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Natural born conversion killers - Conversion Jam


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My jam packed slides from the jam packed day at #cjam2.

Hope you enjoy downloading, using and giving me feedback on these. Happy converting!

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Natural born conversion killers - Conversion Jam

  1. 1. Natural BornConversionKillers
  2. 2. Naked promotional slide Tweet me @OptimiseOrDie• Conversion Rate Optimisation • Contact deflection and online• A/B and Multi-variate testing self service• Telephony analytics & tracking • Site search analytics• User centered Design • Site, Page and Campaign optimisation• Usability testing • Test design and execution• Customer Research & Insight • A long usable site portfolio• Web Analytics • ROI on UX improvements• Performance, browser and email optimisation • “Usability with Numbers” Title : Group eBusiness Manager, Belron Real job : Chief Evil Scientist, Persuasive Arts Join Me : The League of Optimisers
  3. 3. "If you go to the mens washrooms atthe Schiphol airport inAmsterdam, you may notice theres afly in the urinals. It’s screen printed .So what do you think most men do?Thats right, they aim at the fly whenthey urinate.They dont even think about it, andthey dont need to read a usersmanual; its just an instinctivereaction that means 80% lessspillage!*The interesting feature of theseurinals is that theyre deliberatelydesigned to take advantage of thisinherent human male tendency.“This is my job.
  4. 4. #1 – Not enough immersion
  5. 5.
  6. 6. You call the web phone and hear:“Please visit our website at”If you find this annoying, pleaseraise your hand!
  7. 7. #2 – Your ontext is the usability test! office Location  Goals
  8. 8. Guerrilla Usability TestingGoals ontext  Location For Mac:Silverback (600Kr) www.silverbackapp.comFor PC:Mediacam (325Kr) www.netu2.comCamtasia (2500Kr) www.techsmith.comMobiles:Read this (50Kr) to approach people
  9. 9. Agile, Iterative, Multi Platform design Washup Mobile Web 1 1 Insight UX Washup Design  Agile Washup App 1  Lean UX  Kanban
  10. 10. Building new productsFrom prototype to final product 9 Jan 2012
  11. 11. Get OUT of the office!• This is a key technique for Conversion Optimisation• No excuses either – go and find people, anywhere (F&F, Retail, Local café)• If you do this properly, you learn where all the connective tissue needs to be – the bits that glue the experience together from a customer perspective• Hits the sweet spot of goals, optimal technology delivery and revenue growth• Faster time to market, lower development costs• Designed for users, not by them• Focuses entire team on what customers need and where the money is• Actionable insights which identify pivots or disruptive opportunities• Removes costly re-release cycles on multiple platforms• Increases revenue, customer satisfaction, growth• Removes EGO, OPINION, WHIM and FLUFF -> 100%• It costs nothing but listening time
  12. 12. Nice day at the office dear?#3 – We’re robotic and emotionless
  13. 13. #4 – You don’t value the craft of copywritingComprehension  Clarity  Simplicity  Persuasion  Scanning
  14. 14. If you read these books, you‟ll get much smarter at this work! (+follow @thebrainlady & @optimiseordie)
  15. 15. Social validation… A -33%B CPA B = -33% CPA!
  16. 16. Our top sources!• Analytics data – investment and instrumentation• Customer insight – contact, customer feedback, research• Usability testing (lab)• Guerrilla usability testing• Diary studies• Onsite feedback (4Q, Kissinsights, Kampyle)• Customer contact centre immersion (listening)• Business owners – market data & local knowledge• Surveys and Customer Satisfaction measurement• Books, Websites, Tips, Conferences• Session recording data
  17. 17. Session recording• Vital for optimizers & fills in a ‘missing link’ for insight• Rich source of data• Segment by attribute/source/behavior• Can be used to optimise in real time!Session replay (client side)• Clicktale• Mouseflow• Ghostrec• Userfly www.userfly.comSession replay (server side)• Tealeaf• UserReplay
  18. 18. Remote & Crowdsourced toolsSom, feedbackRemote or crowdsourced feedbackWhat Users Do www.whatusersdo.comUserzoom www.userzoom.comUsabilla www.usabilla.comUsertesting www.usertesting.comLoop11 www.loop11.comEthnio www.ethnio.comFeedback army www.feedbackarmy.comMechanical turk www.mechanicalturk.comOpen Hallway www.openhallway.comWebnographer www.webnographer.comEasy Usability www.easyusability.comUser feel www.userfeel.comUserlytics www.userlytics.comKupima www.kupima.comPrototype and wireframe testing/feedback:Pidoco www.pidoco.comFive second test www.fivesecondtest.comConceptshate
  19. 19. #6 – Your Forms are made by evil data hungry IT TROLLS! Luke Wroblewski : Caroline Jarrett : The best way to get 10, 20, 30% more conversion from forms
  20. 20. #1 – Phone Number Example+44(0)2088589999 88589999 8858 9999 8858-9999 02088589999 0208858 9999 0208858-9999 020 8858 9999 (020) 8858 9999 0208 858 9999 (0)208 858 9999 0208-858-9999 (020)8 858 9999 (02)08 8589999 (02)088589999+4402088589999 +44(0208)858 9999 +44(0)208 858 9999 So which one is correct? Strip non numerics!
