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Moss Week 06


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Moss Week 06

  1. 1. Mosstermind Week 06 Fun ‘n Fundas
  2. 2. Venky kiVi Ban
  3. 3. The Rules 6 sets of 5 questions each Each set has four 1 pointers and a 3 pointer No Negatives Teams of max 4 people If you are more than 4, play as separate tables Answers will be provided on request. Please mail Venkatesh S
  4. 4. Set 1 ___________________ No Kidding! ---Children’s Literature---
  5. 5. 1 1,2 – Chris Columbus 3 – Alfonso Cuarón 4 – Mike Newell 5,6,7 – David Yates What’s this list about?
  6. 6. 2 A Bengali children’s magazine called Sandesh. Who first made his appearance in this magazine in 1965?
  7. 7. 3 Since 1967, on or around his birthday, April 2, International Children's Book Day (ICBD) is celebrated. Who ?
  8. 8. 4 This 1884 book was originally intended for an adult audience. Today it is widely read as a part of children's school curriculum. ID
  9. 9. Fill in the blank 5 : Timmy : ?
  10. 10. Set 2 plant theory ___________________
  11. 11. 1 It is usually made using a hollowed piece of Jackfruit wood, about an inch thick. Pioneering work on the harmonics produced by this instrument was done by C. V. Raman. Which instrument?
  12. 12. Connect and give one word. 2
  13. 13. To be certified as such, it needs to be 3 grown and processed in the sub-divisions of Sadar, Kalimpong, Kumai and Kurseong. The areas of New Chumta, Simulbari and Marionbari in the Subtiguri Sub-Division are not included. What is being referred to?
  14. 14. 4 Which famous rock star’s life was this movie “The Rose” based on?
  15. 15. 5 It is said to be the chief food created by God to nourish Adam in the guardian of Eden. The fruit bearing tree was also said to have been the building material for Prophet Mohammed's home. They were supposedly Prophet Mohammed's favorite fruit and there are some 26 references to them in the Koran. Which delectable fruit?
  16. 16. Set 3 the 1980s ___________________
  17. 17. 29 July 1981: 1 600,000 people filled the streets of London, and an estimated 750 million watched it on TV. It was a national holiday in Britain. What event?
  18. 18. 2 It was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture, but Gandhi won, in 1982. Richard Attenborough later declared: I was certain that not only would ______ win, but that it should win. It was inventive, powerful, wonderful. I make more mundane movies.” Which out of this world film?
  19. 19. 3 From the world of sports... What is this a depiction of?
  20. 20. 4 It is told in three threaded stories. In the first story, two Indians fall out of an exploding airplane and survive. In another story, a poor Indian girl leads a pilgrimage of villagers into the Arabian Sea, where they drown. The third story makes up only 70 of the 550 pages of the novel, but it created enough ruckus. Name the controversial novel
  21. 21. Bought by the current owner in 1988 it is 5 located in the Santa Ynez Valley in California. Covering over 2,800 acres it includes among other things, a zoo and theme park, super slides, dragon wagons and kiddie roller coasters. It is named after a fantasy island where children never grow up. Owner and place?
  22. 22. Set 4 Airports in India __________________
  23. 23. 1 The airport in this major city in India is named after India’s first Deputy Prime Minister. Which airport?
  24. 24. 2 Which airport is located at the birthplace of the person on the right?
  25. 25. 3 ID
  26. 26. 4 Which tourist destination in India has an airport named after him?
  27. 27. 5 The city is home to several museums and a major base for the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. It is also the headquarters of the Tri Services Command. The airport is named after the guy above. Which city / airport name?
  28. 28. Set 5 Audio __________________
  29. 29. Set 6 Cup Of Joy __________________
  30. 30. 1 It is the oldest professional sports trophy in America. Originally inscribed the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the trophy was donated in 1892 by the then governor general of Canada. Also known as 'The Cup' or the 'Holy Grail‘. Which trophy am I talking about?
  31. 31. 2 This tournament was conceived by 4 members of the Harvard University who wished to challenge a British team. The first match between the United States and Britain was held at the Longwood cricket club in Boston, Massachusets in 1900. United States went on to win the match. Which tournament?
  32. 32. 3 This tournament started of as a biennial tournament in 1983. It then became an annual tournament in 1998. The city of Ipoh in Malaysia hosts this tournament year after year. What is being referred to here?
  33. 33. 4 This tournament is often described as the ‘Wimbledon of Chess’. The first edition was held on 1978 and is an annual affair hosted in the same city. The city gives rise to the name of the tournament. Vishwanathan Anand has won this tournament thrice. Which city/tournament is this?
  34. 34. 5 With the dust of the IPL settling down and World Cup T20 just getting interesting, a lot of us forget that we too have a domestic T20 tournament. Tamil Nadu are the defending champions and Punjab were the runners up. What is this tournament called?