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English (Weather)

  1. 1. NO Element B D 1 Temperature 17 °C 29 °C 2 Pressure 973 mb 1013.2 mb 3 Humidity 98 % 60 % TB = 17 °C TD = 29 °C1. Oxygen (O2)2. Sun Shine PB = 973 mb PD=1013.2 mb3. Water vapor RHB = 98 % RHD = 60 %
  2. 2. Title: Weather ConditionI. Introduction (paragraph 1) A. Hook: All places in the nature have their own characteristic in weather B. Connecting information: Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity C. Thesis statement: The top of mountain and beach are included as place in nature. They are similar in the appearance of oxygen (O2), sun shine, and water vapor (H2O). However, they still have some different.II. Body 1. Similarity between Place B and Place D (Paragraph 2) a. Containing of oxygen (O2) b. Sun shine c. Water vapor2. Different between Place B and Place D (Paragraph 3)a. Temperature: Temperature on top of mountain (17oC) is lower than temperature on the island (29oC)b. Pressure: Pressure on top of mountain (973 mb) is lower than pressure on the island (1013.2 mb)c. Humidity: The top of mountain (98%) is more humid than island (60%)III. Conclusion (paragraph 4) A. Restated thesis: Place B (Top of mountain) and Place D (Island) have some similarity in some aspect like contending oxygen (O2), sun Shine, and water vapor. But they still have different that indicate their characteristic. B. Opinion: Nevertheless, the similarity and the different of place B and place D give information for us about the weather condition of places in the world.
  3. 3. Weather Condition All places in the nature have their own characteristic in weather. They have somedifferent in weather parameters like Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity. The top ofmountain (place B) and island (place D) are included as place in nature. Although bothof them are different each other, they are similar in the contending of oxygen (O2), sunshine, and water vapor (H2O). If we look for a while, there is no similar between both of two places B and D.Place B is a highland and place D is lowland. They are also different at their high level.But let we see in another aspect, they still have similarity. We know that on earthsurface there always content of oxygen (O2). There are Oxygen (O2) on island (place D)and on top of mountain (place B), although the number of oxygen (O 2) is differentbetween island and top of mountain. Number of oxygen on island is more than top ofmountain, because number of oxygen is affected by high level. Next aspect is sunshine, we can see sun shine in entire place on the world every day except on NorthPole and South Pole. It happened because North Pole and South Pole only receive sun
  4. 4. shine every 6 month per year. Next similarity between these two places is water vapor.Water vapor is like O2 where there is always it in entire places of the world. Water vaporis found in troposphere up to level 12 km from earth surface. But amount of water vaporis different at various place and it also affected by high level. If we talk about different between both of these place, there are so manydifferent. We will take 3 different aspects that belong to weather phenomena. They aretemperature, pressure, and Humidity. First is temperature, temperature in the earth iscaused by radiation of sun that absorb by earth. In meteorology, we knew that radiationof sun pass atmosphere and it is absorbed by earth surface. After that earth surfaceemit the sun radiation as a long wave or we call it infrared radiation. It move fromsurface to atmosphere, it cause temperature on surface is higher than temperature onatmosphere. And in atmosphere, temperature is decrease by high per level. That is allthe reason why temperature in island (29oC) is higher than temperature in top ofmountain (17oC). Next aspect is pressure, pressure in island is 1013.2 mb and pressurein top of mountain is 973 mb. We can see that pressure in island is higher than top ofmountain. Pressure is parameter of weather which affected by density of mass air.Density of air is decrease by high level because density of air on bottom is higher thandensity of air on top. Now we talk about humidity. We saw that RH in place B (98%) ishigher than RH in place D (60%). It means that RH in place B is higher than place D.The different RH in various places is caused by amount of water vapor. More amount ofwater vapor is higher the humidity in a place. Place B (Top of mountain) and Place D (Island) have some similarity in someaspect like contending oxygen (O2), sun Shine, and water vapor. But they still havedifferent that indicate their characteristic. Nevertheless, the similarity and the different ofplace B and place D give us information about the weather condition in these places.