The Handshake to the Referral


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  • SUJATAWhat is networking?All of you came to learn what networking is, how networking can benefit your business, and turn into referrals and increase your business.Our job today is to help you with that – Introduce our company Vera and SujataNetworking is Simple but not EASYNetwork is a very serious business, done well can be very cost effective – stats show Susan Roan (How to Work a Room) found that 87 percent of new business comes from networking & referrals.But we want to have a bit of fun. Like to think of business networking is like dating, only better.But before we start we want to ask you what you think networking is.Here is the Oxford Dictionary Definition of networking group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes. Vera and I would like to take it further….” resulting in referrals and relationships that will ultimately make a positive impact on your bottom line!”
  • SUJATAApproaches are similar whether you dated a few decades ago, or are doing it now.Everybody’s nervous… Pre date JittersLike a first date, you don’t know if the next networking connection is the one that will change your life/business.Like dating , some networking relationships don’t pay off for you, but maybe for someone else in your network. …Giver’s Gain…later in presentationIf you approach it this way, you’ll be less stressed out.Key is to build your social capital.
  • VERAHave to build it just like financial capital. Includes your ideas, knowledge, resources, connections. In networking your relationships/circle of influence (Lucy Rosen) are your currency. Hot term, but harkens back to1916 when it was used in reference to social cohesion and personal investment in the community. It’s not who you know, but who knows you and your brand (yes, YOU are brand) . Sujata interject with AMP/IBM Story. Different levels of relationships. Need them all but deepen the most important ones. You need all of them because It’s all about what you give vs. what you get. You need to be able to plug in with lal these people as you grow your business.
  • VERATrademarked acronym that belongs to BNI but is very good. You have to build Visibility first, then Credibility. Without these,’ you’ll have a very hard time reaching profitability, which is the referral. Author Seth Godin has seven imperatives he talks about and the third one is that you have to be connected, so you can be trusted as you engage. Give example…ACC Women of Excellence… sat at table with person from Atria…soon a board member at ALZ… give and get..
  • SUJATADifferentiate yourself, but be genuine. What makes you different from the 5 others this person will meet this evening. Your USP (unique selling proposition). STALKER STORYOther example: “I help women communicate more effectively without being a bitch.”“I work with small businesses to help them attract more clients than they can possibly handle”…Vera SujataWe’re Number Two. We Try Harder.”.Avis…… "The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand" M&Ms"Federal Express: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." USP - "Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it's free." ANYONE HAVE ONE THEY WOULD LIKE TO SHARE…their USP or one they heardIn most cases, it solves a problem.No one will refer you until they are confident that you will make them look good. Not going to risk their reputation referring a stranger. This makes social capital CRITICAL.
  • VERAKey to successful networking starts with a plan. Just like a date.Lay out realistic short-term and long term goals. Anything from attending one event a week to securing a position on a non profit board down the road.
  • VERAMany networking events, little time, how to decide. Be strategic in your choosing, If you’re new, just pick a few. Like dating, you choose things like where your date wants to go.Change the plan if its not working. Mention all the examples of groups. Discuss paid referral group. Some people like them because like buying a franchise, it gives you a built in framework for networking. Mention downsides???Where to network.
  • SUJATAAsk yourself the three critical questions???? Chamber event, golf event , black tie, am networking, a women’s networking event, ALZ other black tie events…yes same as other non-profits…but what is my USP…ALZ brand.Go where you clients hang out, or where people they do business with hang out.Don’t just go to meet people, go to meet the right people. Vera and I like to call networking a P2P business….People to People NOT a B2B.
  • SUJATAWho wants to date a square? IStaying with our analogy to Dating..We like to call these 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base of Networking Don’t why all of us in the consulting world feel we need to have a grid… but here is the one we like to share.. Remember, SIMPLE BUT NOT EASYMost people work from bottom to top… TOP DOWNMost “new networkers” are in the whatworry to much about what to say …example icebreaker/elevator speech…how many of us been to an event that you have a round table intro? Don’t worry so much about business… let them see your personality. P2PAMP Bought out by TYCO ….Technical Marketing… 23 years old TED Dawruple CEO OF AMP… 1st Sales Meeting in St. Louis…Choked!
  • SUJATAHow you approach someone is more important then what you say?Four Types Typically…which one do you want to be?Wall flower - NewbieI’m A Boss- my sixteen year old daughter says it - MaturityFast and Furious – meet as many people as you can and collect business cards – Busy BeeSlow and Steady – Wins the races 10 quality minutes with 3 individualsAttitude, Body Language, Voice Tone… 2/3s people are lucky to get to the HOW overtime
  • SUJATA 3rd BASEYour Savvy Networkers only reach the WHY? 1/3 of all people who begin to network.These individualsKnow their purpose for being thereOutcome in mindRegularly approach new people and have great conversation….VCP…visibility Credibility Profitabliity / USP Unique Selling Proposition, Self Brand….REFERENCE STALKER STORYStart with the WHY pay attention to your HOW and have faith that the WHAT will take care of itself.
  • SUJATAEveryone is nervous when they start going to networking events.In fact, a study cited by the New York Times reported that the Number One fear is being alone with strangers. The second is spiders.But remember, these aren’t strangers – they are your business colleagues “AN OPPORTUNITY” and your future clients.VERA ASK… Do’s/ Don’t at a networking event?
  • VERACalm pre-date like jitters and just get out there.
  • SUJATAMay sound elementary…but you’d be surprised?!Drunk on your first date??
