Sony Walkman W series By Sujit Meher


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Sony Walkman W series By Sujit Meher

  1. 1. BY:Sujit Meher
  2. 2. Try on a new style of listeningThe Sony W-Series Walkman offers an innovative, ultra compact design thatincorporates an MP3 player into a pair of ear buds. Its easy to use and Sonyincludes a unique feature for browsing songs. Theres more than one way tomake a wireless MP3 player, and building it directly into a set of headphonesmay seem like the easy way out, but it gets the job done. Plus, there arenone of those audio-fidelity issues you might run into with technologies suchas RF and Bluetooth, which is probably why Sony elected to take this routewith its new W-Series Walkman. This 2GB MP3 player is built into a set ofimpressively small ear bud-style headphones and sports a palatable.
  3. 3. Product DescriptionManufacturers Description:Water Resistant, Washable, Wearable and Wire free, the Sony WALKMAN:Sport Edition is ideal for sports and active lifestyles. Its all-in-one design fitssecurely on our head, setting us free to enjoy your music in the gym, on a runor out walking without wires getting in the way. Keep on moving whatever theweather, thanks to the water resistant design which makes it easy to clean. Achoice of ear bud sizes ensure you get a custom, comfortable fit.
  4. 4. Ergonomic Applications of Sony walkman W series:Its easy to guess why, because above all, they have been hard to use.People have had to fumble with these screen less players to find songs. If wehave many tracks, our hand stays glued to the player as we hunt down theone you want. That much stress, and we forget how nice it is without thecords. People should enjoy wearable players, but designers have had a hardtime ensuring usability. And the fact that potential users cant choose theirfavorite headphones and have no recourse if they dont like the fit or audioquality made people think twice.The user experience must be much more enjoyable than squinting at a tinydisplay, trying to control the player. Once wearable players offer a betterexperience, people will appreciate their advantages. Here, the key is theuser interface.
  5. 5. Two rectangular audio modules--measuring roughly 2-inches long by 0.8-inch wide and 0.4-inch deep--attach to one another via a flexible, twistingneckband. Its the smallest all-in-one MP3 player/headphone weve everseen, and its impressively lightweight, as well (1.3 ounces).
  6. 6. When stored, the Walkman W maintains this classic, composite appearance.When worn, the two earpieces are split apart. This action of separating themhas the strange effect of revealing to new users how to wear the player. Andwhen the earpieces are joined, a magnetic sensor automatically pauses orstops playback. It makes sense, this chain of events from separating theearpieces to listen, wearing them, and joining them again when yourefinished. Its not just a matter of styling; we orchestrated the way you usethe device itself, the series of events from beginning to end.
  7. 7. As might be expected, the W-Series Walkmans interface is ratheruntraditional. Naturally, theres no screen--it would be rather difficult to viewone on a device thats attached to your ears anyway. Music plays straightthrough in alphanumeric order by default, or you can activate the shuffleswitch on the inside of the right earpiece to randomize playback. The bottomedge of the right module contains the remainder of the controls: a volumerocker and a jog dial. Swiping the dial forward or backward serves to cyclethrough tracks.
  8. 8. Wire-free listeningTransform our active listening experience with the wire-free WALKMAN:Sport Edition. Weighing an incredibly light 43g and designed to fitcomfortably and securely around our head, well barely notice its there.What you will appreciate is the clear and powerful sound delivered bythe 13.5mm EX Series earphones, which come with a choice of ear budsizes so we enjoy the best fit. The absence of trailing wires means nomore tangles, clips or armbands, just total freedom on the move. Nowwe can really lose our self in the music, whether were exercising in thegym or running in all weathers.
  9. 9. Tracing out the Zappin sounds capeZappin playback can be set to either short or long excerpts, and each modegives a different impression. Short mode plays excerpts of about fourseconds each, which really does feel like youre enjoying a music countdownprogram. Long mode plays 15-second excerpts, and this gives the impressionof listening to a DJ mix. Our aim was straightforward, but implementing itrequired deft sound design involving simulations of the listening experience.
  10. 10. User Interface DesignWith its user interface discussions underway, The designer team finally gotto work on industrial design. From the start, they sought a light, secure-fitting player, integrated in headphones connected by a spiral neckband.But it seemed as if something was missing, or they were takingdevelopment the wrong way. They couldnt quell these nagging doubts. Ifthey continued along these lines.. People wouldnt sense the potential ofZappin from the appearance. They were also concerned that it might beunclear how to wear the headphones, because of the spiral neckband. If itstrue to the Walkman tradition, anyone should intuitively know how to wearit correctly.
  11. 11. Thank You !