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Where do ideas come from


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Where Do Ideas Come From by Seth Godin

Published in: Business

Where do ideas come from

  1. 1. Where doideascome from
  2. 2. Ideas dont come fromwatching television
  3. 3. Ideas sometimes come from listening to a lecture
  4. 4. Good ideas come from bad ideas but only if there are enough them of
  5. 5. ideas Hateconference rooms where…
  6. 6. there is…. Criticism,
  7. 7. Personal attacks,
  8. 8. &Boredom..
  9. 9. Ideas occur whendissimilar universes collide
  10. 10. Ideas fear experts,
  11. 11. But they Adore beginner minds.
  12. 12. Ideas Come inSpurts, until you get Frightened
  13. 13. Ideas Come fromTroubles
  14. 14. Ideas Come from EGO they do their best whentheyre generous and selfless
  15. 15. Ideas Come fromNature
  16. 16. IdeasCome from
  17. 17. But Often they Come fromConfidence
  18. 18. Though sometimes ideas sneak in when were asleepand too numb to be afraid
  19. 19. Mediocre ideas enjoy copying workingwhat happens to be right this minute
  20. 20. Bigger ideas leapfrog the mediocre ones
  21. 21. Ideas dont need a passport, and often cross borders with impunity
  22. 22. An idea must come from somewhere, becauseif it merely stays where it is and doesnt join us here, its hidden.And hidden ideas dont ship, have no influence, no intersection with the market. They die, alone.
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