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Chinese link Textbook Lesson 3 dialogue

Chinese link textbook

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Chinese link Textbook Lesson 3 dialogue

  1. 1. Chinese Link Lesson 3 Nationalities and Languages Language in Use Joanne Chen IVC Chinese instructor 2014
  2. 2. Chinese Link Lesson 3 Language in Use Audio
  3. 3. Language In Use Textbook page 36 Xiǎoměi, nǐhǎo ma?  (Xiaomei, how are you?) Wǒ hěn hǎo.  (I am fine.) Duìle, Wén zhōng,  (By the way, Wenzhong,) nǐ shì nǎ guó rén?  (What is your nationality?)
  4. 4. Language In Use Textbook page 36 wǒ shì fǎguórén,nǐ ne?  (I am French, how about you?) nǐ shì měi guó rén ma?  (Are you American?) Búshì, wǒ búshì měiguó rén.  (No, I am not an American.) Wǒ shì yīngguó rén.  I am British.
  5. 5. Language in Use Textbook page 36 • Lǎoshī ne? • (How about the teacher?) • Tā shì zhōng guó rén. • (He is Chinese.) • Tā shuō zhōngwén. • (He speaks Chinese.)
  6. 6. Language in Use • Nǐ huì shuō zhōngwén ma? • (Can you speak Chinese?) • Wǒ huì shuō yìdiǎr zhōngwén, • (I can speak a little Chinese.) • wǒ yě huì shuō fǎwén hé yīngwén. • (I can also speak French and English.)
  7. 7. 课文 part 1 第三十六页 A. 小美,你好吗? B. 我很好。 对了,文中, 你是哪国 人? A. 我是法国人。你呢?你是美国人吗 ? B. 不是,我不是美国人, 我是英国 人。
  8. 8. 课文 part 2 第三十六页 A. 老师呢? B. 他是中国人。他说中文。 A. 你会说中文吗? B. 我会说一点儿中文, 我也会说法文和英文。

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Chinese link textbook


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