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  1. 1.  Our male character is inspired By Akon. Akon is a diverse Hip Pop artist. He portrays both looks, gangster look and formal look, very well and has done very meaningful songs such as; Oh Africa. As Akon has done such meaningful songs it is necessary for him to keep is his origins and original look, however, also have a formal and decent look. Our character will have both a formal look and a gangster look as well. Therefore, our character will follow the conventions of Hip pop also.
  2. 2.  Our male character will be the male artist and its necessary for their to be a distinguish in clothing between both the roles Our male Artist is inspired by the main character in Step Up. He is good looking appealing and has a sense of masculinity within him. He stand out from the crowd in a good way. The male character will also follow the conventions of Hip Pop. However, he will wear casual clothing but different from everyone else. Our male Artist will be shown in chorus mainly and he will be wearing casual clothings in casual settings.
  3. 3.  The female character must be glamorous and different. I have looked at couple of stars and have analysed the film Honey when Jessica walks in to the club, her dress sense is different to other girls. She’s not wearing typical girly clothes. However, she is still attractive and based on what Jessica Alba wore, our main character will be an inspiration of her in the film Honey.
  4. 4.  Female Character- Glamorous but different. Ages between 20-25. Male (rapper artist)- Formal and follows conventions of Hip Pop. Our male artist must look between ages of 25-30. Therefore, its vital that our rapper has a light beard to show his masculinity. Male character- Smart, Handsome and different from everyone else in the club, possibly wearing a suit.
  6. 6.  Car Bar called Horizon in Hounslow- Bar tender Car, Outside Monique Burke’s Residence Phone
  7. 7. Our male artist will wear a black hooded jacket. The reason why we have chosen these kind of jackets is because it shows the masculinity of the artist and allows it to look big in size.Dark blue jeans This grey cardigan is The trainers are casual and casual and smart at the branded. The new era cap are same time. This shows conventional features of Hip Hop that my Artist can carry male artists. out both styles, formal and informal, easily.
  8. 8. Our male character will wear a light grey suit and a black tie. The lightgrey suit will stand out in the bar and the contrast between a light grey suit and a black tie makes the suit stand out better. The shoes we had chosen were dark black with laces, these kind of shoes are very expensive and are worn in formal places.
  9. 9. This dress is very classy and simple. It portrays the nature of the character in my music video. She is simple yet classy. The reason to why My female we have chosen a yellow colour is My female character will be because the song is called sunshine. character will bewearing black jeans Through lyrics analysis we figured wearing a black as it compliments out that the female character is the blazer to make herthe male character sunshine and therefore, we decided look formal and and allows the that by her wearing a yellow top it’ll stylish. dress/long top to allow the audience to emphasise stand out. with the artist and gain a better understanding of the message the artist is trying to convey.
  10. 10. This is the jewellery our Black heels to As a group we character will give a good decided that the wear. posture.female character will have curly big hair.
  11. 11.  Feminism- is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Based on this theory and the views of the actual artist of the song Sunshine, we felt that it is not fair that female characters are shown as ‘sex symbols’ in Hip Hop music videos. Therefore, we have decided to give the female character the upmost respect an honour by the male character, we will be conveying this by gestures shown by the male to the female. Also by the clothing our female character will be wearing.
  12. 12.  We will meet the requirements of our audience by, making sure that the Hip Hop conventional features of settings and locations are kept the same, for example we will using; graffiti area, bridge, basketball court, bar and expensive car. However, we are not including or promoting any crime, violence or gender discrimination in our music video. As we feel that the original artist of this song, Lupe Fiasco, was against vulgarity and anti-authority behaviour being shown in Hip Hop music videos.