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Unit 02 Going out


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Published in: Education
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Unit 02 Going out

  1. 1. NAME: _______________________ DATE: _________________ Top Notch Pop Song Activities (Unit 2, “Going Out”) A. Read the statements. Then listen to the song “Going Out.” According to the song, which statements are true, which are false? Write T or F before each statement. Listen again if necessary. _____ 1. The play starts at 8:00. _____ 2. The name of the movie is “One Single Life to Lose.” _____ 3. Thomas Soben is a famous musician. _____ 4. There’s a movie theater at the corner of Smith and Second Avenue. _____ 5. There’s a park nearby. B. Complete each statement with He, She, or They. Listen to the song again if necessary. 1. _____’d like to go to a play. 2. _____ doesn’t want to go to Thomas Soben’s talk. 3. _____ likes the neighborhood. 4. _____ wants to eat. 5. _____ doesn’t like to go to bed late. 6. _____ likes rock and roll. 7. _____ is a classical fan. 8. _____ likes blues and soul. 9. _____ doesn’t want to go to the park at night. C. Read the questions. Then listen to the song again for the answers. 1. What time is the play? _____________________________ 2. What’s the name of the play? _____________________________ 3. Who is Thomas Soben? _____________________________ 4. What’s at Smith and Second Avenue? _____________________________ 5. When is their date? _____________________________ Top Notch 1 Unit 2 Copyright 2006 by Pearson Education. Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.