Sukarya airtel delhi marathon presentation 2009


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This is presentation for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009 where Sukarya was one of the listed NGOs for the charity event

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Sukarya airtel delhi marathon presentation 2009

  1. 1. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009 And Us!
  2. 2. Delhi Half Marathon 2008…… 33, 000 people ran……….in the Over Rs. 1.64 crores celebration of life mobilized for various social issues and NGOs From over 30 nations Relayed live to over 90 countries - wide 34 corporate built 43 teams, 7 media coverage, electronic and press sent multiple teams. Firmly positioned as the world’s richest half marathon People from all walks of life ran together 65 charities raised money for to make a difference their cause
  3. 3. 2008 was bigger than 2007 in every aspect …. 2009 promises to be much bigger!!!
  4. 4. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, 2009 Renewed commitment to scale new heights, set new records!
  5. 5. Be the Change You Want To See PLEDGE To Support Your Cause
  7. 7. Registration & Tax Exemption • Trust deed Registration Number: 7373 dated 3rd August, 2000 • FCRA Registration No.: 231660689 dated 31st March 2006 • 80 G Registration Number: DIT ( E ) 2008-2009 / S - 2784 / 790
  8. 8. VISION VISION Our vision is achieving sound health for the poorest section of the society, especially women, adolescents and children by not just providing access to health care but empowering them to create a healthy society through promotion of efficacious and affordable methods of disease prevention. We seek to empower particularly the women and children for 'Behtar Swasthya Behtar Samaj'
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES Our Objectives ● To advocate, encourage and guide positive 'health-seeking behavior' with special emphasis on mental and spiritual health. ● To reduce mortality, morbidity and fertility through training, awareness campaigns, workshops and health related education for all. ● To empower women by strengthening their physical and emotional well-being and economic security. ●To provide humanitarian assistance to areas affected by natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes and floods. ● To initiate and implement social and community development activities in the field of healthcare, income generation for women as well as education for the weaker sections of society.
  10. 10. ACTIVITIES MAJOR ACTIVITIES OF SUKARYA I. Health and Development • A. Improving Reach and Access of RCH and FP services with Quality of Care This project is a direct implementation project by Population Foundation Of India with active partnership of Sukarya organization. The project is of 3 years period and covers a population of 50,000 which includes 27 villages of Nuh and Tauro Block of Mewat District. The goal of the project is to improve the reproductive and child health and family planning status in Mewat. • B. Reduction in the prevalence of Anemia – an important factor of maternal mortality and morbidity: The project reaches a population of 30000 in 10 villages of Gurgaon district in Haryana. The project was initiated on May, 2006, aims to reduce the “Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anaemia” among adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers. The project is supported by Population Foundation Of India, New Delhi.
  11. 11. ACTIVITIES • C. Men as Partners in Improving the health Status of the Rural Communities The project reaches to a population of 29000 in 13 villages of Tauro Block of Mewat District. The project objectives focus on male partnership and participation in improving the overall health status of rural communities. The project will facilitate easy, accessible and affordable health products and services to the community through camps, mobile clinics, provision of medicines and diagnostic facilities and the most important referring the serious cases to private and government hospitals. • D. Better health through Community based health centre The village Bandhwari in Gurgaon with the population of 5000 population has no quality health care facilities. The residents of this village, particularly the marginalized people were entirely dependent on quacks to receive primary health services. There was no clinic or dispensary in the village. By keeping these facts into consideration Sukarya stared, its small but of great importance, joint venture in the village with the support of CAF and Incentive Destinations.
  12. 12. ACTIVITIES • E. Reaching to the urban slums by Sukarya Sehat Centre & Physiotherapy Unit Sukarya sehat centre & physiotherapy unit was inaugurated in 2005 in Sukarya’s premises at Sushant Lok. Since then, sehat centre provides free primary level health care to poor and needy people, especially women and children from nearby slums. • F. Health Facility to Schools run by other NGOs We are providing regular health checkups to school children of schools run by Humana People to People India, Sankalp, and Saksham. Cont…
  13. 13. ACTIVITIES II. Women Empowerment A. Women empowerment by strengthening self help group and micro enterprise development A pilot project on women empowerment by strengthening self help group and vocational training was an ambitious step toward this direction. Apart from the saving, the self help groups are involved in income generation activity of spice and cereal making. The Beauty Parlor course was provided to the adolescent girls with an objective to provide them with basic skills of a beautician. The project is supported by Charities Aid Foundation and Godfrey Philips India. This project is running in 3 villages Bandhwari, Waliawas and Gawalpahari in Gurgaon.
  14. 14. Lives that we touched through our work, 2007-2008…
  15. 15. Our board of Trustees BOARD OF TRUSTEES • Ms. Meera Satpathy Chairperson • Ms. Kumkum Bhatia Trustee ADVISORY COMMITTEE • Mr. C.B. Satpathy, Retd. DGOI police ,Working as advisor corporate strategy and security • Mr. S.K. Kain, I.P.S., Retd. DG Police, Worked as special commissioner WIP services, Delhi, Member, PGC Delhi • Dr. Aasha Kapur Mehta, Professor Economics in IIPA, lecturer since 1975,Delhi University, Reader in IIPA 1997- PRESENT • Dr. Suraj Kumar, National Programme Officer, UNDP, India Country Office, Delhi.
