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Measure camp tools of the cro rabble


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The tools used by the CRO masters round the world to optimise analytics, UX, VOC,insight and testing - all to optimise your insight or conversion figures.

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Measure camp tools of the cro rabble

  1. 1. #MeasurecampMeet @OptimiseOrDieReason for being : I Optimise StuffPast : John Lewis, Lovefilm, Belron, PwCNow : Director of Optimisation, Rush Email : Twitter : @OptimiseOrDie : Slideshare :
  2. 2. The Optimisers Toolkit#1 Session Replay#2 Browser & Email testing#3 VOC & Feedback tools#4 Guerrilla Usability#5 Productivity tools#6 Split testing#7 Performance#8 Crowdsourcing#9 Analytics Love
  3. 3. #1 : Session Replay• 3 kinds of tool : Client side• Normally Javascript based• Pros : Rich mouse and click data, errors, forms analytics, UI interactions.• Cons : Dynamic content issue, Performance hit Server side• Black Box -> Proxy, Sniffer, Port copying device• Pros : Gets all dynamic content, fast, legally tight• Cons : No client side interactions, Ajax, HTML5 etc. Hybrid• Clientside and Sniffing with central data store
  4. 4. #1 : Session Replay• Vital for optimisers & fills in a ‘missing link’ for insight• Rich source of data on visitor experiences• Segment by browser, visitor type, behaviour, errors• Forms Analytics (when instrumented) are awesome• Can be used to optimise in real time!Session replay tools• Clicktale (Client)• Mouseflow (Client)• Ghostrec (Client)• Tealeaf (Hybrid)• Usabilla (Client)• UserReplay (Server) www.userreplay.comAny others?
  5. 5. #2 : Feedback / VOC tools• Anything that allows immediate realtime onpage feedback• Comments on elements, pages and overall site & service• Can be used for behavioural triggered feedback• Tip! : Take the Call Centre for beers• Kampyle• Qualaroo• 4Q• Usabilla Any more?
  6. 6. #3 – Testing toolsEmail testing www.lyris.comBrowser testing www.saucelabs.comMobile devices
  7. 7. Google Analytics Tip!• Create new Advanced Segment : ‘Desktop Only’• Make it exclude the rest like this• All traffic report (and others)• Apply 3 segments : Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Only• Now change dimension to browser• Set to a Goal or E-Commerce view• Now try secondary dimension of version• You can do the maths!• Work out a ‘What if?’ like ‘What if IE8 converted the same as IE9?’ – put a money value against the effort!
  8. 8. #2a : Survey ToolsI’ve used• Surveymonkey (1/5)• Zoomerang (3/5)• SurveyGizmo (5/5)• Read anything by and follow @cjforms• Any others?
  9. 9. #4 : Guerrilla Usability Testing• All you need is a device, time and people!• Use one of these tools for session recording:Mediacam AV (cheap) www.techsmith.comSilverback (Mac) www.silverbackapp.comScreenflow (Mac) www.telestream.netUX Recorder (iOS)
  10. 10. #5 : Productivity tools – Stuff that glues my world together and saves my ass
  11. 11. #5 24 Jan 2012
  12. 12. #5 Pivotal Tracker 24 Jan 2012
  13. 13. #5 Google Docs• Seriously wasting your time doing manual Excel?• Fed up doing stuff that takes hours?• Use the Google API to roll your own reports straight into Big G• Lots of good articles but ask for advice from: @danbarker @timlb and others here today!• Google Analytics + API + Google docs integration = A BETTER LIFE!• Hack your way to having more productive weeks• Learn how to do this and to have fun with GA custom reports• Ask me about the importance of training 24 Jan 2012
  14. 14. #5 Conceptshare 24 Jan 2012
  15. 15. #5 Basecamp 24 Jan 2012
  16. 16. #6 – Split testing tools – Cheap!• Google Content Experiments• Multi Armed Bandit Explanation• Optimizely• Visual Website Optimizer
  17. 17. #7 – Testing toolsEmail testing www.lyris.comBrowser testing (& Mobile) www.saucelabs.comMobile devices
  18. 18. #8 Performance • Google Site Speed • •
  19. 19. Remote tests : iPhoneSite Size Requests 1200k 63 684k 14 High St Retailer 307k 43 Department Store 100k 18 Newspaper 195k 35 Supermarket 125k 14 Auto Sales 151k 47 Autoglass 25k 10
  20. 20. Show your boss this split test: Slides :
  21. 21. Show the e-com director this one:
  22. 22. #5 – UX and Crowd tools Som, feedbackRemote UX tools (P=Panel, S=Site recruited, B=Both)Usertesting (B) www.usertesting.comUserlytics (B) www.userlytics.comUserzoom (S) www.userzoom.comIntuition HQ (S) www.intuitionhq.comMechanical turk (S) www.mechanicalturk.comLoop11 (S) www.loop11.comOpen Hallway (S) www.openhallway.comWhat Users Do (P) www.whatusersdo.comFeedback army (P) www.feedbackarmy.comUser feel (P) www.userfeel.comEthnio (For Recruiting) www.ethnio.comFeedback on Prototypes / MockupsPidoco www.pidoco.comVerify from Zurb www.verifyapp.comFive second test www.fivesecondtest.comConceptshare www.conceptshare.comUsabilla
  23. 23. #9 : Web Analytics Love• Properly instrumented analytics• Investment of 5-10% of developer time• Add more than you need• Events confetti• Segmentation• Call tracking tip:
  24. 24. #9 : Tap 2 Call trackingStep 1 : Add a unique phone number on ALL channels (or insert your own dynamic number)Step 2 : For phones, add “Tap to Call” or “Click to Call”• Add event trigger for any phone interaction• Incredibly useful keyword level call data• Very reliable data, easy & cheap to do• What did they do before calling?• Which page did they call you from?• What PPC or SEO keyword did they use?• What are you over or underbidding for?• Will help you shave 10, 20%+ off PPC• Which online marketing really sucks?
  25. 25. #9 : Web Analytics Love• UX of web analytics tools and reports• People, Process, Human problems• Make the UI force decisions!• Playability and exploration• Skunkworks project time (5-10%)• Give it love, time, money and iteration• Spend to automate, get more time