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Chinese link textbook Lesson 2 dialogue

Chinese link lesson 2

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Chinese link textbook Lesson 2 dialogue

  1. 1. Chinese Link Lesson 2 Language in Use Nín guì xìng? 您贵姓? Joanne Chen IVC Chinese instructor 2014
  2. 2. Language in Use Textbook page 20 A: Nǐhǎo! qǐng wèn nín guì xìng? (How are you, what is your last name?) B:wǒ xìng Lǐ. (My last name is Li.) wǒ de Yīngwén míngzi shì John Lee, (My English name is John Lee,) Zhōngwén míngzi shì Lǐ Wénzhōng. (Chinese name is Li Webzhong.)
  3. 3. Language in Use Textbook page 20 B: nǐ ne? (How about you?) qǐng wèn, nǐ jiào shénme míngzi? (May I ask what is your name?) A: Wǒ jiào Mary. (My name is Mary.) Wǒ de Yīngwén míngzi shì Mary Wood. (My English name is Mary Wood.) Zhōngwén míngzi shì Wú xiǎoměi. (Chinese name is Wu Xiaomei.)
  4. 4. • B: Tā Ne? Tā shì shéi? • (How about she? Who is she?) • A: Tā shì wǒ de tóngxué Yú Yīng. • (She is my classmate Yu Ying.)
  5. 5. Language in use in Characters A. 你好!请问,您贵姓? B. 我姓李,我的英文名字是John Lee, 中文名字是李文中。你呢? 请问, 你叫什么名字? A. 我叫Mary. 我的英文名字是Mary Wood. 中文名字是吴小美。 B. 她呢?她是谁? A. 她是我的同学于英。