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Bio Chip Presentation


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This presentation gives basic idea about bio chip technology

Published in: Science

Bio Chip Presentation

  1. 1. Biochip Technology
  2. 2. ITC 571 – Emerging Technology & Innovation  Study Bio-chip: Doctor inside the body  Done by S.Sujanth(11527035)  Supervisor Dr. Ather Saeed IT Coordinator / Lecturer Charles Sturt University
  3. 3. Outline  Introduction  History & Development of biochips  Architecture of the biochip  Classification of biochips  Applications of biochips  Research & Hypothesis  Future direction of biochips
  4. 4. Introduction  Biochips are microscopic electronic devices  Biochip requires microarray technology, transduction and signal processing technology  Made in a glass or Silicon wafer  Biochips are capable to execute many hundred operations simultaneously on a solid surface  It combines genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry  Biochip Technology is the most significant technology in biotechnology  High throughput, mini size, automated and cost effective  Biochip is an important potential tool in life science
  5. 5. Development of biochips  Since 1983 biochips have been in use.  Advancements of 1980s in semiconductors and biochemistry led to the rise of biochips  Biochips were initially a “platform” based technology  Concept of a biochip was made possible by the work of Fred Sanger and Walter Gilbert.  Scientists have used the Biochip to explore genes since then
  6. 6. Classification of Biochips  DNA Chip -DNA analyze  Protein Chip -Proteome analyze  Antibody Chip -Detecting antigens  Tissue Chip -Tissue analyze
  7. 7. Biochip Implant  Biochip Implant system consists of two components A Transponder Composed of Microchip, Antenna coil, Tuning capacitor, Glass Capsule A Reader or Scanner  Radio Frequency Identification and communication System  Used commonly in tracking bird migration cycles, tracking spies for national security etc.
  8. 8. Implant and Scanner Implant Injected by a syringe beneath skin Injection is safe & simple Usually behind the neck Scanner Transmits a small signal Charges the tuning capacitor ID number transmitted by the transponder
  9. 9. Architecture of the biochip  Can be divided into three blocks 1) Biochip platform 2) Digital Micro Controller 3) Handheld Analyzer
  10. 10. Applications of biochips  There are five potential markets for biochips: 1) Pharmaceutical research 2) Medical diagnostics 3) Forensics 4) Transplantation 5) Water and environmental testing
  11. 11. Research & Hypothesis  Hypothesis for biochip research: 1) Reduce the size of the microarray and use multiple micro array to reduce resistance hence temperature 2) Use NFC technology rather than 4G for effitient transmission 3) Use a library to hold unique structure with potential threat for compare hence quick analysis 4) Use decision tree to deduce the right form of data analysis 1) Improve storage by Custom installation of a ROM 2) Improve efficiency and efficacy using Multifunctional biochip 3) Development of 3D biochip could have better, cheaper yet higher batch production of biochips
  12. 12. Future direction of biochips  Implantable multifunctional biochip with personal details and health monitoring capability  Bank Account details to use as NFC  Medicare Identification to alarm necessary authority if the need be by constantly monitoring health  Protecting bank details by storing it in RAM which is powered by a transducer that converts the kinetic energy in blood flow.  Medicare ID and personal info are stored in the ROM which is easily accessible