iTrack Simplifying Information Tracking


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Simplify your on demand business data tracking using cell phone

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iTrack Simplifying Information Tracking

  1. 1. iTrack Business Information tracking simplified
  2. 2. Sales Scenario How many units I am yet to get all were sold in the booking tickets, I north yesterday? will let you know later. GM-Sales Regional Manager
  3. 3. Services Scenario I am going over How many services the log files and calls did your people collate the data attend for the new XKO- and let you know 03 so far? tomorrow. VP - Services Area Manager
  4. 4. Administration Scenario I will get in touch with How many people others on the Admin did we have on the team and let you field yesterday? know! VP Administration Admin Manager
  5. 5. Marketing Scenario What is the market Seems good but feedback to the discount I don’t have any scheme which we concrete figure ! launched? All sales personnel/ VP - Marketing Marketing Personnel
  6. 6. The CEO / COO Dilemma How do we plan and forecast when we don't have correct, timely data with us?
  7. 7. The Problems  Lack of data when you need it the most.  High levels of error when data collected ad-hoc.  Time lag in data / information reaching the decision makers.  Problems in monitoring the daily activity.  Forecasting/ planning suffers on account of non availability accurate data .  Automation tools are expensive and cumbersome to use.
  8. 8. Introducing iTrack
  9. 9. What is iTrack?  Collect grass-root level information from a distributed workforce using tools as inexpensive an as easy to use as a mobile phones.  iTrack’s reminder service to ensure consistency  Verification and collation of information on-demand  Report collated information with ability to drill down  Rapid and accurate decision making
  10. 10. How iTrack works A X O N
  11. 11. iTrack Model Report
  12. 12. Value Delivered • Minimize cost of data collection Reduce operational • Reduce inventory cost cost • Increase employee productivity • Improve decision making via reduction in time lag in capturing data Increase in revenue • Improve demand projection • Capture Micro level information about buying behavior • Improve control on sales and distribution channel • Regular update on performance Better Sales Team • Improved communication with customers satisfaction • Quicker response to Sales Team’s query • Automated data collection and dissemination • Collection at lowest point ( single level) High quality of Data • • Standardization Bird’s eye view through the summary reports • Customized reports based on preference
  13. 13. Features-Benefits-Results • Cleans up and validates data • Support multiple mobile phones • Carrier independent Features • Customized report generation on a regular basis • Secure • ERP Integration • Multi mode delivery process • Access to widespread field force • Easy to implement • Single point data access Benefits • Historical data can be made available • Information is easily accessible • Improved Management • Faster response to business dynamics • Decrease in administrative costs • Increased revenue and profitability Results
  14. 14. Case Study1: FMCG Company • Delay in getting sales data for planning Business • Not able to track the productivity at individual level Problem • Track sales person productivity on field Uses • Track sales by SKU from grass root level iTrack to • Communicating to the field force • Decreased time-to-report by weeks • Increased depth of knowledge down to sales representative level Results • Improved Inventory Management • Increased Employee motivation • Reduced Administrative costs
  15. 15. Case Study2 : Leading IT Vendor • Increase sales using cell phone Business • To reduce call center operation Problem • Manage customer queries • Decrease operational cost of existing call query handling process Uses • Increase customer responsiveness iTrack to • Reduction in call center operation • Increase in sales Results • Higher customer satisfaction • Increased productivity of representatives • Faster response time • Better human resource management
  16. 16. CL Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Prabal Bhargava +919620347107