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Mobile: Session 1: Why Companies Who Use Mobile are Still Falling Behind


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Mobile is not only shaping the way companies react and do business, but it is shaping the apps and customizations Epicom builds for its customers. Companies are adding mobile platforms to their normal business processes and the market place must shift with them. Epicom’s CEO and Founder Bill Harrison will discuss what the most innovative companies are doing with mobile CRM. Bill will also highlight customer projects with applications built specifically for the tablet or smart phone.

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Mobile: Session 1: Why Companies Who Use Mobile are Still Falling Behind

  1. 1. MobileHow Mobile CRM Will Reshape the CRM Industry Trends for the future of mobile CRM and their implications for our industry
  2. 2. Bill HarrisonCEO and Founder, Epicom Corporation @epicomcorp
  3. 3. Current Mobile LandscapeTweet: #SCON12
  4. 4. Global Internet Device SalesTweet: #SCON12
  5. 5. Global Smartphone Penetration ForecastTweet: #SCON12
  6. 6. Smartphone Usage UpsideTweet: #SCON12
  7. 7. Tablet Sales ForecastTweet: #SCON12
  8. 8. iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPod ShipmentsTweet: #SCON12
  9. 9. Technology AdoptionTweet: #SCON12
  10. 10. % of Traffic From Mobile DevicesTweet: #SCON12
  11. 11. 50% MobileTweet: #SCON12
  12. 12. ImplicationsTweet: #SCON12
  13. 13. Mobile CRM Is The Future Of CRMTweet: #SCON12
  14. 14. Relative Device SizesTweet: #SCON12
  15. 15. CRM Device Characteristics Personal Computer Smartphone/TabletUser Interface Web Browser Purpose Built AppsNavigation Mouse TouchscreenInformation Entry Keyboard Keyboard/Audio/Vid eoTweet: #SCON12
  16. 16. PredictionsTweet: #SCON12
  17. 17. Facebook TimelineTweet: #SCON12
  18. 18. 3,000 New Timeline Apps Launched in 2012* 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 January FebruaryTweet: #SCON12 *Source: Facebook. March 12,2012
  19. 19. Angry BirdsTweet: #SCON12
  20. 20. The WeatherTweet: #SCON12
  21. 21. Corporate AppStoreTweet: #SCON12
  22. 22. Concluding ThoughtsTweet: #SCON12
  23. 23. Who Will Dominate the Third Generation ofCRM? Client-Server Web Based Mobile CRM ?Tweet: #SCON12
  24. 24. Questions and Feedback?Bill HarrisonCEO & Founder, Epicom
  25. 25. Submit Session Feedback Select the SugarCon Mobile App: 1) Tap on this session 2) Tap on survey 3) Submit your feedback*Prizes for attendees who submit session feedback using the Mobile App 4/24/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 25