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Lessons I learned

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  1. 1. Presentation Topic:<br />The lessons learnt from my life<br />Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />Life for me has been an unending package of wonderful times and memories.<br />Life is a journey from mother’s womb to the tomb.<br />Life is not a jail, it is not a punishment but it is a reward if given only to those who have earned it, who deserves it.<br />Life is like a plain sheet of paper, what you write on it will be reflected in future.<br />Life is full of surprises.<br />I believe life is given to us for some reason and until we accomplish that reason we continue to live life.<br />Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  3. 3. Some of the lessons learnt from life<br />Time Management.<br /><ul><li>Since Time and tide waits for none as we should utilize time in doing good deeds for the development of life.
  4. 4. Time is one of the costliest things in the world once you lost you cannot get it back
  5. 5. I have learnt that wasting time when in need results way for the failure.
  6. 6. I have learnt that past is the past leave it there, don’t worry about future and live only for today.</li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  7. 7. Money Saved Is Money Earned.<br /><ul><li>The secret to "having it all" is to live large on less. Many of the most affluent people. I know are very frugal. (Not cheap, but cost-conscious.) They have the best of everything, but they wheeled and dealt to get it for less than full price.
  8. 8. Being able to buy what you want without paying full price for it is an art. It's also a mindset-and one worth working on. It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep that counts.
  9. 9. Money with the name is valuable as what I have learnt lesson from my life is money saved is money earned.</li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  10. 10. More practical knowledge with theoretical ideas.<br /><ul><li>I used to think that ,“Life must be practical“ but what I realize that more practical knowledge as well as theoretical ideas are needed.
  11. 11. Practical knowledge gives the way to go ahead in life as theoretical ideas provides a way for the solution.
  12. 12. From this, what can be said is that practically work done gives more confidence as theoretical ideas provides the strength for the success. </li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  13. 13. Don't Waste Time Worrying About The Past (or The Future).<br /><ul><li> How many minutes have been wasted worrying about things that may-and more likely may not-ever happen?
  14. 14. My advice, expect the best but be prepared for the worst.
  15. 15. Try not to worry about things you feel guilty about from your past. Either fix them, or forget them. </li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  16. 16. Don't Worry What Others Think.<br /><ul><li>Peer pressure and the need to fit in don't just keep kids up at night.
  17. 17. Life is so much easier when you live it for yourself, free of the pressure of worrying what others think.
  18. 18. Do what YOU want to do. </li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  19. 19. Live For Today, But Plan For Tomorrow.<br /><ul><li>Living in the moment is one of the ways to be truly happy.
  20. 20. Doing so without any plans or provisions for the future is foolish.
  21. 21. Yes, live like there is no tomorrow, but save for the future and take care of yourself physically, too. </li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  22. 22. See The World When You Have The Chance.<br /><ul><li>Traveling is such a worthwhile thing. I rank it right up there with success of any kind.
  23. 23. The ability to take off and get away is one of the most exciting, fulfilling and fun things I have done.</li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  24. 24. Empathy Is Everything.<br /><ul><li>Seeing (and feeling) things from another person's perspective is one of the most vital skills you can learn.</li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  25. 25. Appreciate The Small Things In Life.<br /><ul><li>Many times we wait for the big moments in life to celebrate. There are so many simple things we do daily that are special moments.
  26. 26. Some people keep a dairy, others meditate and still others tell their significant other about their day. Try to take note of the small things that make you smile during the day.</li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  27. 27. Everyone likes somebody who gets to the point quickly.<br /><ul><li>The talks must be to the point to get the outcome. That means every people I saw they prefer those who gets to the point quickly and won’t irritate him/her.
  28. 28. From this what I have seen that all none sense things for any topic is not a good point for people who really does not gets to the point.
  29. 29. Hence, what I also personally learnt in my life is somebody who gets to point of any topic really wins to satisfy me.</li></ul>Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />
  30. 30. Since, there were different lessons learnt in my life but above 10 lessons are the most viewed lessons learnt in my life so far.<br />-THE END-<br />Wednesday, 8th June, 2011<br />