Cross elasticity of demand


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CED concept of Elasticity of demand

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Cross elasticity of demand

  1. 1. Cross Price Elasticity of Demand Presented by: Pradeep Yadav Nikhil Godle Hussain Sayyed Suhas Shinde
  2. 2. Cross Elasticity of Demand (CED) Cross price elasticity (CED) measures the responsiveness of demand for good X following a change in the price of good Y (a related good) CED = % change in quantity demanded of product A % change in price of product B With cross price elasticity we make an important distinction between substitute products and complementary goods and services.
  3. 3. Cross Elasticity of Demand (CED)+ = SubstitutesSubstitutes: If price of one product increase, the demand for other substitute goods increases or vice versa, then The Cross Elasticity of Demand between the two substitutes is Positive. +
  4. 4. Identify some Substitutes
  5. 5. Cross Elasticity of Demand (CED)- = Complements Complements: If price of one product increase, the demand for other Complementary goods decreases or vice versa, then The Cross Elasticity of Demand between the two Complementary is Negative. -
  6. 6. Identify some Complements
  7. 7. SubstitutesPrice ofGood S Two Weak Substitutes + Goods S and T are weak Demand substitutes A rise in the price of Good S leads to a small rise in the P2 demand for good T The cross price elasticity of demand will be positive but the coefficient of elasticity will P1 be less than one tea and coffee Quantity demanded of Good T
  8. 8. Complements Price of - Two Close ComplementsGoods X and Y are close Good X DemandcomplementsA fall in the price of good Xleads to a large rise in thedemand for good Y P1The cross price elasticity of P2demand will be negative andthe coefficient of elasticity willbe more than oneComplements are said to bein JOINT DEMAND Petrol and petrol Quantity demanded of car Good Y
  9. 9. Goods with zero cross-price elasticity ofdemand . INDEPENDENTPrice of DemandGood A Goods A and B have no relationship. A fall in the price of good A P1 leads to no change in the demand for good B Therefore the cross-price P2 elasticity of demand is zero P3 Apples and salt! Quantity demanded of Good B
  10. 10. Importance of CED for businesses Firms can use CED estimates to predict: The impact of a rival’s pricing strategies on demand for their own products. Pricing strategies for complementary goods: If firms have a reliable estimate for CED they can estimate the effect, say, of a two-for-one cinema ticket offer on the demand for popcorn
  11. 11. Applications of Cross ElasticityHigher indirect taxes on goods such as tobacco – the impact on demand for nicotine patches and other substitutesRise in the price of natural gas – effect on the demand for coal used in power generation
  12. 12. Thank You