  21. 21. #2 - Postcode Example CRO 1XA CR0 1XA SE!£ ^DH CR0 lXA CR0 1XA SE% $RL CRO1XA CR01XA CT^&EF CR0lXA CR01XA EC!A 1DF CRO 1XA CR0 1XA SE£ (SH CR0 lXA CR0 1XA SE3 9SH.Strip spaces. Fix transposed characters (0/1/L/O). Transformshifted characters. Trim if front part matches post office codes.Clean the data, fix it invisibly and generate NO error message.Auto fix = 2.5% increase in conversion for one field.
  22. 22. Bodø
  23. 23. #7 – Using your product is like watching slugs fight! • Google Site Speed • •
  24. 24. Every second counts! Slides :
  25. 25. Repeat visitors huge impact!
  26. 26. Mobile Performance ExamplesSite Size Round trip 1200K 683K 23Newspaper 195k 35Supermarket 125k 14Auto Sales 151k 25k 10 Would you wait 10 or 15 seconds? Ideally you should be at 2 or less! Google site speed tags
  27. 27. Performance Tips• Performance optimisation MAKES MONEY• Read anything by Joshua Bixby, Amy Africa ( )• Monitor performance from the handset, not your office wifi connection• Google Site Speed tags are FREE and real world• International? - Use a CDN (e.g. Akamai)• Keep down the round trip requests (delay) and sizes (download)• Don’t do page level redirects for mobile.• Use smart linking whenever possible• Make sure your apps are offline aware (i.e. no data connection)• Design frippery can impact on your bottom line!
  28. 28. #8 – You don’t do (enough) Split Testing
  30. 30. Low entry cost – FREE!• Google Content Experiments• Optimizely• Visual Website Optimizer Next step up : Autonomy Optimost or Webtrends Optimize
  31. 31. What do we get? Homepage examples +8.31% +12.4% +10.78% +13.92% +8.53% +8.19%
  32. 32. What’s our testing mix?• A/B testing – Homepage, Landing pages, Funnels• MVT testing – high traffic landing or home pages – Mini (less than 8 variables) – Midi (8-32) – Maxi (>32 variables)And 6 types of specialised testing:• Funnel testing – bedding in new funnels• Landing page optimisation• Cross channel testing• Iterative feature and product testing• Micro testing• Telephony MVT
  33. 33. Typical test lifecycle Other test Gather and results – good Brainstorm & Instrument review inputs variables & Hypotheses learnings Signoff Design variables Instrument Test Plan (Legal, Marketin & creative analytics Document g, Brand) elements Next WaveWave design Results of wave Washup (repeat) Business led Do verificationRepeat from reporting (with = wave + 90/10% Declare winner start £x, without = £y) split
  34. 34. Sweden – 5.95% lift
  35. 35. Norway – 18.78% lift
  36. 36. Another example
  37. 37. Key learnings – on page elements• Less is more – simplicity, comprehension, clarity in design• Copy is king – not content, but key persuasive copy• Large, prominent, visible, button like CTA• CTA above fold, especially on landing page• Do not split attention on CTA (Save, Cancel, Print, Back, Help)• Use goal oriented keywords (Fix my glass!)• Where is the core value proposition?• Maintain a scent – PPC advert, Landing page, Funnel, Reflect the user• CTA wording, headlines, copy, framing = 50%+ of uplift• Think about emotional states and make use of them• Use badging, testimonials, social proofing and trust symbols• We run a betting pool – even the best people get only 60-70% right• Guidelines are good but every page and site will vary
  38. 38. Key learnings – test approach• Stop testing rubbish subtleties (e.g. Button colour)• Cultural factors are minimal• Market, Consumers and Traffic are much larger drivers• Faster cycles of smaller tests = better (fail faster)• Not how many you start a month – it’s how many you finish!• A wide scope and mixture of tests -> the recipe – is the key!• Micro testing (small changes) x 10 = better than 1 big test• You need directional research inputs as well as wild guesses• Don’t test yourself into a corner – keep challenging design• Use A/B to test radical approaches/disruptive change• Don’t forget the words – they make a huge difference