  16. 16. What is Corporate Challenge • Group of companies that contribute a minimum of Rs. 2.09 Lakhs and send a group of upto 30 employees to participate in the event. Each of the employee is motivated to raise any amount in pledges. A corporate signs up by filling the Corporate Challenge Form and making an upfront, non-refundable contribution of Rs. 2.09 Lakhs
  17. 17. Corporate Challenge… Contd. • Out of Rs. 2.09 Lakhs, Rs. 9000 is retained by Procam towards registration, 12.5% of the rest is retained by the charity partner towards the admin. expense, and Rs. 1.75 Lakhs goes to the charity • Individual team members can raise pledges for any NGO/cause of their choice. The charity partner retains Rs. 5000 or 5%, whichever is lower, of the pledges raised.
  18. 18. Some important info…… • Any company can have a maximum of 7 Corporate Challenge teams. • Registrations are STRICTLY on first-come- first-served basis (receiving the duly filled corporate challenge form and the registration fee) • Maximum number of Corporate Challenge teams 100
  19. 19. Race participation options There are four race categories for a corporate team members to choose from: The Half Marathon – 21 Kms(18 years and above) The Great Delhi Run – 7 Kms(12 years and above) Senior Citizen’s run – 4.5 Kms(60 years and above) Wheelchair Event* – 2.5 Kms(12 years and above) *Wherever applicable
  20. 20. Incentives for the corporate to be part of this… Special Pledge Kit -in physical form and one CD for each team Workshops on pledge raising conducted on requests by the charity partner – Concern India Foundation Team Leaders’ meeting facilitated by Concern India Foundation - event update, pledge raising tips, standardized presentations that they can use to motivate their team members, etc. Separate holding area at Event Venue on Race Day Processing, reconciliation and acknowledging all pledge cheques received, issuing receipts, thank you letters and 80G certificates as may be applicable, by Concern India Foundation
  21. 21. Incentives for the corporate to be part of this…
  22. 22. Important dates for the Corporate Challenge • Registration Starts from – 20th August • Registration ends on – 20th October • Last day for submitting the pledge forms – 28th November 2008 (individual employees) • Post event Press meet (Declaration of the Charity awards and releasing the charity docket) – 3rd week of December, 2009
  23. 23. Who is a Dream Teamer……… • If you are 12 years and above, fit, brimming with exuberance and enthusiasm and live a “To Do” attitude, this charity option is for you. • A Dream Teamer needs to raise a minimum of Rs. 1 lac in pledges, registers with an upfront non-refundable contribution of Rs. 10,000 (this will be considered in the total minimum amount to be raised by him/her). A one time flat deduction of Rs. 6500 is retained by the Charity partner towards the administration expenses.
  24. 24. Race participation options…. • There are four race categories for a Dream Teamer to choose from: The Half Marathon – 21 Kms (18 years and above) The Great Delhi Run – 7 Kms (12 years and above) Senior Citizen’s Run – 4.5 Kms (60 years and above) Wheelchair Event* – 2.5 Kms (12 years and above) *Wherever applicable
  25. 25. Important dates for the Dream Teamer • Registration Starts from – 20th August • Registration ends on – 20th October • Last date for sending the first one Lakh in pledges to ensure participation as a Dream Teamer - 20th October • Last day for submitting rest of the pledge forms – 26th November 2008 • Post event Press Meet (Declaration of the Charity Docket and Awards) – 3rd week of December, 2008
  26. 26. The Dream Team Awards structure Highest Pledge Raising Individual (Men) Highest Pledge Raising Individual (Women) Highest No. of Pledges raised by a Dream Teamer Youngest Dream Teamer Highest Online pledge raising Dream Teamer
  27. 27. The Dream Team Awards structure Highest Pledge Raising Individual (Men) Highest Pledge Raising Individual (Women) Highest No. of Pledges raised by a Dream Teamer Youngest Dream Teamer Highest Online pledge raising Dream Teamer
  28. 28. The Dream Team Awards structure Highest Pledge Raising Individual (Men) Highest Pledge Raising Individual (Women) Highest No. of Pledges raised by a Dream Teamer Youngest Dream Teamer Highest Online pledge raising Dream Teamer
  29. 29. Why do people Run…?
  30. 30. Different reasons that excite people…(DT) • Personal commitment to a cause • The high of being able to make a difference through social reach and healthier life-style • Achieving self-set targets • Success………achievement leads to motivational leap! • Sometimes it takes another person or agency to realize the potential existing in themselves to make a difference!
  31. 31. Some of the reasons for corporate enthusiasm….. • For some, it is an excellent brand leveraging opportunity (they even time their media plans accordingly!)-mobile branding, choreographed race formation,message specific costumes (of the cause that you support or your direct business objective) • Some see it as a motivational tool for their employees across hierarchy! • For many others it is being leveraged as HR tool • Some make the opportunity an incentive for their employee/vendors/distributors
  32. 32. Contd… Yet others purely do it as a gesture of solidarity for their chosen social cause!-CSR
  33. 33. We seek……….. • Your corporate participation………Please build a corporate team standing in support of us. • It would be an absolute synergy if one of the top management people opt to run as a Dream Teamer along with the corporate team • In both regard, we seek a window of ten minutes to come and make a presentation to your group.
  34. 34. Lets join hands……. And make this event OUR EVENT………….. Run in celebration of the spirit called life!
  35. 35. We are reachable at: SUKARYA Head office P-20, (First Floor), South Extn. Part-II, New Delhi-110049 India Tel: 91-011-26264192 Branch office Block E, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurgaon - 122002 Haryana, Tel: 91-0124-4114253 Contact Person : Shipra Shukla Mob: +91-9910248487, +91-9999918517