Human resource planning


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Human resource planning

  1. 1. Human Resource Planning Chapter 3
  2. 2. Human resource planning Process of ensuring the right number of qualified people, into the job at right time to deliver the results in an efficient and effective manner.
  3. 3. Objectives of Human resource planning To maintain the required quality and quality of human resources required for a smooth & efficient functioning of the organization (Viken) Forecast the turnover/attrition rates. Plan to meet organizational human resource needs at the time of expansion or diversification To forecast the effects of technological changes on the requirement for human resources, and to provide for the same.
  4. 4. Objectives of Human resource planning To develop the existing human resources to match the human resource requirements of the future. To optimize staffing in the organization To make contingent plans to handle sudden requirements and situations of shortfall To utilize human resources effectively and efficiently To estimate the value of human resources and their contribution to the organization
  5. 5. Human resource planning at different planning levels Corporate-level planning  Changing market situation  Strategic plans of the organization  Technological changes anticipated Intermediate-level planning (SBU Based)  Based on corporate level plan  Aligned with corporate planning
  6. 6. Human resource planning at different planning levels Operational planning  For improving operational efficiency  Includes interviews, training and development etc.. Planning short-term activities  Focused on day to day activities management  Like grievance handling  Very important if this fails all corporate plans are likely to fail.
  7. 7. The process of Human resource planning HRP involves planning for long term needs, rather than for temporary replacement needs. Basic steps of HRP  Analyzing impact of organizational strategy and objectives  Getting Human resource needs from respective departments  Forecasting quality and quantity for future  Matching requirements (Current and future)  Develop action plan – in terms of addition or separation in a planned and phases manner .
  8. 8. Assessing current human resources and making inventory Step 1:- assessment of currently available human resource with job analysis Step 2:- Inventory taking in terms of  Knowledge  Skill set  Qualifications Step 3:- using inventory report for  Training and development  Career planning  Succession planning
  9. 9. Forecasting The strategic plans of the organization from the basis for its human resource plan Change in  Technology  Planning an expansion  Planning a new project What will be financial implications What will be surplus manpower after completion of project etc..