  39. 39. Netherlands 8.19% lift
  40. 40. Belgium - Flemish 13.85% lift
  41. 41. A B Get StartedControl +34.9% Fix My Glass Click Here+21.9% +17.4% C D
  42. 42. Summary – Testing approach• Don’t overcook tests with too many variables• Don’t test things very similar (blue vs. green button?)• Don’t be timid – fail faster, be bolder• International tests show little cultural differences• Market conditions & traffic mix are more important• Biggest drivers on page =• Copy, CTA and CTA copy, Images, Badging, Nav/Layout• Biggest external factors =• Page and site performance, Browser compatibility
  43. 43. #9 Your images are an afterthought! FRANCE +8% over control 99% confidence
  44. 44. GERMANY+12% over control99% confidence
  45. 45. SPAIN+22% over control99% confidence
  46. 46. Make sure you use real, authentic, smiling, friendly, approachable people. Don’t use stock images for testing or on your site. Low Q video and images are also fine – they reinforce
  47. 47. Take the fake smile test :
  48. 48. Images that Suck! (see
  49. 49. Image Guidelines for Belron Photo Guidelines• Groups, vans, stores, corporate guff = • Female images work best in almost NO every country – they slay the guys• Single person – not groups or even person + customer • Natural, authentic and not „model‟ or• Open, Friendly, Natural, Smiling, Engag „stock‟ image types work best for ed = YES people• Uniform – has huge effect, even • Smile MUST involve the cheeks and wearing branded ball cap improves eyes must crinkle! Take the smile test conversion here to see how good you are• Look straight at viewer or slightly towards CTA button – don‟t ignore the • Photo shoots and tests can be used to visitor! drive advertising strategy• Plain backgrounds only • Pre Test your TV advertising before• No folded arms, arms on you shoot the video! hips, pointing, hands behind back, hanging useless by the • We get better images now, but we side, clasped by groin, fiddling with keep working on the guidelines! hands • We still got a genital framing• Arms with prop instead – hold a clipboard, rag, tool – I‟m working for picture the other week *you*
  50. 50. “I have some friends in Sweden”@beantin @axbom @brianclifton @conversionista
  51. 51. “I havesomefriendsin Sweden”
  52. 52. “We alwayshad a planfor pullingout”
  53. 53. “We alwayshad a planfor pullingout”
  54. 54. Unichannel Multi-channel Cross-channel Omni-channel #10 – You’re not investing in the Omni-channel future
  55. 55. Slides : Thanks to Thomas Husson of Forrester
  56. 56. Cross Channel Contact TipsTest or provide the contact options customers want:• Low cost calls (vital)• Ringback / Callback• Email• Chat• Video chat or Facetime• Ability to text youVital to explain the contact cost landscape (mobiles):• Customers don’t like ‘funny’ numbers and avoid them• You need to explain clearly what the costs are:“Calls costs may vary depending on your network provider, package and any limits you may have on your currentoperating tariff. If charged, youll be billed the same amount as the equivalent of a local calling rate”– “Free if you have monthly minutes”
  57. 57. Contact TrackingStep 1 : Add a unique phone number on ALL channels (you can also change numbers for traffic source)Step 2 : For phones, add “Tap to Call” or “Click to Call”!• Incredibly useful keyword level call tracking• Very reliable data, easy & cheap to do• What did they do before calling?• Which page did they call you from?• What PPC or SEO keyword did they type into Google?• What are you over or underbidding for?• Which online marketing really sucks?
