Final score page scratch


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Final score page scratch

  1. 1. The Final Score Page on Scratch By: Sujinna
  2. 2. Hidden Score Variable:There is a variable called “score”, if it is ticked,the score box will show in the scratch project.Because it is not ticked, it means that it ishidden.
  3. 3. Scripts that determineif answer is correct ornotAs seen, there are scripts which determineswhether the answer is correct or incorrect. Ifanswer is correct, ‘true’ is broadcasted. If theanswer is incorrect, ‘false’ is broadcasted.
  4. 4. True and FalseBroadcastWhen the answer is correct, true isbroadcasted. As seen, it says ‘when Ireceive true’, ‘change score by 1’. This adds1 to the hidden variable score.
  5. 5. Final Score PageThe scripts which are used to determine thefinal score page is seen on the left. If the scoreequals __, change the costume to costume____.
  6. 6. CostumesAs seen, there are multiple costumes. Each saythe score from 1/10 to 10/10. Depending onwhat the score is, the costumes would changeaccordingly. If the score is 7, it would switch tocostume 7/1 which says: “score = 7/10”