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Do you have analytics requirements that aren’t met by Sugar Reporting? Do you find yourself constantly exporting data from Sugar into spreadsheets for analysis? If so, attend this session to hear about an exciting new offering: Sugar Analytics Powered by Cognos Business Intelligence. Fully integrated into Sugar, this offering provides advanced analytics and visualization capabilities such as: trending comparison over a time series, multidimensional data analysis, and scorecarding inside a Sugar dashboard. You’ll see examples showing how individual sellers can use this tool to determine which activities they need to perform to meet their quota; and how individual customer service agents can use this tool to better handle service calls.​

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  • Numbers that I find interesting – - not so much because of the tools - because of the commitment the company is making to measuring it’s own performance
  • Sugar AnalyticsWhat is it?A NEW! optional SugarCRM add-on productProvides advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) for Sugar – with capabilities such as trending (comparing last quarter’s revenue to this quarter), drill down, summation / average, providing multiple metrics in a single scorecard or dashboardProvides insight embedded directly into Sugar and integrated into Sugar. Nothing new to learn – click, progress, winPowered by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence: proven, robust, market-leadingGoes beyond out-of-box Sugar reporting for organizations that need advanced analyticsIf you:Have analytics and BI needs that go beyond Sugar reportingFrequently export data out of Sugar for analysis in a spreadsheetNeed dashboards, trending, drill up / down, create charts and graphs on Sugar data… then Sugar Analytics is right for you!
  • Sugar Analytics: Powered by Cognos Business Intelligence

    1. 1. SUGAR ANALYTICS POWERED BY COGNOS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Charles Hicks Laurence Leong Jeetu Lakhotia @SugarIBM#SugarCon
    2. 2. The value of Analytics for CRM 36%Growth in Revenues 15%Increase in ROIC 2xGrowth in EBITDA Organizations that make extensive use of analytics: 57%Increase in Competitive Advantage Sources: Study done by IBM Institute for Business Value and MIT Sloan Management Review. “CRM analytics … must be delivered with and as an integral component of the CRM software and deliver analytics in context of CRM data” embedded
    3. 3. Many CRM users have questions like: What reps are most effective, and what are the more effective reps doing? Which customers have the most priority or oldest open cases? Which cases should I give priority to? What’s my average call resolution time? Sales Rep Sales Manager Service Rep Is our pipeline sufficient to make our number this quarter? How likely is it that I will hit my quota? Am I engaging the right type and number of activities to be successful? Which of my opportunities should I spend time on today?
    4. 4. Introducing: Sugar Analytics Powered by Cognos Business Intelligence  Integrated: Advanced analytics and business intelligence within the Sugar UX  Market Leading: Powered by IBM’s customer proven Cognos Business Intelligence offering  Extends Sugar: Complements Sugar’s out-of-box reporting geared for organizations that need advanced analytics Trending Drill Down
    5. 5. Demo introduction Sales Rep How likely is it that I will hit my quota? Am I engaging the right type and number of activities to be successful? Which of my opportunities should I spend time on today?