  58. 58. 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 0.0 5.0 safe lit windshield chip repair safelite windshield autoglass auto window replacement safelight auto auto glass repair windshield replacement costs safelite auto glass safe auto glass safelite repair windshield autoglass replacement car glass safelite locations auto glass repair quotes Phone to Booking Ratio windshield repair mobile windshield replacement replace windshield car windshield repair new windshield costauto glass windshield replacement car window repair cost safe gl auto glass repair houston tx windshield crack
  59. 59. What about desktop?Step 1 : Add ‘Click to reveal’• Can be a link, button or a collapsed section• Add to your analytics software• This is a great budget option!Step 2 : Invest in call analytics• Unique visitor tracking for desktop• Gives you that detailed marketing data• Easy to implement• Integrates with your web analytics• Let me explain…
  60. 60. What about desktop? Onbound Call analytics: Split testing Priority routing Wait time VIP teams Call centre Abandon A 222 1234 Call length music On hold 0800 222 1234 0800 Operator outcome Menu Sales value 0800 222 1245 Messages Ratings Call recording B 222 1263 0800 Offline promotions! 0800 222 1299 Profit line! C Web Analytics Telephony Cloud
  61. 61. So what does phone tracking get you?• You can do it for free on your online channels• If you’ve got any phone sales or contact operation, this will change the game for you• For the first time, analytics for PHONE for web to claim• Optimise your PPC spend• Track and Test stuff on phones, using web technology• The two best tests?• In the Nordics, try• Other countries, see the next slide
  62. 62. Company Website CoverageWho?Mongoose Metrics* UK, USA, Canada Ifbyphone* USA TheCallR* USA, Canada, UK, IT, FR, BE, ES, NL Call tracking metrics USA Hosted Numbers USA Callcap USA UK, SE, FI, NO, DK, LT, PL, IE, CZ, Freespee* SI, AT, NL, DE Adinsight* UK Infinity tracking* UK Optilead* UK Switchboard free UK Freshegg UK Avanser AUS Jet Interactive* AUS * I read up on these or talked to them. These are my picks .
  63. 63. #11 - You don’t do the right testing
  64. 64. Browser Compatibility• My challenge to you! “Anyone who slaps a „this page is best viewed with• What browsers have problems? Browser X‟ label on a Web page appears to be yearning• Who doorsteps you? for the bad old days, before• The ‘Mac Users’ problem the Web, when you had very little chance of reading a• Measure entry point stats only document written on another computer, another word• Create a browser matrix processor, or another network.”• Use a testing service, not simulators Tim Berners-Lee• Try the ‘Checkout browser’ test• Test mobile devices too
  65. 65. : 35.5%A : 30.2% : 27.9% : 26.6% : 22.2% : 22.3% : 21.8% : 19.8%ORLD = 21.6% for July 2012 and is forhones, feature phones andplayers only (does not tablets.
  66. 66. Testing tools• Browser testing• Email testing• Mobile devices• Performance testing
  67. 67. #12 You are evil• Optimisation can be used for evil!• Either by accident (just stupid)• Or by design, to trick people** I trick influence people too but I call it optimisation (displacement technique)
  68. 68. You evil gits
  69. 69. Sneaky fold
  70. 70. Sneaky basket
  71. 71. Hidden opt-out
  72. 72. HoneypotRead Black Hat PoliticsOnline Dirty Tricks
  73. 73. Evil genius award?
  74. 74. #13 – You give up easily!
  75. 75. Don’t give up!• Start with the customer at the heart of everything• It’s liberating!• Use low budget solutions, cheap or free tools to get business cases made or gain insight• Money talks so even micro testing will illustrate ROI• Invest in people who care about customers, as well as conversion• Invest in analytics talent and instrumentation• If you can make a 10% shift in online revenue, just from smart thinking, then what would a team of 5 get you?• If you’re finding it hard to hire people, mail me for advice.
  76. 76. Show me the money!• Analytics, Customer Insights and Testing provided the answers• We grew our conversion rate by 15% across the world in 2011• We project to grow by more than 25% in 2012• Our last 3 funnel redesigns got 37%, 23% and 12.5% lifts• Just one funnel will drive an additional 30-40M USD revenue p.a.• Our ROI on Conversion Optimisation is >300 times the cost• Mobile conversion rates as high as 15-20% (includes phone)• In some markets, mobile is >25% of online revenue• In 2012, our mobile web app will take an est. 125M Euros• We support a 500M euro channel with a team of 6 people• Our work is nothing special – we just love making things better!
  77. 77. Email : Twitter : @OptimiseOrDie LinkedIn : “Craig Sullivan Belron”Slideshare : Today : Meet the experts!
  78. 78. CRO and Testing resources• 101 Landing page tips :• 544 Optimisation tips :• 108 Optimisation tips :• 32 CRO tips :• 57 CRO books :• CRO article list :• Smashing Mag article :