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Using the Parish Web Site to Power Adult Faith Formation


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Slides from a presentation on strengthening parish web sites and other online platforms as an “engine” for adult faith formation.

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
  • Thank you so much, Mr. Sullivan, for sharing valuable information for maximizing use of our parish website for adult faith formation and evangelization. I have had to learn about parish website administration from scratch, and it has not been easy. My background in corporate public relations and journalism has helped, but learning the ways of the computer combined with cyberspace manipulation for me has been daunting. Thank you, and I hope to see other such webinars on the fundamentals of managing the parish website. Additionally, any information on protocols and professional boundaries governing interactton with the primary web administrator (who designed the website) would be welcomed.--Hortense
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Using the Parish Web Site to Power Adult Faith Formation

  1. 1. USING THE PARISH WEBSITE TO POWER ADULTFAITH FORMATION Jonathan F. Sullivan April 10, 2013 Follow on Twitter: #WebAFF
  2. 2. OPENING PRAYER from the Mass for the New Evangelization, © 2012, Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
  3. 3. JONATHAN F. SULLIVAN Director of Catechetical Services, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois NCCL Technology Committee Blogger ( Married, father of 5 (and one on the way!)
  4. 4. THANK YOU TO…Adult FaithFormationCommitteeof theNational Conference forCatechetical Leadership(
  5. 5. GOALTo help parishcatechetical leaders touse their parish‟s website to support their adultfaith formation efforts.
  6. 6. OUTLINE1. Evaluating your Web Site2. Strategies for AFF and your Web Site  Creating  Curating  Communicating3. “Live” Examples4. Q&A
  8. 8. EVALUATING YOUR PARISH WEB SITE Photo Credit: Daniel*1977 on Flickr
  9. 9. What does a “user-friendly” site look EVALUATING YOUR PARISH WEB SITE like?  Clear Communication  Important items easy to find  No jargon  Up-to-Date Information  Beautiful Design Quick Poll: How would you rate your parish web site?
  10. 10. SPECIFIC STRATEGIES Photo Credit: bahketni on Flickr
  11. 11. SPECIFIC STRATEGIES Creating Resources  Easier than ever!  General Guidelines  Respect copyrights  Don‟t reinvent the wheel  Find help!  Record a Talk or Homily  Start a blog
  12. 12. SPECIFIC STRATEGIES Curating Resources  Evaluating online resources  “Is it official?”  “Do they have a track record?”  “Is it faithful to the fullness of the Church‟s teaching?”  “Does it pass the „smell test‟?”  Keep it Limited  Keep it Fresh
  13. 13. SPECIFIC STRATEGIES Communicating Resources  Website as a “hub” of internet presences  Utilize Social Media  Play a Video After Mass  Ask Followers to Share #WebAFF
  14. 14. EXAMPLES WARNING! Live internet in progress!
  15. 15. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Use the Question Box in the GoToMeeting control panel to type in your questions. (Control box closed? Click the orange arrow button to open it back up.)
  16. 16. THANK YOU FOR JOINING US TODAY! VisitWWW.JONATHANFSULLIVAN.COM for additional links and resources!