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ALCIS - Campaign Idea


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One campaign idea for the brand named ALCIS.
A performance/sports wear brand across India.

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ALCIS - Campaign Idea

  1. 1. ALCIS Brand Campaign
  2. 2. Brand Campaign – Route 2 One for All
  3. 3. Concept Note “One for All” connotes to the brand positioning – “Power, Performance and Perfection.” We say, “Performance Wear”. Performance? Which performance? What performance? In which field? When? By whom? And there’s just one single answer to all these questions! ALL. 1 brand. For a powerful and perfect performance in ALL fields of expertise/profession. Be it an Athlete or Yoga Trainer, a Soccer Player or a Dancer – ALL of them are performers! Performance matters to ALL! It is not just a “WANT” for these performers to feel the power and the perfection from within but, “NEED”. And ALCIS is here to MEET that NEED. With Technologies like:  Anti-Statix  Drytech+  Soil Release  Light X  AirventX  Soft Touch  Stretch X
  4. 4. Presentation of Concept The different types of technologies can be highlighted through the various performers. For example:- - The technology Soil Release would go so well with the professional cricket or soccer player, or any outdoor game for that matter! - Tennis is a game of power! The lighter one’s outfit the better. That’s where Light X comes in. - A Yoga Instructor would need a lot of stretching for a perfect flex. Meet that need with Stretch X. - A Dancer’s performance is judged by the amount of sweating. ALCIS makes that possible by not letting the feel of sweat come in the way, with the Drytech+ and AirventeX. 1 Brand – serves ALL. Across professions. Across genders. Across platforms. A powerful and perfect performance, is what ALCIS promises.
  5. 5. Yoga Trainer 5 One morning. One mat. One pose. One mind. One for ALL!
  6. 6. Runner One track. One start. One whistle. One finish. One for ALL! 11/15/2018 ADD A FOOTER
  7. 7. Aerial Dance Professional 7 One stage. One cue. One audience. One chance. One for ALL!
  8. 8. Professional Gymnast 11/15/2018 ADD A FOOTER One bar. One mount. One dive. One flip. One for ALL!
  9. 9. Professional Basket Ball Player 9 One aim. One stance. One jump. One dunk. One for ALL!
  10. 10. Digital Video Idea The Hip Hop dancers include a lot of tricks with their T-shirts & Caps in their performances. In the video we show one Hip Hop dancer in separate frames but the video will be edited such that it will look like a continuation. In the first frame, one Hip Hop dancer is performing wearing an Alcis T-shirt and he does a trick with the T-shirt. He takes it off in a dance move and throws it out of the frame. The frame slides out such that another Hip Hop dancer catches the T-shirt (a different one from Alcis) and wears it on in a swift dance move. The frames keep changing like this. 4-5 different dancers with 4-5 different T-shirts… SUPER – One for ALL!
  11. 11. On-Ground Idea to lead Footfall at the Stores Venue: Mall/GYM Campaign: Challenge for ALL Idea: Have a kiosk at one of the Malls closest to the stores. Throw an open challenge to everyone at the Mall to “perform” a Push Ups challenge. - 5/10 participants at one go - 2/3 minutes - The one with the maximum push-ups win ALCIS gift voucher with a map that leads them straight to the nearest store. Digital Leg of this Campaign: Have the “performances” LIVE on Facebook & Instagram.
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  13. 13. Thank you!