SugarCon 2013: Working Socially, Thinking Globally: Global Considerations for CRM Strategy


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Jesus Hoyos Solvis Consulting, LLC

Social Media affects your CRM operations at a global and local level - all you need is to have a social listening strategy. This represents a vast ocean of opportunties to increase revenue, reduce costs and to gain advocates. In this lecture Jesus Hoyos will explain 5 steps to gain insights so you can engage with your customers and convert the conversations into transactions. Some of the topics are: integration, workflow, internal collaboration, communities, knowledge management and your social CRM team.

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SugarCon 2013: Working Socially, Thinking Globally: Global Considerations for CRM Strategy

  1. 1. Working Socially, Thinking Globally: GlobalConsiderations for CRM StrategyJesús
  2. 2. Agenda•  The Global Aspects of a sCRM Strategy•  My TV is not working•  My Sunroof has a water leak•  Got Mofongo?•  5 Steps to Gain Insights and improve yoursCRM Strategy•  Resources
  3. 3. The Global Aspects of a sCRM Strategy•  It is not B2B or B2C – it is about the Person•  Conversations tells us a lot–  Locations, social graph, connections, tribes, tribal knowledge•  Reach is global and local•  Content is global and local•  It is not just Twitter and Facebook – we need more than 140characters (forums)•  It is about metrics, influencers & segments (long tail)•  Google or Bing Translate•  Is your CRM ready for the global aspect of social media?–  Address formats, name conventions, workflow, filters, integration, business units,prospects, social marketing, etc.
  4. 4. The Global Impact
  5. 5. Messi vs Maradona (in México, not in Argentina, but content in USA)
  6. 6. Global Ecosystem
  7. 7. Convert Conversations in TransactionsWorkflow, business rules, integrationFirst FilterConversationsMentions y QuestionsSecond FilterIdeasProblemsKnowledge ManagementThird FilterSocial Media AgentsFourth FilterCall Center & CRM AgentsInternal BusinessCommandCenterCommunity
  8. 8. My TV is not working (customer experience) the TV at BestBuy vs.BrandsmartSony vs. Samsung (personalrecommendation)Free Cable Service for SixMonths (please hold)TV Problem (expired warranty,buy a renewal)Call Center and a possibledivorceField Service (we will be therebetween 8am and 5pm)
  9. 9. Key points•  No marketing automation•  No call center integration•  No community•  Opportunity for call deflection, more than25,000 views•  Content in USA, Spain, UK and Argentina
  10. 10. My Sunroof has a water leak (customer support) – to clean and fixthe problem - $600.00At the Dealer with theirown Wi-Fi connectionfound more than 895million mentions - jeepsunroof water leaking –mostly forums and videosIt takes 5 minutes perdoor to fix the problemBut you need to be aCertified Mechanic to fix it.
  11. 11. Key points•  No dealer integration•  No digital culture•  Product oriented•  No community•  Opportunity for call deflection, more than399 views•  Content in USA (worldwide views)
  12. 12. Got Mofongo? (marketing)Kraft.com
  13. 13. Key points•  eCommerce•  Bilingual•  Multi-Channel•  Call Center & CRM•  Global Reach•  Segmentation•  Community & Tribes•  Long Tail
  14. 14. 5 Steps to Gain Insights and improve yoursCRM StrategyAnalysis & Monitoring, beyond sentimentanalysis1.  Metrics2.  Influencers3.  Segments & Habits4.  Social Graph5.  Use Cases
  15. 15. Step 1 – Identify your metrics•  Establish your benchmark with theindustry and competition– By Brand– By CxO– By Region– By Country– By LanguageKey MetricsShare of VoiceShare of ConversationVideos ViewsForum threadsTwitter ReachPage ViewsNumber of Comments
  16. 16. Step 2 – Find influencer•  Identify and classify your influencers– By Brand– By Region– By Country– By Language– By Conversation Topics– By Trending Topics– Yes, you can use Klout or Kred, but come upwith your influencer formula (include CRM,Internet and Site data)
  17. 17. Step 3 – Segments and Habits•  Look for conversations beyond your brand,the competition or industry– Sales– Marketing– Customer Service– Life Style– Habits– Likes and Hobbies– Engagement
  18. 18. Step 4 – Social Graph•  Understand who is having theconversations– Location– Gender & Age– Social Profile (use FullContact, Fliptop)– Twitter insights– Sentiment– Reach & Volume– Categorization– Differed Metrics and Data
  19. 19. Step 5 – Use Cases•  Based on the insights (Steps 1 to 4) createand validate your sCRM uses cases–  Global impact – region or language–  Local impact – reach and volume–  Use Cases for:•  Customer Service•  Sales•  Marketing•  Crisis Management & PR•  Community Management•  Agency or Call Center (hybrid model)•  CRM Integration
  20. 20. Resources•  10 Steps to integrate Social Media and CRM–•  SCRM Ecosystem Whitepaper for SugarCRM(Spanish)–•  Managing International Projects–•  CRM for Hispanics and Latin America–
  21. 21. Thank YouJesús Hoyos -