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  1. 1. Swami sukhbodhananada books website Vivekananda quotes website FromSwami Vivekananda2“Stand up, be bold, bestrong. Take the wholeresponsibility on yourown shoulders, and knowthat you are the creatorof your own destiny”3“They alone live who livefor others, the rest aremore dead than alive.”4“Arise! Awake! And stopnot till the goal isreached.”5“To be good and to do
  2. 2. good - that is the whole ofreligion.”6“Strength is life,Weakness is death.”7“All the power is withinyou; you can do anythingand everything. Believe inthat; don’t believe thatyou are weak. Stand upand express the divinitywithin you.”8“What ever you think,that you will be. If youthink yourself weak,weak you will be; if youthink yourself strong;strong you will be.”9“Stand and die in yourown strength; if there isany sin in the world, it isweakness; avoid allweakness, for weakness issin, weakness is death.”10“Neither money pays, norname pays, nor fame, nor
  3. 3. learning; it isCHARACTER thatcleave throughadamantine walls ofdifference.”11“He is an atheist who doesnot believe in himself. Theold religion said that he wasan atheist who does notbelieve in God. The newreligion says that he is anatheist who does not believein himself.”12“The greatest sin is tothink yourself weak.”13“Help if you can; if youcannot, fold your handsand stand by and seethings go on. Do notinjure, if you cannotrender help.”14Three things are necessary tomake every man great, everynation great:1. Conviction of the powers of
  4. 4. goodness,2. Absence of jealousy andsuspicion,3. Helping all who are trying to beand do good.15“Are you unselfish? Thatis the question. If you are,you will be perfectwithout reading a singlereligious book, withoutgoing into a single churchor a temple.”16“Misery comes throughattachment, not through work.As soon as we identifyourselves with work we do, wefeel miserable; but if we don’tidentify ourselves with it, we donot feel that misery.”17“Nature wants us to react, toreturn blow for blow,cheating for cheating, lie forlie, to hit back with all ourmight, then it requires asuper divine power not to hit
  5. 5. back, to keep control, to beunattached.”18“Always first learn to bea servant, and then youwill be fit to be a master.Avoid jealousy, and youwill do great works thatare yet to be done.”19“You must have an ironwill if you would crossthe ocean. You must bestrong enough to piercethe mountains.”20“Take up one idea, make that oneidea your life, think of it, dream ofit, live of it, let the brain, muscle,nerves, every part of your body befull of that idea and just leaveevery other idea alone. This is theway great spiritual giants areproduced, others are mere talkingmachines.”21“Your country requiresheroes; be heroes; yourduty is to go on working,
  6. 6. and then everything willfollow of itself.”Replay22