Web Design | Responsive, Mobile web design services Fargo ND


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Every web design we build is responsive, mobile ready. Web SEO, optimization tools, easy to use CMS included Fargo North Dakota. http://www.suite171.com

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Web Design | Responsive, Mobile web design services Fargo ND

  1. 1. CapabilitiesCrafting adaptive web experiences since 2005.701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  2. 2. We collaborate with our clients to craft multi-device web experiencesthat help them increase their brand awareness, communicate, andengage with their customers in exciting new ways. Our process startswith combining an adaptive web and mobile strategy, Internetmarketing,and web technology to increase engagements and traffic.701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comCapabilitiesstrategy design content promotions
  3. 3. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comOverviewA collaborative process that works.We combine our experience with up-to-date technology to “mobilize” a webmarketing strategy through multiple web, mobile, and social channels that helpclient’s adapt to a fast paced technology world.Oh and one more important item. We will helpyou every stepof the way, even after your strategy launches.
  4. 4. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comWe believe that, the client’s success will depend on a collaborative plan,delivery, and post learning process. We are early adopters of up-to-datetechnology tools and responsive web design, and believe your websiteshould start out adaptive to fit multiple devices, PC’s, andsmart phones.• Strategy & Planning• User Experience Design• Internet Marketing• Technology & Tools• Engagements & TrafficOverview
  5. 5. Services701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comThink more than just web design, think beyond thedesktop.
  6. 6. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comServicesOur teamWe are business owners and a team of web design, technical programming geeks that thinkbeyond the desktop PC. We aren’t new web designers - we have been building customwebsites for years (since 2005). We’re very proud of what we do, and don’t think of it as just ajob. We live for web design and code. All of our web design projects are handcrafted tailoredmade, and refined by us in Fargo.Proprietor Proprietor - FounderLynette has many years of creativestory telling, writing, and web marketing,experience. She energizes our client’scontent in an exciting, but compellingway.Tony brings over a decade of creativedesign, programming, web optimization,and marketing expertise to the clients atSuite 171.
  7. 7. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comServicesMost web companies offer the same services, and technology, but we aredifferent.Every web design we build is responsive, mobile ready.• Web and Mobile Development• Content Creation• Content Management Systems• Web Marketing Strategy• Brand AwarenessYou’re not buying a refrigerator, you are gaining a relationship with web marketing experts.Suite 171 has been at the forefront of local search, SEO, and web technology for nearly adecade. We have a time tested skill set, process, and offer something different.
  8. 8. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comServicesYour business on the go, anywhere.One web design that fits multiple devices. One responsive,easy to use website that connects your customers to yourbusiness. We believe your business website should be thefoundation of your web presence. The difference iseverything.Web and mobile device ready• Web and mobile optimization• Search Engine Optimization Tools• Easy-to-use content management system• 56% of Google searches come from mobile devices• Optimal viewing on mobile devices, and browsers• The only mobile CMS solution in the areaWhy?More about FlexibleCMS - ClickClick the phone
  9. 9. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.comServicescollaborate with ussuite171.comfacebook.com/suite171pinterest.com/webdesignfargotwitter.com/Suite171flexiblecms.comfacebook.com/FlexibleCmsDemo the new content management system
  10. 10. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  11. 11. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  12. 12. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  13. 13. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  14. 14. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  15. 15. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com
  16. 16. 701-478-5955 | www.suite171.com