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Top notch 1 Unit 02

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Top notch 1 Unit 02

  1. 1. TOP NOTCH 1  TOP NOTCH POP LYRICS Going Out [Unit 2] Do you want to see a play? What time does the play begin? It starts at eight. Is that OK? I’d love to go. I’ll see you then. I heard it got some good reviews. Where’s it playing? What’s the show? It’s called “One Single Life to Lose.” I’ll think about it. I don’t know. (CHORUS) Everything will be all right when you and I go out tonight. When Thomas Soben gives his talk— The famous chef? That’s not for me! The doors open at nine o’clock. There’s a movie we could see at Smith and Second Avenue. That’s my favorite neighborhood! I can’t wait to be with you. I can’t wait to have some food. (CHORUS) We’re going to have a good time. Don’t keep me up past my bedtime. We’ll make a date. Tonight’s the night. It starts at eight. The price is right! I’m a fan of rock and roll. Classical is more my style. I like blues and I like soul. Bach and Mozart make me smile! Around the corner and down the street. That’s the entrance to the park. There’s a place where we could meet. I wouldn’t go there after dark! (CHORUS: 2 times) Language Content Grammar Social Language & Vocabulary • Be: Questions with What time and Where • Offer, accept, and decline invitations • Prepositions of time and place: at • Talk about likes and dislikes • Give directions • Entertainment events • Kinds of music Copyright ©2006 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.