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  1. 1. Success is need of everybodyIt is decisive factor of the life
  2. 2. Withsuccess People become happy But success needs many helping hands
  3. 3. Success appears brighterWhen followed by another one Many times it is result of Strong willpower & hardships
  4. 4. Success is a sensation a pleasing thing Must be treated lively
  5. 5. Success is not a tool to live in world of Fantasy Self awareness is key factor In life of successful person
  6. 6. Is the Success recognition ? If man achieving Something does not Receive an Should he ??? loose peace of mind
  7. 7. People having good understanding Have good strength of will
  8. 8. State of mind is importantGetting pressurized And overjoyed are alike things Develop same results
  9. 9. People who getEvery thing in their life ?change his believes
  10. 10. Self centered ness Once starts developingWhere is empathy about others ?
  11. 11. Success cannot be the best teacher Unless successful person Has high regards about others
  12. 12. Uncontrolled behavior should not be Child of Success
  13. 13. failure may be as a result of Delay in successThings not going as per expectationsFocusing past failures again & again Or Natural calamities
  14. 14. Failure is the unwanted result In one kind of activityBut attributed tototal personality
  15. 15. failure can be best teacher If youunderstand your self
  16. 16. Many times reasons of• Failures are unknown• People making wrong blames are unsustainable
  17. 17. Though I alone may Not be responsible for everythingI should not have any reservations in my mind
  18. 18. There is alwaysmisalignment in society People remain in their own circle
  19. 19. Highly negative attitude Of people around you May be dealt peacefully
  20. 20. If we focus on their mistakes It does not lead to any achievement
  21. 21. failure never harms your knowledge It harms your feeling that “Sometime back I wasA very knowledgeable person”
  22. 22. People may not acknowledge you May not appreciate you Even you do some things they never thought of
  23. 23. Being open is like kindness If everybody is kind in worldThere may not be stones, hills in this world
  24. 24. failure never harms your inbuilt ability Only it harms is Feeling that “ I could have Done so many thingsIf such things had not happened in my life ”
  25. 25. Man learns to take care of Others
  26. 26. failure leads to angerIf we loose hope the for the best in present situation
  27. 27. my ability to arouseenthusiasm among the men the greatest assetI possess, and the way to develop thebest that is in a man is by appreciation andencouragement.Water turns into steam with adifference of only onedegree in temperature andsteam can move some of thebiggest engines in the world.That is what enthusiasm helpsus to do in our lives.. lives
  28. 28. failure teaches you many more things “I will make it happen ” Is Never Thought of..
  29. 29. Any successful person has focus onunderstanding his abilities GOAL Rather Than his future
  30. 30. What ever Positive achievements Are not due to me alone Who helped me I may not know But I certainly know somebody helps me
  31. 31. Crisis never remains crisisIf there is courage against all odds
  32. 32. Fear has message “give up ” Courage has message “make an effort ” failure far away from forgotten In constructive effort
  33. 33. To make effort & try for the best Is feature of every leaving thing On earth
  34. 34. Remaining cautious about Situation But not as much involvement in itMay not lead favorable results immediately may not Deteriorate Not many may people not Know my feelings But I must understand others
  35. 35. Forgetting materialism is an achievement In many situations. Man does not remain with past. He remains with present
  36. 36. Rather than thinking what can beachieved to make bright future ? It is better to think What can be achievable now ?
  37. 37. Present is the real thingHow To use it best is in my hand .
  38. 38. The success or failure in the slideshow Should not be taken as pertaining to any Particular Examination/operation/event It is a generalized thing