Business History: Old World and New World


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Evolution of a brand from the Old World and New World

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Business History: Old World and New World

  1. 1. THE YORK MANAGEMENT SCHOOL (TYMS)The Centre for Evolution of Global Business and Institutions (CEGBI)Supervisors:Professor Teresa da Silva LopesProfessor Bob Doherty
  2. 2. Ancient TimesSecond half of19th CenturyLate 19thCenturyMid 20thCenturyEgyptian brick makers used brands toidentify their own bricksAdvanced marketing tools, industrialrevolution, communication system.Mode of transportation. E.g. ship andrailroad system.Numerous brand names born. E.g. Kraft,Heinz, Coca-Cola, P&G, and Sears
  3. 3. • People buy whatthey know• Something real• Consistent over time– Over hundred year!1876 1880 1886 18881908 1910 1920 19401960 1980 1980 2000
  4. 4. • Dominated emergingchannels were the brandsthat went on to win in thelong-term• Colgate, Heinz• Still strong brands• Listed in present globalbrands ranking
  5. 5. • Becoming global brands– Old World: Empire and colonial– New World: Technology• Entrepreneurial initiatives– By their founder– By the distributorsEgyptian Chinese PersianRome Greek
  6. 6. • The life of brands depend on– People– Product history– Industry– Knowledge– Region (Place)