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Dial M for ECommerce (if you aren't, think Mobile for omni-channel. NOW)


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If you have been procrastinating about Mobile, you better start now. The trend is clear and present. Read more to view and understand data which tells you about the mobile demographics in India related to ecommerce and specifically Tier 2 cities.

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Dial M for ECommerce (if you aren't, think Mobile for omni-channel. NOW)

  1. 1. DIAL M FOR … The unmistakable trend in Omni-channel Retail
  2. 2. Vision 2020 Media Convergence Web 3.0 Green Retailing Social Media Customer Centricity M is the new e 2
  3. 3. Vision 2020 M is the new e • • • • • Various reasons for mobile commerce not to have been successful in the past iPhone brought in a revolution of sorts Faster networks, better security helps Smarter identity management Prominent in the developing world From our V2020 slides, you would remember Get on the bus, quickly. It will be a game changer, the way the internet was in the past. 5 M-commerce 8 Developing markets Large opportunity in developing markets gaining loyalty, causing economic transformation 9 Long term vision Think short terms Vs long term, sustain brand equity UPDATE: The Indian government has proposed a scheme to spend INR 7860 crore to distribute 2.5 crore mobile phones and 90 lakhs tablets specifically to the rural population. 3
  4. 4. The eM survey • We did a data based survey across 133K visitors to an ecommerce web site selling merchandise mainly to K-12 demographic. • These were total visitors in a limited period of time which did not include festival or strong seasonal buying. • This web site gets a significant amount of traffic from Tier 2, 3 and rural geographies. • What we found…
  5. 5. Platform and OS Spread • A fair share of 18% customers, visitors came in through mobile platforms. • Of the 18%, 4% used tablets. • There might be more phone users who are actually using “phablets” • The ~18% is a rising number. • Android is the most commonly used OS. No surprise there. • iOS is a large 18%. Can’t possibly be all metro based. • 23% seem to be using OSes which are not getting recorded. Might have a similar spread.
  6. 6. Mobile Device and Input Device Spread Opera 2% • Suggestion of a large number of Level 2 type, re-labeled or unbranded devices. • This is expected in the lower economic strata of the society, who happen to have internet access on their phone • Clearly, touch screen is a growing market across phones, phablets and tablets • Styluses form a small segment, and identify phablets primarily
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