    6. 6. Demo 6
    7. 7. Sugar Analytics Helped the Sales Rep • Helping him immediately see the differences between closed revenue and forecast revenue • Pointing out where his activity (email, calls, meetings) was falling below not an arbitrary target but actual company average • Showing him which of his opportunities may be getting “stuck” in the sales cycle – again, compared to actual company average data
    8. 8. What’s in the Product  Cognos “Bridge” – Security – User Management – Integrated administration  Cognos BI components – Basic = Workspace – Author = Workspace Advanced – Admin = Framework Manager  Starter reporting tables and reporting for opportunity data  Starter dashlets for individual sales rep scenario
    9. 9. How Dashlets get Created in Sugar Analytics DEFINE = Sugar Skills 1. Define desired dashlets - What data should appear, with which dimensions, and what if any is the drill down / drop down behavior 2. Define the underlying reporting db schema supporting those dashlets - May need to include use of Sugar audit tables for history 3. Define the mapping from the Sugar operational db to the reporting db - Requires knowledge of Sugar data model BUILD = Cognos Skills 6. Build dashlets using Sugar Analytics Author Component 5. Build reporting metadata model and business objects with Sugar Analytics Administration component 4. Implement the ETL from Sugar operational db to reporting db
    10. 10. Dashlet Guidance Examples Products Skills Work Personalization Minor UI tweaks to existing dashlets Change: field names, colors Place: Dashlets, drop downs Select: Rows and columns to display Manipulate: Filtering, sorting, grouping reordering or renaming columns or changing prompt values, Sugar Analytics Cognos Workspace Minutes Hours Configuration Change or create dashlets (existing metadata model) Create: Widgets (lists, charts) from existing metadata Add: Data sources to widgets from existing metadata Change: chart types, content, calculations,summaries. Sugar Analytics + Author Cognos Workspace Advanced Hours / Days Customization Create new or change metadata model Create/Place: Customized/New Sugar fields in dashlets Sugar Analytics + Author + Administrator Cognos Framework Manager Days / Weeks SimplerMorecomplex
    11. 11. About Locus Solutions • End-to-End solutions provider with highly skilled team of Certified Business Analytics professionals • SugarCRM Technology Partner • Data modelling / dashlets for Sugar Analytics • Headquartered in Silicon Valley • 240+ customers • 4 offices • Dedicated sales & pre-sales reps • On-site technical consultants • Strong offshore development / upgrade team 11
    12. 12. How Locus Solutions Can Help • Collaborate with VARs for Customer Success • Deliver Sugar Analytics Demos • Implement & Configure Sugar Analytics • Customize Reports &Dashlets 12
    13. 13. For More about Locus Solutions • Visit Locus Solutions at the SugarConSmarties Bar – Jeetu Lakhotia, CEO – Darin Burkenpas, VP • Attend Sugar Analytics Webinar – May 14th at 10am (PST) – Live demo of Sugar Analytics – Learn how to leverage & extend Sugar Analytics – RSVP to • For information about Sugar Analytics or Locus Solutions, email or visit 13
    14. 14. Product Notes • Supports Sugar on-premonly – Not Sugar On-Demand • Supports both Sugar 6 and Sugar 7 • Support LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) • Admin component is English only • Supports Pro, Ultimate and Enterprise Editions. – However we expect most customers that need advanced BI capability, will be using Ultimate and Enterprise • Minimum deal: 20 users • Every Sugar user must be a Sugar Analytics user
    15. 15. Sugar Analytics Pricing / Packaging Base Offering Sugar Analytics Powered By Cognos Business Intelligence Every Customer Starts with this Package • Minimum 20 users per deal • 1 Author subscription included • $20 / user / month Author Sugar Analytics Powered By Cognos Business Intelligence: Author For Creating and Modifying Reports  Requires Base Offering (includes 1 Author)  Rule of thumb: 1 Author per 20 users  $20 / user / month Administrator Sugar Analytics Powered By Cognos Business Intelligence: Administrator For Customizing and Modifying the Data Model  No minimum  Requires Base Offering  Required if Sugar data model has been customized and those customizations need to be reflected in Cognos  Can be licensed month to month ($700 / user / month) All Sugar Analytics Powered By Cognos BI products are only licensed for used with Sugar database
    16. 16. Key Takeaways • What is it? – A NEW! SugarCRM add-on product – Provides advanced analytics and business intelligence for Sugar – Powered by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence: proven, robust, market-leading • Positioning: – Extends out-of-box Sugar reporting for organizations that need advanced analytics – Only licensed for data in the Sugar database – For general enterprise BI beyond Sugar, use Cognos BI from IBM or other tools • If you answer YES to any of these, then Sugar Analytics is a fit : – Do you have analytics and business intelligence needs that go beyond the capabilities of Sugar reporting? – Do you frequently export Sugar data to Excel or other tools? – Do you need to be able to perform any of the following with CRM data: e.g. dashboards, trending, drill up / down, create charts and graphs?
    17. 17. Next steps • See a demo at the Smarties bar • Contact us for information – – –
    18. 18. THANK YOU @SugarIBM #SugarCon