Business History: Influencing Factors


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Reading summary and relation to home country

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Business History: Influencing Factors

  1. 1. Immigrant Entrepreneurship Nur Suhaili Ramli University of York, Uk
  2. 2. Rising of immigrant entrepreneurs United United States MalaysiaKingdom
  3. 3. Macro Micro Economics Economics • Interest rates • Employment •Output growth growth •Ages • Education •Sources •Gender •Finance •Experience •CharacteristicsNote: According to the study, there is a relationship between both factorsamong 3 countries compared.
  4. 4.  Failure rate of personal bankruptcies rise, when interest rates are high and output growth is low Modest impact upon small business failure rates  influenced by number of business started previously Characteristic of entrepreneurs  business survives? Education of the entrepreneurs  survival of firms No evidence that gender influences survival
  5. 5. ExperiencesLabor force Finance Problem AreasPremises Owners Management team
  6. 6.  Consistent problem s occur Premises may be hard to find in a strategic location  High rental  Urban, rarely or no rural area Small sums of venture capital  Banking relation matters  Procedures and processes Owners motivation varies  Depending on aim, interest, determined or force to Skills in developing team and manage SMEs
  7. 7.  Should we abandon the support to start-up businesses? by David Storey, 1992 Small firms in Britain Report, Department of Employment, 1992 Entrepreneurship and a new firms, by David Storey, 1982