  • SUJATAPhone call turn it into an advantage…Business card…like a date handing you a self address envelope or email address…send me a noteVERA may interject
  • SUJATADirector of a Non-Profit….Fundraiser/Event Planner… let’s call her LUCY
  • VERA“How Can I Help Approach”UPS example – What can Brown Do for You?” Classic example you see everyday? Any body else have an example?If someone expresses a business challenge, negative OR positive, never say “Let me Know IF I can help,” rather “HOW can I Help.” Give example – engage an attendee.Encourage the success of others. ZigZiglar quote, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”But remember, never offer help you can’t give. (sujata talk about diamond)
  • SUJATAMost Important Part of Networking. This is where the pay-off BEGINS in accumulating your social capital, and getting a return on your investment in the form of referrals and eventually more business.The morning after/Follow-up (Social Network…Napstar)After any event, take all the cards & connections and do some triage. Make two lists: Separate the people you think might become new clients or referral partners right now from the ones who might be valuable contacts in the future.Future list get nice email follow-upFor the A list – initiate a meeting for coffee/lunch/something else.
  • SUJATAALWAYS follow up with the people you meet. DON’T ask for a referral.CAN ask if you can put them on your mailing list for email newsletters. Make a list of 50 people you want to stay connected with.You need to work to stay top of mind. 
  • VERATech has changed the game. You and your brand need to be on-line. She ship has sailed, so if you have a business, you need at least a baseline web presence. (ask if anyone DOESN’T have a presence.) Story of financial client…. Don’t use social media….fastest growing of Facebook users 65 plus…cindysolomanYou need to make the most of it/ your brand. Again, can’t get into personal branding because that is a whole other workshop that is FAR more involved.Give example of KK w/o using name.
  • Decide what’s going to work for you and manage it. It depends in you business. Retail definitely needs Facebook.Message needs to be the same in all outlets.
  • A dramatic increase in the adoption of social media at the beginning of the year has tapered off and holds steady at 24 percent. Most of those companies use Facebook® (82 percent), while a smaller percent use LinkedIn® (38 percent) and Twitter® (30 percent).    What’s changed over the past six months is why businesses are using social media. In fact, they seem to have adjusted their expectations for what it can do for them. For example, more expect social media to build awareness of their organization (77 percent) rather than the more-ambitious goal of attracting leads (71 percent), a reverse from the last survey wave. And they’re more likely to use social media to help them stay in touch with current customers (62 percent compared to 46 percent in December 2009).   Sixty-five percent say they’ve successfully used social media to stay engaged with current customers, up from 46 percent in December. And 64 percent have developed a greater awareness of their company compared to 52 percent last year. And while they don’t report a big return on their investment, most businesses are breaking even. They’re also more optimistic about the prognosis for the next 12 months. More than half (57 percent) predict they’ll make a profit from their efforts during that time.   As you might expect, successful social media users differ in some significant ways from other small businesses.they’re more successful in using internet technology in general and in employing social media to find new customers. their businesses are more likely to be start-ups or early growth and they’re generally younger, with less industry experience and more education than non social-media users.  Still, using social media is filled with stumbling blocks for many companies. Forty-three percent feel it takes up more of their time to manage than they expected. And 29 percent say it opens up another can of worms, giving people a chance to criticize the company in a public forum.  
  • The Handshake to the Referral

    1. 1. What is it?
    2. 2. It’s Kind of Like Dating
    3. 3. Social CapitalIt’s comprised of your ideas,Knowledge, resources andConnections.
    4. 4. It’s a Process
    5. 5. Your USP …Unique Selling Proposition
    6. 6. The PlanYou need one!
    7. 7. Where Do You Go?  Industry-specific groups  Your client’s industry, not necessarily yours  General business groups, chambers  Community & Service Groups  Business Referral Groups
    8. 8. Not Sure Where to Start? Who are my best prospects? Where can I meet them? Whom do I want to meet?
    9. 9. “Who Wants to Date a Square?” (The 3 bases of networking) What Graphic: Diana Lowe/ Switched on Development
    10. 10. 2nd BASE How What Graphic: Diana Lowe/ Switched on Development
    11. 11. 3RD BASE Why How What Graphic: Diana Lowe/ Switched on Development
    12. 12. The Date(aka The Networking Event)
    13. 13. The Do’s Have a proper handshake – firm and confident, with eye contact. Smile and be friendly. People mirror facial expressions. Be a host and not a guest. Remember people’s names. Have two or three questions you can ask people if conversation lags. Listen! Be bold, not pushy. Have fun!
    14. 14. Don’ts Don’t drink too much. Alcohol is NOT a requirement. Remember, two drinks is always the maximum!
    15. 15. Don’ts Don’t text, talk on the phone, or check your e-mail. If you must use your phone, excuse yourself from the event. Don’t be distracted. Focus on the conversation. Don’t greet someone with your business card. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain. Don’t invade personal space.
    16. 16. Don’t turn your “date” into apsychotherapy session…
    17. 17. Giver’s Gain® The “How Can I Help?” approach
    18. 18. The Morning After….follow upTriage your cards and connections from the event the night before.
    19. 19. WORK Your Database! Enter EVERY contact into your database. Include not just contact information, but details you have learned about the person & their business. Make a list of 50 people you want to stay connected with. Make sure you contact them regularly. You need to work to stay TOP OF MIND! © 1996-2011 All Rights Reserved.ProPlanet Internet Solutions, Inc.
    20. 20. On-Line Networking An important component that builds visibility and credibility. Be careful what you put out there.
    21. 21. On-Line Communities Where does your target audience network on line?
    22. 22. Staying Engaged Network Solutions® Small Business Success Index™ study:
    23. 23. Turn an Intangible into a Tangible Thank You Sujata& Vera