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Recruitment an Interesting process


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Recruitment an Interesting process: follow it and enjoy fruits of healthy recruitment

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Recruitment an Interesting process

  1. 1. RecruitmenT
  2. 2. MAIN POINTS COVERAGE • Concept of Recruitment • Factors Affecting Recruitment • Recruitment Policy • Sources of Recruitment • Need for Flexible and Proactive Recruitment Policy • Evaluation of a Recruitment Program
  3. 3. Recruitment The process of seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen
  4. 4. Human resource planning Identify HR requirements surplus Retrench/layoffs demand Determine numbers, levels & Criticality of vacancies Choose the resources & Methods of Recruitment Analyze the cost & time involved Organizational Recruitment policy Job analysis Start implementing the Recruitment program Select and hire Evaluate the Program Process of recruitment
  5. 5. FACTORS AFFECTING RECRUITMENT • Organizational / internal factors • Environmental / external factors
  6. 6. Organizational factors • Reputation of the organization – Size – Area of business – Profitability – Management etc.. • Culture and attitude of management towards employees. • Geographical location. • Channels and methods used to advertise.
  7. 7. Environmental factors • The situation in labor Market: (MBA 70’s) • Development of the industry to which the organization belongs. • Culture, social attitudes and beliefs. (Pharma /cigarette) • Law of the land and legal implications (24 Opening in one adv.)
  8. 8. A good recruitment policy • Complies with government policies • Provides job security (avoids frequent lay-offs) • Provides employee development opportunities • Prevents the formation of cliques (small exclusive groups) • Reflect social commitment (Handicapped) • Aligned with people and organizational policy • Ensures its employees long-term employment opportunities • Cost effective for the organization
  9. 9. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Internal Search HRIS Job portalsNotice boards Circulars
  10. 10. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT External Search Advertise- ments Employee referrals Educational institutions Interested applicationsEmployment agencies
  11. 11. EVALUATION OF A RECRUITMENT PROGRAM • The recruitment policies, sources & methods have to be evaluated from time to time • Successful recruitment program shows – No. of successful placements – No. of offers made – No. of applicants – Cost involved – Time taken for filling up the position
  12. 12. It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view Is best from the top. Arnold Bennet
  13. 13. Thank You