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Make Money From Online , Make $200 to $400 every 4 days in 3

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  1. 1. MAKE MONEY FROM ONLINE Introduction: Hello dear, My name is Qassim I can to earn $200 to $400 every 4 days from Google AdSense! In 3 steps only I will explain to you everything But the commentary will tell you before That this book is not entitled for any person to sell it after purchase I just I have the right to sell this bookBook a cheap price in order to be accessible to everyone and the price $0.99 only! That you do not like the book I hope not to request refund, for support me Index: 1-(step1) Explanation Google AdSense. 2-(step2) Explain open a website or Blog. 3-(step3) Explain to bring visitors (Secret). 4-(optional) Explain some of the skills and tips. 5-End.
  2. 2. 1-(step1) Explanation Google AdSense: What is Google AdSense ? Is a program through which you can earn money It gives you 68% of the profits Read Privacy Policy and terms click hereIdea: Google AdSense provides you with ads, the ads you put on your site or blog When a visitor clicks on the ad, will you earns a percentage of the value of advertising is 68%. Register in Google AdSense click here 2-(step2) Explain open a website or Blog: Do you have web site? If yes, great! If no, okay no problem I offer to you cheap hosting Unlimited web space and bandwidth for $1 per month Click here Do you want cheap domain name? click here Do you want free blog? Open your blog from Blogger is very easy Select the appropriate content for the your Blog And stay away from spam, songs and films and porn and adult are contrary to the Terms of Service.
  3. 3. 3-(step3) Explain to bring visitors (Secret): My Secret!! is..: How do you get visitors ? You must allocate a budget Why is the allocation of budget ? Because you will buy cheap VisitorsAnd these visitors will earn money from clicks on ads, up to more than $200 per week Where I buy my visitors ? From many sites, But the best and also very cheap From LinkBucks click here Look: Buy visitors from china only, because they are cheap and do not require large capital Every 1,000 visitor for $0.10 wooow great and very cheap Ex: 50,000 visitor for $5 only, very cheap look "Low" wait to turn to medium or high because is the best
  4. 4. I make over $200 from 50,000 China visitors If you can buy from other countries, better but will you pay a lot of money I try with visitors from China only The results were very impressive despite the fact that capital is low and this is required. 4-(optional) Explain some of the skills and tips:A-Must be a website design is simple and fast and suitable for browse, so as not to disturb visitors. B-Ads must be in locations attractive and alluring. C-Allows you to place 3 and ad units per page
  5. 5. I advise you put (2) text ad units the size of 350 × 250 And put (1) photo banner ad unit size 350 × 250D-I advise you also to close some categories and open some of them as the following picture 5-End:This method is compatible with the terms and privacy policy of Google AdSense Note: (Dont buy visitors from PTC sites! because it is contrary to the terms of Google AdSense) But I am not responsible for any financial losses Prevent the publication of this book or sell it All rights reserved © 2012 Success.