Sxsw2011 influence talk su and dave


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KIcking Community Ass: building influence in community - my panel todat 3.30

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Sxsw2011 influence talk su and dave

  1. Kicking Community Ass: Building Better Influence<br />SudhaJamthe @sujamthe<br />Dave Peck @davepeck<br />SXSW 2011 Mar 12 2011<br />@sujamthe @davepeck<br />
  2. Who is an Influencer?<br />@sujamthe @davepeck<br />
  3. Who is not an Influencer?<br />Does not believe in your company/product<br />Not subject expert<br />Just has huge followers<br />Lacks Trust with your audience<br />Expects to be paid for promoting your brand<br />@sujamthe @davepeck<br />
  4. How do you find your Influencers?<br />Social Media Metrics using @AlterianSM2, @SocialPing<br />Track who is passionate about your space<br />Track who talks favorably about your competition<br />@sujamthe @davepeck<br />
  5. Open Questions for Discussions<br />How do you find them?<br />How do you influencer your influencer?<br />How can you listen? How do you take action?<br />How do you stay focused on the real customers?<br />@sujamthe @davepeck<br />