #8 : HIRE OR TRAIN GREAT COPYWRITERS "The best ads ask no one to buy, but they are based on the knowledge of human nature."
  29. 29. #9 : WORK THE ASS END TOO • Churn and Cancellation • Have an „A Team‟ for Service Recovery • Example – Cancellation – – – – – • • • • Offer payment holiday Ask for Churn reason Send to „Save Team‟ Tune and improve 15% reduction in Churn Seek out unhappy people Talk to escalation or recovery teams Interview the customers Learn from the negative side
  30. 30. #10 : NOW YOU CAN BEGIN Insight - Inputs Opinion Cherished notions Marketing whims Cosmic rays Not ‘on brand’ enough Ego IT inflexibility Panic Internal company needs #FAIL Competitor change An article the CEO read Some dumbass consultant Competitor copying Dice rolling Guessing Knee jerk reactons Shiny feature blindness @OptimiseOrDie
  31. 31. #10 : NOW YOU CAN BEGIN Insight - Inputs Usability testing Forms analytics Search analytics Voice of Customer Market research Eye tracking Customer contact A/B and MVT testing Big & unstructured data Insight Social analytics Session Replay Web analytics Segmentation Sales and Call Centre Surveys Customer services Competitor evals @OptimiseOrDie
  32. 32. #10 : NOW YOU CAN BEGIN • • • • Insight - Inputs Check your inputs Assemble the widest possible team Share your data and research Create a UX levers (Emotional Copywriting) guide @OptimiseOrDie
  33. 33. #10 : UX LEVERS EXAMPLE Insight - Inputs Customers do not know what to do and need support and advice • Emphasize the fact that you understand that their situation is stressful • Emphasize your expertise and leadership in vehicle glazing and will help them get the best solution for their situation • Explain what they will need to do online and during the call-back so that they know what the next steps will be • Explain that they will be able ask any other questions they might have during the call-back Customers do not feel confident in assessing the damage • Emphasize the fact that you will help them assess the damage correctly online Customers need to understand the benefits of booking online • Emphasize that the online booking system is quick, easy and provides all the information they need in regards with their appointment and general cost information Customers mistrust insurers and find dealing with their insurance situation very frustrating • Where possible communicate the fact that the job is most likely to be free for insured customers, or good value for money for cash customers • Show that you understand the hassle of dealing with insurance companies – emphasise that you will help with their insurance paperwork for them, freeing them of this burden Some customers cannot be bothered to take action to fix their car glass • Emphasize the consequences of not doing anything, e.g. ‘It’s going to cost you more if the chip develops into a crack’ @OptimiseOrDie
  34. 34. #10 : THE DARK SIDE Insight - Inputs “Keep your Family safe and get back on the road fast with Autoglass.” @OptimiseOrDie
  35. 35. #10 : NOW YOU CAN BEGIN Insight - Inputs • You should have inputs, research, data, guidelines • Sit down with the team and prompt with 12 questions: – – – – – – – – – – – Who is this page (or process) for? What problem does this solve for the user? How do we know they need it? What is the primary action we want people to take? What might prompt the user to take this action? How will we know if this is doing what we want it to do? How do people get to this page? How long are people here on this page? What can we remove from this page? How can we test this solution with people? How are we solving the users needs in different and better ways than other places on our site? – If this is a homepage, ask these too ( @OptimiseOrDie
  36. 36. #10 : NOW YOU CAN BEGIN Insight - Inputs • Check your UX or Copywriting guidelines. • Use Get Mental Notes • What levers can we apply now? • Create a hypothesis: “WE BELIEVE THAT DOING [A] FOR PEOPLE [B] WILL MAKE OUTCOME [C] HAPPEN. WE'LL KNOW THIS WHEN WE SEE DATA [D] AND FEEDBACK [E]” @OptimiseOrDie
  37. 37. #10 : NOW YOU CAN BEGIN Insight - Inputs • Collaborative Sketching • Brainwriting • Refine and Test! @OptimiseOrDie
  38. 38. #10 : SUMMARY Insight - Inputs • • • • • • • • • Inputs – get the right stuff Research, Guidelines, Data Framing the problem Questions to get you going Use Card Prompts for Psychology Create a hypothesis Collaborative Sketching Brainwriting Refine and Check Hypothesis @OptimiseOrDie
  39. 39. #11 : EXAMPLE 1 - SCARCITY Scarcity principle... • If there is limited availability of something, we assume it is more valuable, and we want it even more.
  40. 40. #11 : EXAMPLE 2 – SPAM MESSAGING Scarcity principle...
  41. 41. #11 : EXAMPLE 2 – SPAM MESSAGING Scarcity principle...
  42. 42. #11 : EXAMPLE 3 – PHOTOGRAPHY @OptimiseOrDie
  43. 43. #11 : EXAMPLE 3 – PHOTOGRAPHY Terrible Stock Photos : & Laughing at Salads : BBC Fake Smile Test : @OptimiseOrDie
  44. 44. #11 : EXAMPLE 3 – PHOTOGRAPHY SPAIN +22% over control 99% confidence @OptimiseOrDie
  45. 45. #11 : EXAMPLE 4 – PROMO CODE ANGST @OptimiseOrDie
  46. 46. #11 : EXAMPLE 4 – PROMO CODE ANGST Got a promo code? Got a promo code or voucher? @OptimiseOrDie
  47. 47. SUMMARY Insight - Inputs • • • • • • Great new stuff about the brain It‟s all about the inputs & execution Don‟t randomly test – game the system Drive split tests using Psychology If you read all this stuff, you‟ll do well Last 12m : 25%-800% increase in revenue @OptimiseOrDie
  48. 48. WRAPUP 49
  49. 49. Download Slides : & Questions Email : Follow : @OptimiseOrDie : 50