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Recent trends in Automobile


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the new trends which are still to be discovered in automotive field.

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Recent trends in Automobile

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Automobile is a Greek ancient word means ‘self movable’.  Also referred as motor car and auto car.  It relates with something which has wheels and is movable.  Around more than a billion automobiles are sold till 2010
  3. 3. History  Steam powered vehicle designed by ferdinand verbiest.  The first car was built by Joseph Cugnot in 1769. It was powered by a steam engine and was very slow.  Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir was the first to build the one cylinder engine, internal-combustion engine, was later patent.  Nikolaus August Otto built the first four cylinder engine.  In 1886 Gottlieb Daimler designed the first four wheeled automobile. They also created the first v-slanted engine.  Karl Benz, know as one of the founders of Mercedes-Benz, is the first to build an automobile powered by an internal combustion engine.  Henry Ford, Ford car company founder, designed the world’s biggest car manufacturer, manufacturing over 15 million Model Ts by 1927
  4. 4. Hybrid Cars  A hybrid vehicle is one that combines a smaller-than-normal internal combustion gasoline engine with the electric motor of an electric-powered vehicle.  They are generally designed to be more aerodynamic than most cars, allowing them to ‘slice’ through the air instead of pushing it out of the way.
  5. 5. The MOOVIE  The Moovie, an electric powered car, designed by Andre Costa, doesn’t look like an ordinary car. Its round shape and large side sliding doors resembles a futuristic car we sometimes see in the movies. It seats two people, drives on big wheels and has howwow rims .  The large wheels save energy because they don’t require as much work to turn as small wheels require. Also, the rear-view mirror neatly fold up away from the sliding door.
  6. 6. The Zap Xebra Sedan  The golf cart like car is powered 100% by electricity. All it need to get it going to plug into and get it charged. The car can reach speeds up to 40 miles an hour.  The sedan version can carry up to four people. The listed cargo weight capacity for both the SD sedan and the PK pickup is 1000 lb (460 kg), although PK owners have carried more weight than that.
  7. 7. Mini Cat  The ‘Mini Cat’ which uses compressed air, is a simple and light urban car with a tubular chassis, a body of fiberglass which is glued and not welded.  It uses no gasoline or other bio-carbon based fuel.  Mini Cat reduce the cost of vehicle production, because there is no need to build a cooling system, spark plugs, starter motor, or mufflers
  8. 8. The HUMMER 02  This Hummer is not a ‘gas hog’ like the other ones. Instead , it is environmentally friendly.  The Hummer O2 is built to emit O2 instead of CO2 by using algae to convert CO2 into pure oxygen.  In addition, the Hummer O2 is made of recycled parts.
  9. 9. Hydrogen fuel car  Hydrogen is one such fuel that has been proposed for the purpose which was suitable for spark ignition engines.  Hydrogen combines the properties of higher calorific value, higher velocity of flame propagation , non toxicity as well as lowest possible emission levels that do not affect the balance of the water of the hydrosphere.  More over the by product of combustion are devoid of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide which is the major advantage of vehicles powered by fuel cell vehicles.
  10. 10. The Bombardier Embrio/2025  Embrio is a hightech unicycle or a sleek motorcycle with retractable tiny front wheels.  Powered by hydrogen fuel cells and made of recycled aluminum and polyethylene rides on one wheel once speeds reach 20km an hour. At rest or in case of trouble, the tiny front wheels drop back down.  It stays balanced with something called gyroscope. It comes with sensors, a high- performance braking system, active suspension, and night vision. Best of all, making a turn requires shifting body weight instead of steering.
  11. 11. HYPER CAR  It is a designed by Amory lovins.  It has an aerodynamic body, low drag design and hybrid drive.  It is produced to get better fuel economy, safety and affordability.  In fact, some of these cars are so efficient that you could plug them in and return power to the grid for a discount on your electric bill.
  12. 12. The RECY  Its called the Recy, is a Mercedes Benz and was designed to be an environment conscious car  Recy is powered by a four-cylinder Blu-Tec bio-diesel motor and is made of recycled parts such as wood , alloy, glass, and rubber.  After using it for five years, instead of adding it to the filled junkyards we have everywhere, Recy can be taken to a recycling centre and be recycled again.
  13. 13. ULTRA-LIGHT CARS  German car startup company, Loremon, which stands for low resistance mobile, will soon put its first models on scale in Europe that weight around 544 Kg.  Ultra light future car will be made of lightweight products including plastics, aluminum and metal composites and other hybrid materials. By adjusting the weight of the car parts, companies don’t have to sacrifice size and can also use smaller engine.
  14. 14. Stackable Cars  When a City Car isn’t in use, it would collapse into a smaller size and stack against other City Car, much like a row of shopping Carts.  In this manner, eight vehicles could fill the area of a parking space traditionally use for one standard-sized, conventional automobile.  To use this stackable car all you’ll need to do is swipe your credit card at the nearest City Car rack.
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  16. 16. Futuristic Cars  Futuristic car is totally adaptable. With a press of a button, a driver will be able to broadcast any picture or message anywhere on a car’s surface beside a chosen picture that sits driver’s mood or outfit.  Car can also broadcast marketing messages. Changing a song, or a radio station, or navigation to a wanted destination will never be easier with automatic battler.